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Your March Horoscope by Susan Miller

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Cancer Forecast for March 2014

By Susan Miller

Most of March will be bright and happy for you. The Sun is now in Pisces, a fellow water sign like yours, so you are truly in your element. Best of all, the new moon of February 28/ March 1 (depending on your time zone) is in Pisces, 11 degrees, that will fall in your broadening, adventurous ninth house of foreign travel, higher learning, philosophy, religion, legal matters, publishing, and broadcasting.

A mainly intellectual part of the chart is being stimulated now, so it will get you out of the house and mixing with others. This new trend will provide you with a breath of fresh air in more ways than one. The ninth house is where we get above the routine of daily life, and to expand our understanding of the world around us. The ancient astrologers always felt that international travel was intrinsic to learning, and that will be very possible for you to do now.

Can't get away? After the new moon arrives at the very start of March, it will be time to learn and grow, most likely by going to the university, taking classes, or going for an advanced degree. Alternatively, you may be taking a qualifying test or defending your thesis. If you are a professor at a college, you may now want to find new ways to teach your students the subject you know so well and are so passionate about, and perhaps you may set up a research project.

This same area of the chart rules our spirituality and relationship to God, so you might decide to go on a retreat or learn to meditate this month. While the twelfth house rules pure faith and belief, the ninth house, so lit up for you now, rules the actual written dogma of the religion you follow, so you may be prompted to study some of the tenets of your religion. Or, you may delve into the works of our greatest philosophical thinkers. This is the house where we find the answer to why we were born and how we can best contribute to the world, and it's beautifully aspected now. Take a little time to think and perhaps have a long night talking with a friend or person you love in a coffee house over an espresso about what you have come to conclude is true for you.

The ninth house's association with travel makes it the house that is also associated with passports and immigration, green cards, and visa. You may be involved in one of these areas too, and if so, it's a perfect time to get the paperwork started. Finally, as the most intellectual part of the horoscope, the ninth house also covers court cases and legal matters, so you may be registering a patent or trademark, conferring with your lawyer about points of law, or if you have been subject to an injustice, starting a lawsuit. Or, you may now serve on a jury and enjoy the process and the bird's eye view of the law you glean from doing your civic duty.

The most important reason I love this new moon is that it will receive a direct beam from Jupiter, now touring Cancer at 11 degrees - as you see, Jupiter is in the IDEAL position to work with this new moon, and that is so VERY beneficial for you! Also, Neptune will be very close to the new moon, and in that position, can inspire you deeply. If you write for a living, or do any creative work at the office or as a serious pastime, you will find that the work you turn out will be sterling this month. The inspiration that you get from Neptune will be important, as Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. (That is, Neptune is able to bring the gifts of Venus to an entirely new and higher level of beauty and grace.)

The ninth house, being a house where we take in information and ideas, but also give them out, is associated with publishing and broadcasting, so in that regard, you can also see quite a bit of hefty support from Neptune now. You may be amazed how superb your writing is this month, so set aside a lot of time to put pen to paper in March, especially during the first week.

All Cancers will enjoy March, but if you have a birthday that falls on July 2, or within five days of this date, this new moon will give you a double dip of pleasure. In your case, the new moon will speak directly to you. If you were born with Cancer rising 11 degrees (or close to that degree), or have a planet in Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, or next in line, always make notes after an important new moon such as "new moon in Pisces 11 degrees" on your calendar so you can refer back, and add a note about what happened in the two weeks that followed, such as "Flew to Paris!" or "Defended my thesis!"

The full moon, March 16, which you may feel plus or minus five days, may find you traveling again, this time closer to home. This full moon will be in Virgo, 26 degrees, and be in ideal angle to Saturn. This suggests you'll have an opportunity to take a wonderful trip - it would have long lasting effects too. Your sister or brother may have some news, or you may be doing something together at this full moon.

If you need to sign a contract or lease, very possible at this full moon, you can do so, as Mercury is no longer retrograde. (Mercury turned direct on February 28.) Still, Mercury will be in even stronger shape four days later, as of March 20, so consider signing then. By March 20, Mercury will have made it all the way back to the degree it first went retrograde. This is considered a mathematically significant day, so if you can wait a few days, do. If you can't, you still can sign. Saturn's beautiful angle to the full moon suggests that you will see long-term benefits from the events that happen mid-month.

This full moon on March 16 will also stimulate all sorts of communication. It's a great time to have your stationery and logo redone if you have a business. You might also want to send out have a paper direct mail campaign, do an email push, launch your company's major advertising campaign, or start a publicity blitz targeted for this date, plus or minus four days. (The closer you time your campaign will hit to March 16, the better.) All these areas are so favored for you. Think about social media too, for if you are not involved in Twitter or Facebook, it's lots of fun - and easy too.

If your birthday falls on July 18, plus or minus five days, you will feel the effects of this full moon and benefit quite a bit from it. Similarly, if you have Cancer rising, near 18 degrees, or a natal planet in your chart in Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn, you, too, will benefit.

In romance, you still have Venus in your house of marriage, partnership, and established relationships, during the first four days of March, adding a feeling of warmth and closeness to your union. Married or single, you may like March 13, when the Sun and Saturn work together to give you a night that will bond you closer and that will make you feel wonderful. The moon will be in Leo, so celebrate by having a great special occasion dinner at a special occasion restaurant - luxurious in some way. (Think up a reason to celebrate! Why wait for your birthday?)

However, a major plan that you may have been drawing up together may have to be shelved for a little while, as Saturn, ruler of your house of marriage and commitment (seventh house), and based in your most romantic sector (fifth house), will be retrograde from March 2 to July 20. July will be your best month of the year, especially from the middle to the end of July, so don't fret - the best is yet to come!

Mars is still putting a strong emphasis on home and family, so you appear to be tethered closely to a situation there, but this situation won't be forever. In fact, by the end of July, you will be free from many of the limitations you feel now and have been under for so long. Next month will bring two very difficult eclipses, April 15 and 29, and those will affect you and the rest of the signs - no one will come out of April not feeling those two big eclipses. The one to watch will be April 15, your hard one, and it will center you on home and family. Mars is now going retrograde March 1 to May 19, and that means it will become harder to fix a home-related dilemma in the coming weeks. It's a good time to think about what you hope to do, however, so you can make lists and do research, but would be far better to take action AFTER May 19.

The month ends March 30, with a new moon in Aries, lighting your house of career success. This new moon will give you a window into next month, so watch carefully what comes up in regard to your professional standing and future course. This new moon, falling at 11 degrees Aries in your tenth house of fame and honors, will be conjunct Uranus, the planet of unanticipated events.

This means that after March 30, and into the first ten days of April, you will feel that your work atmosphere brings all sorts of developments you never expected. Your favorite boss may leave, as one example, or the company may announce a merger with another company. Actually, there is no way you can anticipate what might come when Uranus is playing a big role, for Uranus is the planet that represents all things strange, unusual, and surprising (some good, some not so good), so just sit back and see what comes up. Jupiter in Cancer will act as a bodyguard, so that will help - Jupiter may give you that edge of luck you may need.

Pluto will be also active at this new moon, in direct 90-degree angle to the Sun and new moon (and the new moon and Sun are conjunct Uranus), so with Pluto so pushy and difficult, you may hear that a competitor may be mounting a big campaign to take away a part of your market share. If this is how things work out, you will have to find a way to combat this company or person who is so set on doing this to you. It may be that a person you collaborate with each day becomes difficult. This person may be your business partner, or someone you collaborate with on a regular basis, in the way a first violinist works with a conductor, or a Senior VP Creative Director works with his Senior VP Head of Copy.

One last date I would like to leave with you will be March 26, a lovely day, when Mercury in Pisces will reach out to Jupiter in Cancer. On this day you may travel or give an important presentation. You may schedule an interview for an important job, or see officials at a college you'd like to apply to soon. You may sign papers on this day, or you may try to negotiate a settlement in a court case. You will have outstanding favor on this day, and doubly so if you were born on or very close to July 3. This day is a jewel.


Your considerable responsibilities at home have been mounting. Something, or someone (such as your care for a beloved relative), has been keeping you pinned closely to home. Although you likely work for a living, your work at home appears to be a second career in its own sense - it's been a heavy load. You may be going through a long-term renovation, have been searching for a new apartment or house, or have the care of an elderly parent under your purview. Now, Mars, the planet causing this intense focus, will go retrograde and become weak.

You will get a little break from home and family responsibilities from March 1 to May 19. During that time do not make a new and important initiation; hold back until the end of May. Mars is the booster rocket to all endeavors, and the axiom to this is "what you start with Mars retrograde, you lose." Things will fall flat, for things do not develop correctly when Mars retrogrades. Be patient.

Saturn will also retrograde March 2 to July 20, so you may find a plan that you agreed upon with your partner will need to be reworked and reconfigured. You may change our mind about a close relationship with Saturn in reverse, and you will have the time you need to weigh your options. As the old axiom goes, when in doubt do nothing - sit back and wait until the right answer appears in your heart.

The new moon on February 28 - so powerful in the first ten days of March - will urge you to travel far and wide. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, is still in Cancer for the first time in this decade and will stay until July 16. If you feel you've not felt the full force of Jupiter, you may be right - Jupiter has been weak in retrograde. Jupiter will switch on full power from March 6 onward and now, working with that new moon, will make travel luxurious fun. Overall, now that Jupiter will be strong until July 16, you will be able to enjoy all the joys and favor that being the celestial favorite entails, including enjoying life more. Jupiter will want to widen the perimeters of your life and help you see the range of opportunities that life has in store for you. You'll enjoy the coming phase very much.

Publishing, broadcasting, academia, and matters focused on immigration will get a push forward too. If you work in the international arena, you will do well. Use this new moon's energy (strong March 1-15) to advance your agenda. Above all, this new moon is in watery Pisces. See if you can travel to an inspirational location, filled with blue-white snow or to an isle that is made up of sun, sand, and surf. Either would renew your spirit.

The full moon, March 16, will also encourage you to travel again, this time closer to home. Saturn will be very friendly, so this trip should be with your steady sweetheart or spouse. Your partner would appreciate being lavished with attention from you - it's the greatest gift anyone has to give - and the time you have together, alone, will strengthen the bonds you share.

In your career, you may get great news of a commission, royalty, or perks due to you on March 18 or of better company benefits you would qualify for now and in the future.

Also related to your career, will be the power of the new moon, strong within four days of March 30. You may see a big, unexpected shift in your position. You may, for example, hear that your boss is suddenly leaving and be replaced quickly, or that your title and responsibilities will move you into a completely different role. News will be completely unexpected. If you regularly collaborate with a team member or partner (like a VP creative director would do with a VP Head of Copy), you may have problems getting on the same page. In the volatile atmosphere of late March and all of April, be diplomatic. Stay alert, ready for anything.

Dates to Note: CANCER

Most romantic dates (and dates you can use for other important purposes too): March 5, 6, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 19, 26, and 28.

Mars will retrograde March 1 to May 19 in your home and family sector. You may see delays or change your mind about an important domestic or family plan. In bidding on a house, you may be asked back to bid again if you lost the bid the first time.

Jupiter turns direct March 6, after being retrograde since November 7. This is great news, for Jupiter, the good fortune planet, is in Cancer. Wish on a star, dear Cancer - miracles can come true between now and July 16.

The first two weeks of March will be ideal for travel, especially with the one you love, or to go to a resort to meet the one you are intrigued with and may love in the future.

The full moon of March 16 (plus or minus four days) may bring a short trip, also fun. You may also hear news of your sister or brother. Go slowly on contractual negotiations - with Mars retrograde, things may not pan out the way you want them to.

A good day to talk about money at your company, especially about benefits, would be March 18, when Venus in Aquarius signals Uranus in Aries.

Good news may come on your sterling day, March 26, when Mercury signals Jupiter in Cancer. This would be the day to travel too.

The new moon in Aries on March 30 may bring jarring news or changes to your career. A person in the top echelon of your company may change. Keep an eye on clients too, for the volatility may be expressed in regard to one in particular, who may leave. Keep a low profile and observe.

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