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Your June Horoscope by Susan Miller

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Cancer Horoscope for June 2016

By Susan Miller

The month comes in like a whisper, with the Sun, new moon, and Venus all filling your twelfth house of privacy and rest. You will be getting ready to celebrate your birthday, so take time now to decide how you envision your twelve months ahead. What would you like to see happen by this time next year? Who would you like to see more of in your year ahead? How is your career going? Is it bringing you a sense of passion and purpose, or would you like to make adjustments?

As I watched the CBS This Morning show, a morning TV news program that comes on at 7 to 9 AM, Gayle King was introducing a man who had studied the topic of happiness, and he said he had come to the conclusion that true happiness, at least in men, was based on closeness of feelings for family and friends, and other attachments we make in life. That news is not what struck me because I had heard similar studies in the past with the same conclusions. What hit me was Gayle King's introduction - when she said to viewers, "If you were investing in the happiness of your future self, what would you do to make it happen?" I love that question, so I had to pose it to you today. You will be highly intuitive this month, and so if you come up with an answer and yet can find no reasons or facts to back up what you say, those reasons will come in time. Listen to your heart.

Backtracking two days, I will admit that June will start off on a heavy note, for Saturn will oppose the Sun. This is like ice meeting fire - not compatible - so you may find June 2 to be a depressing day with an imaginary heavy cloud cover pressing down on you. The Sun rules your second house of income, so you may be concerned about money and expenses, which might cause a bit of tension, especially between you and your partner. Once you get to the new moon in Gemini, June 4, the moon will receive an opposition from Saturn too, suggesting you'll feel sensitive to comments others say to you, especially if words are critical.

As you get to the full moon of June 20, you will be working hard to finish up a project. This full moon will fall in Sagittarius, 29 degrees, in the same sign (different degree) of last month's full moon of May 21. It is unusual to have two full moons in a row in the same sign and area of a chart, but it is not unheard of - it happens sometimes. It seems that this full moon June 20 may mark the second and last part of a larger project. This culmination will be a bit more strenuous than the last full moon in May, as the planets are not in a completely cooperative mood, and neither will be your co-workers, managers, and clients. Ah, sometimes life is that way. The good part is that Uranus, shining in your tenth house of career honors, will be in ideal angle to the June 20 full moon, offering a surprise breakthrough. You are likely to get praise for your work, and this work is likely to bring you more work on a sophisticated scale. You may see a bonus of cash at this full moon, too.

This same full moon, June 20, will also be a time to take good care of your health. You may be finishing up a series of treatments, such as of medicine or physical therapy, or you may simply see the end to an illness, such as a bad cold - full moons add a punctuation mark and end things for good. It's interesting to note that if you get sick, say with a cold or something else, near a full moon, it will be over quickly, but if you get sick on a new moon it will take much longer to recover from, because new moons set up trends.

Mars rules your tenth house of fame and honors, and will be retrograde one more month, until June 29. Thank goodness that we are at the tail end of this trend. This retrograde has affected every one of every sign, and it has made it hard to make progress. Mars, the energy planet that makes you stand out from your completion, has been asleep at the switch since April 17. If you feel your career has lumbered along at a glacial pace, you know why. Mars won't ramp up to full power the moment he awakes - he needs a little time to orient himself - so he won't be at robust level until August 22. Still, life will pep up by next month, and each day you will see more progress. You may have had circular meetings with clients or company officials where nothing seemed to get decided, and you found yourself continually reverting back to square one. Once Mars moves direct on June 29, you will see assignments come in, praise, and much more career progress - in all ways, life will improve in July and August.

Mars has been spending a lot of time in your workaday sector, overloading you with work since April, but on May 27, Mars retrograded back into Scorpio, and you may feel the pressure come off all those deadline-oriented projects you've been focused. Better yet, with Mars in Scorpio, June and July will be an exquisite time for love. Mars in Scorpio is THE best place for Mars to be to engender new love, for Mars will light your solar fifth house of romance. Single, dating, or married, life will become brighter for your social life, starting immediately. You can go on vacation in July, a perfect time to go. By the new moon in August 2, you will be needed at work, and the money being offered you will be substantial right off the bat. You'll be in demand, and there will be those who will pay for your services.

Also, you have more good news in regard to love. Venus will move into Cancer on June 17 to stay until July 12. This is great news, for Venus, moving in strong, sure orbit, will make you magnetic and charismatic. Spend money on your looks, dear Cancer. Here's your chance to change the way you wear your hair, buy new clothes, update your eyeglasses and sunglasses, and women, to buy new makeup. You'll love the choices you make, and when you go out, you are certain to turn heads in the best sense. The weekend of June 25-26 will be your best, when Venus in Cancer will be in divine angle to Neptune in Pisces. What a lyrical, heavenly aspect to create a memory!

That weekend will be special for another reason. This year, one of the features of 2016 will occur with the rare an alignment of Pluto and Jupiter on June 26. This happened on November 26, 2015, and March 16 this year, but after this, it may not be until 2020 that we get something as big, a conjunction of these two planets. Think back to what happened in November and March - look at your email to see what you did or decided then. This is a fantastic aspect, one associated with growth and solid profits over time. If you plant a seed just after June 26, it is likely to grow - wait until after June 29 to do so (for Mars to turn direct), but you can stage talks on June 26 or 27. Pluto and Jupiter will want to help you.

It seems like love can also bloom as a result of this lovely aspect too (June 26), because Pluto rules your solar fifth house of true love, and is found transiting IN your solar seventh house of marriage - the link between love and commitment is clear and strongly established. Meanwhile, Jupiter is currently traveling through your solar third house of short, quick travel. This means a weekend trip out of town would be a wonderful way to fan the fires of love. With Mars in Scorpio, and Venus and Neptune coming together to spin a glamorous evening over the weekend of June 25-26 too (discussed in the paragraph above), you have a perfect package for love. See if you can go to a place near water, for that's where you will be happiest.


Compared to previous months, June will be fairly quiet. You will have few events to knock you off-kilter and distract you from your goals. Compared to some months, June's slow pace may be quite comforting.

Mars is the energy planet that imparts courage, determination, and drive, but when Mars is retrograde, he sleeps, and his valuable gifts are inaccessible to us here on earth. Mars rules winning over competition too, so when Mars is weak, you have to supply the energy that usually you've taken for granted that Mars would supply for you, if not immediately, in time. That doesn't happen when Mars is retrograde. You will have to do all the heavy lifting, and it will be strenuous. You will have a far better chance of achieving success and outsmarting your competitors if you launch your new ventures AFTER Mars moves direct June 29.

Mars also rules sharp instruments, too, including the surgeon's scalpel. This is why astrologers advise not to elect to have NON-urgent surgery during a Mars retrograde. Of course, if the procedure will be an emergency, or if very urgent, then by all means schedule it immediately.

In March and April, your work life was very busy, but Mars has now retrograded back to Scorpio, a compatible place for Mars to be for you. Your workload will seem lighter and easier to accomplish, and Mars will put the emphasis on your romantic life from the start of June through July. Venus will cooperate too, by moving into Cancer from June 17 to July 12. Use that latter period to go shopping for new clothes or have your hair styled. Spending a little money on yourself will help boost your confidence. Venus is pleased when you take time with your appearance - she rules good looks. This should be a very romantic phase, but you must do your part by going out.

If you are single, don't have too many "qualifiers" for the person you will date. Jupiter wants you to be open and generous, not critical and dismissive. If you are attached, you will have more time to spend with your partner, and also with any children you may have at home. Pregnancy will be favored in July. Your most romantic weekend will occur over June 25-26 when Venus will receive shimmering signals from Neptune, making for a very glamorous aspect over those two days.

With a reduced schedule, you will become more creative in both your on and off hours, in your professional and private life. Being engaged in projects will soothe and relax you. You will have one day that you will enjoy sudden, happy professional news - June 14, when the Sun and Uranus will team up to be sure you get special recognition.

At the start of the month (backtracking a little here) the new moon of June 4 in Gemini will usher in a period of privacy. You will still see your romantic partner and friends, but the difference is that you will want more one-on-one meetings and greetings, as well as to take more time for yourself. You now have a superb time to think about what will truly make you happy and what you need to eliminate or wind down in your daily life. Having time to think about your own needs will be enriching to your soul, making you feel whole and balanced. Too often, as a Cancer you look after the needs of everyone in your environment, leaving your own needs for last. June is the right month to spend a little extra time on you.

At the full moon, June 20, take special care of your health. If you have been working hard, find ways to get more sleep. If you have been working out at the gym, you may now have a special fitness breakthrough. Within four days of this same full moon, you will likely wrap up a project that might have international application, and because this full moon is in Sagittarius, the sign of foreign people as well as global media, you may be involved with a publishing or broadcasting project that you are finishing. Writing, editing, researching, or proofing may come into play this month when Jupiter and Pluto work together on June 26, and could bring important, profitable ramifications.

For Dates to Note: Please watch my June TV show broadcast. You can get your special dates, with explanation.

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P.S. for June 2016

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