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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Your August Horoscope by Susan Miller

Capricorn Forecast for August 2014

By Susan Miller

So much of the hard work you have done over the past years is about to pay off financially in coming months, especially in August. What an amazing feeling that must be for you! Of course, your money may come from a variety of sources, but it appears if you trace back the core of the reason you are enjoying this financial fair weather, you will see it extend to your temperament, or the way you conduct your finances. Your wise and fair way has led to this year.

The money you see may come in terms of a big commission, a prize winning, or an insurance payout. Or, you may be given a generous mortgage or refinancing plan from your banker who gives you attractive terms. You may get a better than expected year-end bonus for work well done, a substantial settlement in a court case, and a big court settlement in a division of property in a divorce, or win a business contract that holds exciting profit potential. You may get student financial aid, or be able to re-negotiate a student loan debt with the government. It may come as a large infusion of venture capital or other such money that comes in to allow you to fund your dream. This would be a great month to put in an application for a grant. The kind of money you are likely to see is the kind of funds that come in one big bundle, not parsed out in equal, smaller payments all year, like salary.

This tells me that in the coming year you should try to negotiate a salary plus commission arrangement, or work on a pure commission, even better if you feel you can make more that way. (When I was an agent for commercial photographers, for 16 years - I started my website by night within the last six of those years - I always worked on straight commission and was the sole support of my children. I did very well. It can be done. If you know you can work successfully on straight commission, you will do it. You would work hard, but no one will ever be able to say you do not deserve what you earned! That was the part I always liked about working on straight commission.)

Are you concerned about high quotas? If management wants to keep you, they will work with you to give you a fair quota, so discuss this with your boss. If you bid on a job, with your aspects, bid on the high side. Of course you know best, but you have luck on your side. This month, you will enjoy a feeling of luxury or be the recipient of largess, too, as the new moon you are working under will be Leo, the sign of royalty. If you are self-employed and have a deal in mind, present it in the first half of August while you are still under the golden rays of that new moon. I had mentioned this in last month's report too.

Here is why money will likely be a big sweet part of 2014 and into August 2015. Last month Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, moved into your eighth house of other people's money on July 16. It takes Jupiter a few weeks to unpack his bags and get settled in a new sign, and so a few weeks later, on July 26, Jupiter was ready to be welcomed by the elegant new moon and Sun. That majestic new moon was the luckiest one of the year for us all, but for you it focused on money. You may have already heard instant good financial news. If not, you still have time and may hear of a great deal opportunity during the first half of August.

Money will again be your focus at the full moon in Aquarius on August 10. That new moon will finish up your paying a large bill or a group of bills, and would also help you end financial negotiations on a venture or dream dear to you. If you had asked for a raise, you would get your answer back now on whether you got it, and it looks like you will. (I can't see everything in your chart!)

With Uranus in beautiful angle to the full moon, you will have better-than-expected news on some level. If you need a home improvement loan, mortgage, refinancing plan, or even help from your parents for a loan for a down payment on a house, or to help you pay your rent and to buy groceries because you lost your job, this new moon may answer your call for help. Home-and-family-related matters will be especially lucky for you this month. Many Capricorns have had very unsettled home situations and may have moved more than once lately.

Over the weekend of August 16-17, and influential on Monday, August 18, Venus will conjoin Jupiter, an annual event. This is a brilliant aspect that we all look forward to each year, for it portends such good luck. Both benefic planets will meet in your eighth house of other people's money, so this could be a big day for earning quite a bit of income.

Wait - there is more! Venus is your natural ruler of your tenth house of fame and honors. This aspect has the power to bring you amazing applause, publicity, and a likely rise in status too. If self-employed, you may bring in a massively important client, one that will likely stay with you and help you build profits in the future.

Will the month only be about money? No, of course not! Mars has recently left your career sector last month where it has been since December 7, 2013 until July 25, 2014. That is a very long time to host Mars in such a high profile career house, so you may have felt very much on display with higher ups. No doubt you spent much of your time focused on your career. You tweaked your career, pushed it forward, strategized how you could during that phase, but during those nearly eight months, you felt continual pressure to perform. I feel that the time you put in has been valuable to you as a professional. Now that Mars has left Libra, the pressure will begin to fade. You have, by now, proven your strengths. If you feel you didn't yet, then you will have more opportunities later - everyone needs rest, and your time is now.

Mars will help you mix and mingle more often with friends than usual this month, and also to make new friends. You will have more invitations than you are used to seeing, and if you feared you'd never have any friends because all you do is work, well, that won't happen. Your pals have not forgotten you, dear Capricorn. They were simply on the sidelines waiting for you to come up for air. That time is now.

One special day to watch will be August 15, a Friday. Mars, now in Scorpio, will send Pluto in Capricorn a missive. It should be a happy, lively day when you mix with fun and with successful distinguished people from all walks of life. This is a day you should circle as a day to go out - and if your birthday falls on January 1, or within five days of that date, then double what I just said. It is great for you!

If you hope to take a vacation, the new moon in Virgo, 2 degrees on August 25, will help you go to a far and distant point, perhaps where were are mountains. The Swiss or Italian Alps? The Canadian Rockies? The world is your oyster. You may choose a mountainous, scenic spot near water, as Neptune will oppose that majestic moon, and being near water will inspire you. You will want romance, and a soothing softness to your environment. If you do go sightseeing (and how could you not?), you will want to spend time learning the details of the history of the place, not a frenetic trip that requires a lot of movement.

If you are preparing to go back to the university, this new moon will help you set up the structure of your classes and living quarters, and generally get the preparations all set for your academic year. If you work in publishing or broadcasting, you may not be able to travel, for the new moon will bring new assignments that you will have to respond to lickety-split. If you are involved with an immigration matter, such as to get a passport, visa, or green card, this new moon will be your friend. Generally, this new moon will mark a perfect period for you - make the most of it!

This day has many aspects associated with it, and even though they will not affect the influence of the new moon for the coming two weeks, as all new moons do, it will affect how you feel around the time of August 25.

Mercury will be in lovely angle to Saturn on August 25, suggesting that if you don't have a romantic partner these days (or one that is available to leave work for a vacation), you may travel with a friend. This person may be someone quite wise, with much experience, possibly a bit older, but interesting in every sense. If you go overseas, there is a strong possibility that your friend may have already been to the historic places you both will tour and can point out fascinating facts. That sounds like a trip to remember, going without a guidebook, and an opportunity not to miss, if the situation fits.

Mars will conjoin Saturn, your ruler on the same day, August 25, so you may temporarily feel stuck about which way to go on a certain decision you need to make. Mars wants you to take action, but Saturn will ask you to do the opposite, to think and hold back. As a Capricorn, you know it's never a drawback to taking extra time to reflect on an important question. Saturn will win this aspect, as the slower moving planet usually does. Take your sweet time.

Venus will be active and send an important, sweet vibration to Uranus on August 25, and you can add the weekend prior, falling on August 23-24, as you will have the influence of Venus and Uranus then too. I would like to suggest that you to give a buffet party or barbeque at home, as guests would be bubbly and happy, and your fete would be the talk of your event for long after. If you go to a gathering, and you are single, you might meet someone new and intriguing, quite unexpectedly. Venus is the love-me planet, and Uranus provides the exciting electrical spark. Have pure intentions, and you will always get good results.

By the way, Venus trine Uranus (the aspect I discussed above for August 25) could bring you sudden happy news about money again! Lucky you, you've cornered the market on great financial aspects! You are a cool-headed Capricorn, so I know this knowledge won't make you do anything wild or imprudent, like bet too much at gaming tables. Your best bet for property matters will come through real estate on this day.

If your birthday falls on December 23, minus two days or plus five days, you will especially enjoy this new moon. The same is true if you have Capricorn rising 2 degrees, or a natal planet in Capricorn, Virgo, or Taurus at the same degree and plus or minus tolerance.

Before I go, I want you to know that although Venus will be in your money house most of the month, Venus will be in your close, committed relationship house until August 11. While Venus is with you, your interaction with your one-and-only should go best. If you have anything sticky to bring up, or if you simply want to celebrate your love, do it then.

Enjoy August!


You have just entered the most lucrative year in the decade, because Jupiter, the expansive planet that brings gifts, happiness, and financial bounty, has just entered your eighth house of other people's money. This house covers such things as contest prize winnings, court settlements, scholarship and tuition financial aid, commissions, venture capital, mortgage, inheritance, and all other income you would normally get as a lump sum.

Last month, on July 26, a vital new moon arrived and created special energy for financial matters to jump on quickly as you begin August. If you need special funding to create a dream, whether it is to start your own business, buy a house, go back to graduate school, or any other action that would involve sophisticated funding, you must start the process in the first half of August. If you are trying to find a fair way to divide property in a divorce or end of a business, the time to open talks is now, immediately. You won't have a chance quite this bright again for a year.

You will wrap up personal finances too within days of the full moon, August 10, when you send out checks and change arrangements. You may feel squeezed when you pay obligations mid-month, but your long-term financial forecast is so strong that you have no reason to fear - soon you will see the fruits of your labors, and your good credit rating will make you a trustworthy candidate to bankers and investors. Proof of your newfound financial good fortune will come near August 18 when Venus will combine forces with Jupiter. Your career should zoom skyward too, and you're only getting started.

Professionally, since December 2013 and especially in April and May, your career was the center of your thinking, but those might have represented tough, hard work times, with moments that were chaotic where no one could say which way the chips were about to fall. Those months are over, and you can now exhale. You can now unwind and enjoy seeing friends - accept invitations to a number of events. Mars has left the building - or at the very least, your tenth house of fame. The tenth house is normally a special and positive place for Mars to be, for it allows you to get the attention of all the right VIPS - but Mars was cranky while ensconced in your tenth house this time, for Uranus and Pluto taunted Mars relentlessly. Instead of helping you, Mars added more career pressure than you needed.

You might have said that you were able to sense many shifts to the Taconic plates, but keeping track of them all sapped your energy. News of changing management or clients may have made you do fancy tap dancing. You learned to turn events to your advantage by drawing on your reputation and experience, and that was a good way to go. If you are young, however, you might not have enough years under your belt, so you had to put one foot in front of the other, take a deep breath, and build your reputation.

Now, Mars moved to compatible Scorpio last month, and you will notice a new ease in the air. Friends will begin to play a much larger role in your life from now until mid-September, so you can arrange parties, museum visits, shopping with friends, and nights out at romantic restaurants, the movies, or outdoor concerts under the stars. You will have you plenty of time to refresh your spirit. If you would like to take a vacation, you will get your chance to fly to a very distant point after the new moon, August 25, and this trend will be strongest in the days that quickly follow. A place near water would be ideal.

If you are in publishing or broadcasting, however, you may want to stay behind as important assignments may come up quickly after that lovely new moon appears. It looks like you will have lots of opportunity to show your creativity, so don't be shy about presenting them. Other opportunities will come up, such as opportunities to form international business relationships. Legal matters may be launched, too, but because of Neptune's prominence in regard to a court matter, demand as much detail in the discovery phase as possible.

Dates to note: CAPRICORN

Most important dates for love, meetings or actions: August 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 15, 16-17, 20, 21, 30, and 31.

Now that Jupiter moved into Leo last month, your outlook for financial gain is astounding in the coming year, and this month, August, will be especially strong.

The full moon in Aquarius, on August 10, will bring a need to pay bills and if you like, to make changes in financial arrangements and obligations. While you may have to make a large outlay, fear not. Your outlook for building powerful financial security is superb in coming months - the best in the decade.

August 12 brings another stellar day for financial matters. Circle it in gold, thanks to a link of Venus and Jupiter. Not only will news about money be strong, so will your love life. This day is sugar and spice, and can make you happy in so many ways.

Friends will play a larger than usual role in your life in August, thanks to Mars in Scorpio. One friend may be in crisis near August 25, so if you are not traveling, see if you can visit your friend and lend a hand. If you are traveling, call your friend, as your support will be appreciated. You may not know what advice to give - just be supportive.

On August 25, the new moon in Virgo will allow you to travel far and wide, a perfect time to go, during the last week of August and first week of September. Also indicated is that you can make progress in immigration matters (passport, green card, and visa), and international relationships. Publishing and broadcasting matters will shine too, and as will anything having to do with legal matters. Make an initiation at this time on one of these matters.

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