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Your September Horoscope by Susan Miller

Gemini Horoscope for September 2014

By Susan Miller

You will start the month on an exciting note. Your career will be making big news at the Harvest Moon (a full moon) September 8, in Pisces, 16 degrees. Allow three days prior to this date, as well as, even more likely, four days after this date to see what is going on professionally. (That is, September 8 to September 12.) This tender full moon will be as big as a pizza pie, if not in the sky where you live, certainly in your chart. Each September the full moon of the month is also called the Harvest Moon, and this year it is aptly named, as this full moon could well bring reward to you for months and possibly years of hard work that will now culminate. The discussions and actions of this full moon will likely elevate your status, so any changes you experience would work to enhance your reputation.

This full moon will have Neptune fairly prominent - Pisces' ruler, giving Neptune an even more important role in this full moon - so you may be involved with film or photography at the time. Your face seems to be "out there" either because you will have a role in a film or TV show, or because you are about to get some enviable publicity and your picture will be in the newspaper, magazine, or in an article in a respected online website. Pluto will also send greetings to this full moon, which is wonderful. Pluto will be in even closer mathematical degree to the full moon than Neptune, indicating there will be financial benefits to what happens at this full moon, either immediately or in time. If you need investors for the project you are culminating now, you will be able to get it.

Just two days after the Harvest Moon reaches fullness, on September 10, Mercury, your ruler, will receive a glittering vibration from Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck. This would be an ideal day to sign a contract, to give a presentation, to hand in an important manuscript, or to see your work published, to give a speech, or to negotiate with just about anyone. It'll also be a great day to travel a short distance, perhaps to see a client, to visit with your parents, or view property.

You seem to be very interested in getting your home squeaky clean, clutter-free, and in perfect shape in time for the year-end holidays. Good idea! Venus is now touring your home sector, making it an ideal time to buy a new piece of furniture, or to find accessories or plants to refresh your decor. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and will glide through your home sector from September 6 to 29. This is why it would be such a good idea to find ways to improve the look of your home now, even in small ways, by choosing a new paint color for your living room walls or new linens for your bed. If you love the way your space looks and can't think of even one way to change it, you might want to use Venus' lovely vibration to show off your considerable entertaining skills and invite guests over. Any event you create will go over exceedingly well.

In September, make your most decisive actions. Next month, Mercury will be retrograde from October 4 to 24, so this means it will be a time to step back and let events roll as you watch and wait. You must not sign contracts or try to push any events forward - it won't work, so save your energy. Do not buy any electronics or expensive furniture in October either or later you will find you regret your choice. If you are planning to close on a house you are buying, see if you can move your big day to November, as paperwork glitches are sure to come up in October.

Also, October brings two major eclipses, a total eclipse of the moon in Aries on October 8 and a new moon solar eclipse on October 24 in Scorpio. Both will refer to news you received at the last two eclipses, which came by on April 15 and April 28 of this year. (All eclipses in one family of signs are always joined together in a single theme, like pearls on a necklace. Each pearl on that necklace, as it arrives, delivers more news, and it relates to what happened at the last eclipse. ) April was a very difficult month for most people as the April 15 eclipse was a true monster, with angry planets squaring off against each other, creating maximum tension. The ones coming in October, by comparison, won't be nearly as troubling.

While the October 8 will bring unexpected news that might at first shock you, the news could be shockingly positive. I do know that that October 8 eclipse will work in your favor, but you may need a little time to pass before you will see the truth of that. I don't want to get into the details of the eclipses now - that will be in my report for you next month. The point is, September will be a solid, stable month, so make it work for you by being super productive. In October, do nothing of vital importance. October will be a time to observe events and to reflect on all that you hear. You may feel frustrated when you see the good momentum you had built up start to sputter and slow down, and this may make you fear you are about to lose all that good forward motion you had worked so diligently to build. In truth, you won't lose anything by sitting tight and waiting. Be patient and let nature take its own course.

There is one exception to the rule I just gave you - that is, if you go back to a project that almost happened but kept getting put on the back burner of the stove, waiting to get full approvals and a budget. If that comes up, you are free and clear to work on it. Mercury retrograde is a great time to go back to earlier situations and get full closure on them.

Now let's turn to your health and work schedule, both of which seem to have become huge concerns lately. This emphasis on your health may have started as far back as October 2012 when Saturn first entered your sixth house of health and work. Let's take health first, which seems to have become a near obsession by design or default. Saturn would take his critical eye and survey to see if anything in your body needs addressing by a medical practitioner, whether you sensed this or not. Many conditions show no early warning signs, so that's Saturn's job, to find a possible latent health difficulty and show it to you.

Saturn can be very draining of calcium reserves, so because Saturn is still in Scorpio, you have to continue to protect your bones and teeth. Ask your doctor all the ways you have at your disposal to stay strong.

Eclipses in the Taurus-Scorpio family of signs have been coming by every five-and-a-half month since November 2012, specifically to test the strength of your health too. (It has been like the whole solar system has had a one-track mind.) The last eclipse you experienced in this series was April 28 of this year. You have another coming next month, October 24, that will open the door on a new future. This suggests that your doctor may hit on the way to diagnose your condition and find ways to comfort to you and to possibly find a way to help you substantially.

Then Mars came in to also examine the state of your health at the end of July, and has been zooming through your sixth house, along with Saturn, and the place the eclipses have been falling. If you feel you talk to medical personnel more than you speak to your friends (depressing, right?), that would sound right but keep in mind that this situation is only temporary (thank goodness). This can be maddening because medical visits may be eating up your time, but your health comes first. The sixth house, where all this energy is being focused, is the area of the chart that rules how to proactively help yourself stay strong. The first house of the horoscope describes the state of your health and vitality, but it is the sixth house that covers the steps you need to take to get well and stay well.

If you felt fine, all this heavy-duty emphasis on your sixth house can help you design a new exercise program (after speaking with your doctor and getting her OK). You may also choose a new approach to food, and become healthier by turning away from consuming processed foods in favor of eating natural foods that are better for you.

At the same time health matters were pressing on you, you seem to have had a lot of work coming at you too, along with the pressure to finish it. If you didn't feel your best, the pressure only expanded, and it took longer to do any project you set out to do. This became a vicious cycle of worry, tension, no sleep, and working hard. Sometimes this cannot be helped, but once you do catch up, take a moment to breathe again.

Now for the good news! Mars is about to leave your health sector on September 13 - this month! After having Mars stir the pot since July 25, you will find it a great relief so see Mars move on, for he will no longer train his mind on the state of your health. Mars can add heat, pain, and inflammation, so you should feel instantly better after Mars leaves on September 13.

MORE good news! Saturn, the taskmaster planet, has been teaching you that we must listen closely to our bodies, and when something is wrong to do research and find the right medical practitioner to help you. You learned to keep looking until you found one that you trust wholeheartedly.

The end of September just brims with good news, for on September 22, Pluto will go direct, having been retrograde since April 14. (Big, slow moving planets stay retrograde months at a time, so this is not unusual.) Pluto is in your eighth house of other people's money, so if anyone owes you money, you have a good shot at getting those payments now that Pluto is waking up again. The same is true if you have put in an application for a bank loan or mortgage - positive news should come through soon now.

The new moon of September 24 is just made for you, dear Gemini. It will light your solar fifth house of love, which means single or attached, you are about to see your social life take flight. You will be invited to more events, meet more people, see more friends, and among your travels this month, you can meet several love interests - one may stand out. This is the first new moon of the year that will help you with romance, so be sure to circulate. It falls at 1 degree Libra, considered very powerful, as powerful as the life force - and it certainly can help you make possible your dreams for a warm and loving emotional attachment with another.

If you hope to have a baby or adopt one, you may draw up a serious plan now, with no more waiting. You may hear from the adoption agency to come meet your little baby, or from your doctor that you are pregnant. News like this can be very exciting. If you have a child that needs special attention or help, you can find the answer now, in the days that follow September 24.

If you are in a creative field, this new moon September 24 will also help you generate new, original ideas for a specific assignment, or to lift off a new artistic project that has just been funded and approved. Yay! This is all good news.

If your birthday falls on May 21, plus five days, you will feel the effect of this new moon more than any of your friends who are Gemini born at other times of the month. However, even if you are not an early May-born Gemini, if you have your natal chart, see if you have a planet close to 1 degree of Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, or have Gemini rising of that 1 degree - you too, will feel the assistance of this extraordinary new moon.

I will leave you with the best news of all. On September 25, we will have a very rare aspect, considered one of the best possible, and capable of giving everyone new hope and a reason to enjoy life. It has to do with the sparkling communication between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. Uranus is in your friendship sector, and Jupiter is in your third house of travel and communication. It appears you may travel spontaneously on or near this day, and hear from a friend, who will have very good news for you. A friend or group to which you belong to may make an offer to you that will take your breath away.

The last time we had anything even similar to this enchanting aspect, it was in January 2011. This is certainly a five-star aspect and one you will want to circle on your calendar. Open the window and see what flies in on this extraordinary day.


Saturn, the taskmaster planet who teaches through applying a tough love, no-excuses method, entered your health sector in October 2012. Ever since, if you had any weaknesses in your body, Saturn may have shown you where you need medical or dental advice to strengthen yourself. Now Mars is also in the same sector, so the message is clear: take care of any health concern you may have without delay. You are busy, but you will agree, your physical wellbeing will always come first. The eclipses have been honing in on the same area, so that's been a great deal of emphasis on one part of your chart!

In your career, you will enter a very exciting phase - the Harvest Moon, a full moon, will appear in your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame, September 8. It appears you can expect a promotion, praise, positive publicity, or an offer from a completive firm to be in the wind. This full moon will crystalize a professional decision or action that you need to make, and with Saturn so beautifully oriented to that full moon, your career will feel more settled and stable after you make your choice. Pluto will be friendly too at this time, so it appears you will get generous company benefits. If you are dealing with investors for a business of your own, then draw up your business plan and present your idea. You will make a fine impression on the big money people you will be meeting with at the time.

If you hear back answers about your requests later in the month, your deal may be awaiting Pluto's turn direct, September 22. After that, you have an open road with all blue skies ahead.

You will have sublime balance of career versus romance in your life for fun and love is due at the new moon in Libra, September 24. Libra is a special sign for you, and is an air sign, just like yours. This means you can absorb the news of this new moon more easily. Further, this new moon is at the critical degree, 1 degree of a cardinal sign, considered incredibly strong and capable of creating quite a bit of opportunity. You CAN meet the person of your dreams if you are unattached, so ask friends to make introductions.

If single, in the days that following this new moon, September 24, you will have an excellent chance of meeting a new romantic person to date. If married, you will have more fun too, for you and your partner will have more time to be together and can investigate all that life has to offer. Travel to nearby cities can increase your ability to meet someone new, and I say that because Libra, the sign of the new moon, is ruled by Venus, and Venus is currently in your third house of short distance travel. In fact, it also rules the neighborhood, so if you run around on errands after this new moon arrives, make sure you look your best. Someone fascinating may bump into your cart at the supermarket or ask you a question at the post office.

If you are attached, or even if you are single, this September 24 new moon will get you more attention from your partner, open up your social life, and give you needed relief from the ever-present, heavy-duty concentration on your career that will be necessary during the early part of the month. All new moons open up two weeks of energy, so this one, September 24, and will be strongest the day the new moon appears, and the days that quickly follow it. The new moon will become progressively weaker with each passing day, until all its energy has been spent two weeks later. This means you need to be out and about, circulating and seeing friends at the start of the month, as soon as the new moon appears, September 24. Friends make introductions to new romantic interests - this month, ask them to help you!

If you wish for a baby, this same new moon September 24 may make that dream a reality. At work, or in regard to a project you may be charged with completing, creative ideas will rain down on you, each idea better than the last.

Travel to a nearby city may come up suddenly on September 25, due to an exciting collaboration between Jupiter and Uranus, a five-star day, for sure. If so, you may want to drop everything and go spontaneously. This will be one of your happiest days of the month, and very possibly the best of the year, when a friend may reach out to you and help you in a significant way that will touch your heart - this comes thanks to a rare communication to occur between Jupiter and Uranus. Watch to see the kind of conversations you have on this sterling day.

You may also need to sign papers on this day, September 25, and if so, be comforted knowing that it would be the right time to do so, assuming your attorney has given you the green light to proceed. There is also some evidence that your sister, brother, or cousin may be helpful to you now, too, so be open to all that your sibling / cousin has to say. This will be true even if your sibling has never had on-target tips or advice for you before now - keep an open mind!

Dates to Note: GEMINI

Most important dates for love, meetings or actions: 2, 6, 14, 15, 19, 20, 24, 25, 28, and 29.

You can find way to increase your financial portfolio by meeting with your broker on September 3, a day when the Sun and Pluto will be in sync and a good discussion about growing your wealth may transform your portfolio.

If you are planning to spiff up your home environment, due so between September 5 and 29 when Venus will glide through your home sector.

The full moon in September 8 should mark a critical, exciting moment in 2012 for your career.

September 9 or 10 would be good days to visit to the paint of decorating store, for Venus will trine Neptune.

Mars will enter Sagittarius on September 13 to say until October 25; at that time you will be very focused on a partner you are involved in now or in the process of creating for the future. This alliance may be for love or business.

If large funds have been held up for you, they should start to come through for you when on September 22 when Pluto goes direct.

A bright social influence will begin at the new moon, September 24 plus 10 days.

See if you can travel over one of the happiest days of 2014, September 25, when Jupiter and Uranus will be lovingly in communication. This day is one of the very special features of 2014 - one of the best, and will offer fun, hope, and a new perspective.

When Venus tours Libra September 29 until October 23, shop to find wardrobe items for the coming season. All the new designs will be in the stores and you will have Venus to guide you to the most beautiful wardrobe items.

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