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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Your August Horoscope by Susan Miller

Gemini Forecast for August 2014

By Susan Miller

You have an exciting month ahead! It will be busy, dear Gemini! That's just how you like it too, for you get bored easily. There is no chance of that happening now! You will have plenty to occupy that active mind of yours, and almost all of the developments should make you happy.

First on your agenda may be travel. The new moon of July 26 in Leo, 4 degrees, that just appeared late last month will still be strong during the first half of August. That new moon may bring opportunities that you don't know exist as you read this. A friend may suddenly call to offer you a weekend at her cottage by the sea, or you may be travelling more often for work to nearby cities. If you do travel for work, hefty profits should result when the client approves all you have been discussing. Accommodations should be beautiful too - with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, overseeing your getaway, a touch of luxury usually follows.

On August 2, Mercury will have a rare conjunction with Jupiter in Leo, making this weekend a standout. You will feel the effects a day earlier, on Friday, August 1, too. Mercury is your ruler, so when your ruler meets with Jupiter, this is headline news, making it a five-star two days. Use August 1 or 2 for a giving a presentation, signing a contract, giving a speech, doing an audition, shopping for something special, or to travel to a picturesque town. You may also take an exam (and ace it) or sign up for a class that works to help you in the future. These days are special!

Venus will later occupy your quick travel sector from August 12 to September 5, suggesting trips you take will be so very enjoyable. One of the most divine weekends to be away will be August 16-17, when Venus will conjoin with good fortune planet, Jupiter. These two lovely planets will meet in your travel sector, so I give this weekend five stars. Also, Venus is the natural ruler of your solar fifth house of true love and fun, so if you do go away this weekend, romance may be in the air. If you have children, you'd enjoy being with them to no end. This is no ordinary weekend. Venus only meets with Jupiter once a year, and this is the most spectacular aspect you can get, so plan to do something special, dear Gemini!

You may have just completed an important writing assignment, or will do so now, in early August, and considering your stellar aspects for communication, your work will almost surely be well received. If you have been working on a screenplay, submit a treatment now. If you are self-employed, design a promotional campaign to tell others about your goods or services. If you want to design a cell phone app, hire the team and get started. Any communications-oriented project that you may do now will have the potential to hit the top of the charts. Last month, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and bounty, moved into Leo for the coming twelve months, and will expand your chances for success so much that you may have more work than you can handle. Choose jobs carefully - pick the clients who pay best, have the most status, and who will come back to you with more work.

You may design publicity or advertising campaigns, work on translations, or decide to write a marketing or business plan. Alternatively you may be thinking about designing a new Web or social media page, as a few examples. As said, Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune, is in now circulating in your solar third house of writing, speaking, editing, fact checking and proofing, translating, or working in publicity, sales, marketing, or advertising - all are areas that glow now, Ironically, these are the very areas that Gemini is most talented at doing. You do these type projects best!

Mars was in hard angle to that July 26 new moon, so this may mean that subordinate on your staff may have quit, forcing you to hire and train someone new quickly. This would be happening at the wrong time, but there's never a good time to lose a trusted assistant. Alas, with so much work coming in, you may have to do it, so take things day by day. Alternatively, Mars' position toward that new moon may mean co-workers will be working on other projects and can't put in any time on your project, frustrating you. Or, it may mean that you will not be not sure about how to proceed on this assignment, and if so, ask the client or your boss for more direction and advice.

You may also may be interacting with your sister or brother in early August. He or she may have news, or be quite helpful to you now if you need advice. For example, let's say you need to see a special type of lawyer - if you ask your brother, you may get the name of the perfect lawyer for your needs. Or, it may be that you and your sister will plan to do something together, like buy a piece of property or plan a surprise anniversary party for your parents. The list of possibilities is nearly endless, but the point is, a sibling will be more prominent than usual in your life during early August and their presence would be positive.

If your birthday falls on May 25, plus or minus five days, and/or you have Gemini rising or a planet in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius at 4 degrees (plus or minus five degrees), then you too will benefit from this glorious new moon of July 26, still strong this month.

Your next big moment will be the full moon in Aquarius, 18 degrees, over the weekend of August 9-10, active plus or minus four days from this date. You may be embarking on - or returning from - a long trip, or you may be conversing with a person abroad who will want to work with you. A full moon usually concludes things, so you may be in the process of sealing the agreement. You may get a new client overseas too.

This full moon will light your solar ninth house, on August 9-10, and this area of your chart covers such things as international and distant travel, import-export, immigration concerns (including passport, green card and visa matters), academia, the court system and legal matters, as well as the media, especially, but not limited to electronic media, such as TV and radio broadcasting, e-books, and the Internet. Print publishing is included too.

As a few examples, you may be finishing up an important broadcast or publishing project, or you may be given the green light to start work on a new TV show if you had put in a proposal. You may be finishing up a legal case or action, and if so, things are likely to go your way. If you are starting back to the university as a graduate or undergraduate, you may be finished choosing your next semester's classes by the full moon. Finally, this full moon will also have to do with spiritual / religious / philosophical matters, too, so you may be taking a spiritual retreat over this weekend and delving into the truly important matters concerning some of the deep mysteries of life.

If your birthday falls on June 7, this full moon will likely be a banner point in your month. The same will be true if you have Gemini rising 17 degrees, or a natal planet in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius at that degree plus or minus five degrees. You need not have any of these qualifiers to enjoy this full moon.

Late last month, Mars, the action planet, moved into Scorpio to light your sixth house of health and work assignments, joining Saturn, already there. Let's take your health first.

When Saturn entered Scorpio on October 2012, ever since, Saturn has been testing the state of your health from head to toe. Some Gemini had concerns over their bones or teeth, and others may have focused on different condition. Saturn demands we take care of whatever issue goes up - you would have had to attend to things by getting to the right specialist to advise you.

This month, having Mars with Saturn in the same house, you seem to be honing in to your health with special emphasis. You will likely be taking routine annual exams such as to check your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood count, blood sugar level, testing your eyes, having your dentist examine your teeth, and so forth. If you need a procedure, or physical therapy, you may schedule it now.

Mars is currently in Scorpio, so if you are electing surgery, most astrologers suggest that you not have your surgery on the part of the body that the sign Mars is touring is in. Mars is in Scorpio and Scorpio rules reproductive and sex organs, so if you need an operation on that part of you, see if you can delay until the second half of September. I say this ONLY if your surgery is not urgent and that you can elect when to schedule your procedure. (This does not include breast surgery, ruled by Cancer, or C-sections. In the latter case, when the baby is ready, you need to give birth!) Keep your health very strong, and if you are under a doctor's care, follow his advice to the letter.

If you feel fine, make every effort to get back to the gym. Mars rules iron, so perhaps you can afford to get a package of training sessions to learn how to lift weights properly. Working out will help to relax you. You have better aspects during the rest of 2014 than you did early on, so if you felt you were not making progress, don't be discouraged - you are so close to success! Mars rules competitive sports, so you might be training for a marathon or other sport, a good time to do so.

Buy some new workout gear to lift your spirits (all those gym mirrors mean you will want to look sleek!) and browse the group fitness schedules. If you don't like group fitness classes, consider using the fitness machines, assuming your doctor says is fine for you to do so. Most people start their fitness and weight loss programs in January, but you didn't have the best aspects for that last January, nor will you next January - you have the right aspects to begin now! If you do, you'll look sexy by the time the holidays come by, and you will be so glad you got started. If you like, you can also join a group like Weight Watchers to learn to eat more sensibly. All your efforts will pay off.

Pets are also included under the sixth house, and the ancient astrologers were wise to include these adorable, little furry creatures in the sixth house. Modern scientists know that pets make us happy, and scientists actually have proof that generally people are healthier if they have a pet. If you would like to add a pet to your household, this would be the right month to go down to the animal shelter and pick out one that seems to call out to you.

One of your best days for fitness, health, and choosing a pet (and for new work assignments too) will be August 15. Mars will reach out to Pluto in the friendliest way, and both rule your sixth house of health, making that day, a Friday, a standout.

You will busy this month, for an energized sixth house also suggests new work assignments will flow to you. Because the new moon is in Virgo, projects are likely to have many moving parts, so you will have to be careful as you work to make sure every detail is accurate. Allow time to double-check each facet of your project before you hand it in, and if possible, ask another person to have a look at it first.

There is another reason to be careful with your projects this month. VIPs will notice your work, and on the full moon, September 8 in Pisces next month, you will have a shot at a very big promotion, special praise, or the kind of publicity you used to dream about. Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn will all support that full moon, and with that kind of stellar help, you are about to rise into the stratosphere. You may be on TV or have your face in the media - others will know your name, as Neptune, so prominent, rules your image, which will seem to be everywhere. Saturn will see to it that you love the work you do, and that you stick with it. Keep this in mind, as all the work you do will be examined before that full moon. Make it the best it can be!

Now let's turn to another theme of the month - potentially, a big one - involving housing and your overall living environment, which is due for exciting improvement. The new moon in Virgo, 2 degrees, on August 25 will bring a call to action. You can paint, renovate, clean closets and clear out clutter, do repairs, renovate your kitchen or bathrooms, change the structure of your home, or find a new house or apartment to move into that you will find now, and love. It appears you may also be browsing home furnishing stores to look at furniture or for a new mattress, rug, or other element you need to make your space complete. If you need to sell or buy a house, condo or other property, you will have your chance now to do so - it will be one of your best chances so far this year. New moons are of paramount importance and are very powerful. Use this one!

This new moon will oppose Neptune, so be sure you have flood insurance for your rental or apartment / house you own. Father Neptune may want to come visit, and if so he will bring the sea (or other water) in with him. You need to be covered for mold, tainted drinking water, and so forth, although it is more likely that you may simply have a flood, say from water coming in the window, or a sink that overflowed. I am not saying that you will necessarily have a flood, but I am simply seeing probability rise, so it follows you might. I just want you covered by renters or homeowner's insurance. Most home-related policies do not cover water, so ask your broker if yours does, and get a special rider if the answer is no.

Neptune can also bring confusion, so have a lawyer go through any papers you may have to sign. Check the credentials of a contractor, too. Be sure you understand all the fine print, for with Neptune opposed to the Sun and new moon, not noticing a clause that is troublesome could come back to bite you. It's just as important to add clauses that your lawyer thinks were forgotten - with Neptune, the planet that rules all things invisible, you need to add those too!

Now let's turn to Mercury, your ruler, which will be active all month, for the following days offer opportunity for you!

I mentioned at the start of your report the most spectacular aspect, the meeting of Jupiter with Mercury on August 1-2. Those days offer carte blanche opportunity for experiencing superb luck on just about every level. Please re-read the third paragraph of your report, above, at the very top, for more specifics.

Next, watch for August 21, when Pluto will be in your house of money - a presentation, sales pitch, or meeting with your bank or financial advisor should go exceptionally well. When it comes to money, Pluto will be supportive.

Finally, on August 25, a day that has many things going on, Saturn will be in fine angle to Mercury. Promises and plans you make will stick, and if you sign a contract, it will be in place a very long time. (Be sure you want it to be!) As said, Neptune will be a little gremlin, so make sure you iron out those details before you sign.

When it comes to romance, single or attached, your best opportunities will come when you are travelling to a nearby town or city. I love August 17-18, when Venus will conjoin Jupiter. I also love the weekend of August 23-24, when Venus (love) and Uranus (surprises) will cook up surprises.

You have a very big month in store!


Income has been generous lately, allowing you the luxury of considering options that you had not had previously. One plan might have to do with improving your present home with repairs, renovations, or additions; or moving to a gorgeous space; or leasing a cottage in a sunny spot by sea or mountains for a week before the season changes. Plan to act on your biggest home-related ideas just after the new moon, August 25.

Gemini loves to travel, and this month, before you get to the last week of August, you'll have plenty of opportunities to spin your compass and go. See what your mood tells you to do. If you are you longing to go to a pretty spot only two hours' drive from home, you'll find luxurious, affordable options. In fact, a friend or sibling may extend an invitation to you to come enjoy their vacation country house by offering you their guest room.

Over the August 10-11 weekend, you may fly a far distance, either as a quick long trip, or as a return from a very distant point. This would be a surprise trip, and one taken for pure pleasure, not work. You've had a packed schedule all through 2014, and you've not had many chances for a break - August will give you the chance to unwind, one you dearly need.

Many Gemini are highly skilled in communication, and this month, thanks to last month's new moon, July 26, still strong in the first half of August, assignments may now to pour in. While you may have offers to write, speak, edit, translate, be on TV as a host, code software, create apps, or do other communication-oriented projects in the past, there will be something new, special, and different about the assignments that come now. They will bring you recognition and growth, and pay well, and will bring you to new areas that you had not yet imagined. You will hone your talents and learn about completely new and unfamiliar topics, always a number one draw for a curious Gemini. This comes due to the entry of Jupiter into Leo, a fire sign, and your air sign element will make Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, burn more brightly and help you in a big way.

If you are asked to sign a contract, lease, deed, or other important papers - and there's a strong likelihood you will - you might want to do it on August 2, one of your luckiest days of the year, due to the meeting of Jupiter to Mercury, your ruling planet. If you can't move that quickly, August 20 and 21 are also fine days for signing papers, thanks to Pluto well angled to your ruler, Mercury.

Saturn, the teacher planet, is still touring your sixth house of health, and now is joined by Mars. Saturn makes conditions clear and requires a practical, no-nonsense approach to health, so you will need to follow your doctor's orders to the letter. Mars, the action planet, has recently entered this area of your chart and will heighten your competitive spirit and strengthen your determination to get in healthy, fighting, competitive form. Start making appointments for routine dental and medical checkups, and if your professional finds anything that needs attention, follow through with all that needs to be done.

If you want to bring your fitness up to new levels, Mars will provide the energy and Saturn the discipline to reach any realistic fitness goal. Saturn will ask you go by the rules and to proceed slowly so that the results remain with you a long time - possibly a program you will love forever.

One last word: October will bring your ruler, Mercury, in retrograde from October 4 to 26. Two more eclipses are due in October too, October 8 and 23. For these reasons, use your highly productive August and September to the max, and then plan to coast a little in October.

Dates to Note: GEMINI

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions: August 1-2, 5, 6, 9-10, 13, 14, 15, 17-19, 20-21, 22, 23-24, and 28.

Travel will mark the first part of August, thanks to the new moon of July 26 last month, and to the full moon, August 10. You can choose to go near or far - either will bring outstanding fun.

Your communication skills will be in high demand most of the month, and new projects and assignments will come in with your name written all over them. Others may be a bit jealous that you're the client / boss' pet, but you have earned this status from the excellence of your past performance.

Venus will be in Leo on August 12 until September 6, adding profit AND charm to your writing, speaking, coding, and other assignments.

The new moon, August 25, may present a problem with your home, possibly with a flood, or with the water pipes or plumbing. Get an insurance rider to cover water damage. Still, this same new moon will give you the impetus to move assertively forward on a real estate, home improvement, repair, or other matter producing surprisingly rapid, positive results. To deal with Neptune, cover your bases thoroughly.

On August 29, the Sun will be at odds with Neptune, which may again bring matters back to your home. If you hire contractors, read the contract very carefully to be sure there are no omissions or miscommunications.

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