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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Your June Horoscope by Susan Miller

Libra Forecast for June 2014

By Susan Miller

Over the past two months, the harsh monster eclipses of April 15 and April 28 certainly have tested you. Whatever was brewing in April was likely big enough to have to be dealt with in May, so there was no rest for the weary, and no room to duck the reality of what was to be presented. Whether the time was convenient or not, eclipses make us drop everything and deal squarely with news. Eclipses work like heat-seeking missiles to reveal a weak link that you would need to accept and instantly address if you were to be able to move forward.

For you, an emphasis on a person you are close to in marriage or business was likely your focus, or you may have also had a sudden home / property / or family matter on the table. Some Libra reported career developments that were jarring, and others reported joint financial matters that were suddenly arising out of nowhere. Or, if none these areas drew your attention, you may have had an important health concern that came up, and you may have had to rearrange your schedule from top to bottom to take care of it. I feel badly having to list these possibilities, and hope you were the exception to the rule, dear Libra, allowing you to sail through April and May easily.

You are one of the signs that is classified as cardinal (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn), and those signs have been in the crossfire for months. This is because the major planets have been touring cardinal signs, each at harsh 90-degree angles to the other. We currently have Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra, and the April 15 eclipse was in Libra too and became the ignition switch to set off the energies of all these planets in a very tense way.

Libras with birthdays that fall within five days of October 15 were in the crosshairs, although those with birthdays that fell in the first week of October were also having their own challenges. If you say that all parts of your life were on fire, that you were running from pillar to post, that would sound right. I am so sorry to have to deliver this news, dear Libra, but fortunately you are done with April and May and by now have any message the eclipse hoped to impart.

There is one day that I will flag for you, June 13, when Mars will tangle harshly with Pluto, not a time to do any kind of real estate negotiation or have any sort of family talk, possibly with a parent. It's surely not a time to get a favor from your landlord or co-op board, for after asking, you would get a lot of push back. Pluto is in your home sector and is very much the tyrant when at odds with Mars. Stay away from this day for any home-related or family-related actions, and you'll be all the happier for it.

Truly, June will be a sweet oasis from all the sturm und drang of those past months. Mercury will be retrograde all month, from June 7 to July 1, instantly quieting down the activity in your life, allowing you to find the time to reflect on all that has happened in recent weeks. When Mercury retrogrades, schedules go into disarray. Meetings get cancelled or postponed, and in astrology Mercury retrograde is considered an especially bad time to launch new ventures. Mercury will retrograde in your travel and career sectors (Gemini and Cancer), so nothing of earth shattering importance will happen back at the office that you will miss - you might as well drop out and take a week or two off. Go on a happy, restful vacation. You desperately need it.

To make sure you do get to travel if you want to go, the new moon of last month, May 28, appearing only a few days prior to the start of June, is still very much charged up, so you can travel quite a distance if you like - that new moon set up a wonderful window of opportunity for you.

Alternatively, you may stay home and see enormous progress in regard to a goal related to academia and the attainment of a college degree, or in regard to a legal matter. If you work in publishing or broadcasting, you will see opportunity rise up for you there, and you might be very excited to see the possibilities of the assignment that is given you.

If your birthday falls on September 30, plus or minus five days, you will benefit most from that May 28 new moon that is so strong in early June. The same is true if you have Libra rising 7 degrees, or have a natal planet in Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini at that same degree, plus or minus five degrees.

That new moon of May 28 was in lovely angle to Mars in Libra, and although Mars has been lagging in retrograde since March 2014, Mars went direct last month on May 19, giving you a big shot of energy, and soon, you will have greater control over events in your life.

The trouble with Mars when he goes direct (as he did on May 19) is that he does not bolt out of the gate quickly but rather acts like a little party boy who has been up all night, and who stumbles around in a groggy state for weeks. Mars will say he is in need of several cups of coffee. When any planet goes direct, it needs time to build up to its former powerful, energetic self. For Mars in Libra, that will take weeks - until mid-July or so. Still, having Mars finally moving forward rather than backward in Libra offers you privilege and hope, and soon, the ability to decide the direction of your life.

You will have Mars in Libra until July 25 when Mars will enter Scorpio. Mars originally entered Libra on December 7, and will have been touring your sign nearly eight months. That is not usual. Mars typically only spends six weeks in a sign, so you've had a long run with Mars. (The next tour will come in mid-November 2015 to the end of 2015, and it will be an infinitely easier trend than the one you've had now.) Although I almost always see Mars in your own sign to be a plus, this time, it was not, because Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter were in certain places in the sky that caused them to pound Mars relentlessly. Dear Libra, you've been under non-stop pressure. That high stress situation is starting to fade now, so keep up your spirits! Things are improving!

You will have another opportunity to travel near the full moon, June 12, and over the attached weekend, June 13-15. You may leave spontaneously, for Uranus will be beautifully oriented, allowing you to act on a whim if you like, and I'd actually suggest you be carefree and impulsive. Uranus will be so sweet to this full moon that it bodes well for romance too.

This same full moon may bring up news about your sister or brother, so be sure to check in with your sibling. Additionally, you may be asked to sign important papers within five days of this full moon, but I say don't, as I don't want you to sign anything this month, and that includes not giving a verbal answer either; I say this due to Mercury retrograde. (Your third house, so lit up at this full moon, is also the house of agreements and contracts.) Further, don't be tempted to buy an electronic item, or expensive appliances, or furniture until mid-to-late July. You can do extensive repairs and cleaning projects, but save the shopping for next month.

If your birthday falls on October 15, plus or minus five days, it will have your name written all over it. The same is true if you have Libra rising 22 degrees, or a natal planet at 22 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, in Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini.

One of your favorite days of the month will be June 18, when your ruling planet, Venus, will align with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck. There are many bonuses to this gorgeous day, with the most likely being great career news. When Jupiter is involved, money is usually generous, so don't be shy about asking for a generous fee. It appears you will need a headhunter, job broker, lawyer, agent, or other middleman to make the introduction to link you to this opportunity. I want you to know that your luck can go far beyond a career breakthrough, for Venus is your ruler, so just about any special initiation you make on this day should go so very well!

There is one day, June 24, that will rile up everyone, when Mars goes toe to toe with Uranus, a very hot, angry aspect that denotes confrontation and separation. What concerns me is that Mars will be in Libra and oppose Uranus in Aries, cutting across very sensitive personal points in your chart, pointing to you and your needs as opposed to those of your partner. This would not be the day to have a big talk with your partner or collaborator, for emotions will run high.

Do you remember any incident that may have happened in one of your close relationships just prior to last Christmas, on December 23 or 24? The same aspect is coming up again (Mars opposed to Uranus, at nearly the same degree). If you do remember an incident, and if you left the matter unresolved, it will come up for discussion again, and talks are not likely to remain calm.

If you have ever been subject to domestic violence, you need to stay away from your partner over this day, and the days surrounding it. I hope that situation does not apply to you.

Sometimes this aspect manifests differently and causes a powerful and impulsive break, something you had thought about doing, but never found the courage to actually do. If you are in a bad situation or unhappy relationship, and you know in your heart that there is no future together and that you must leave, this aspect could help you walk out forever and open you up to a better, calmer future.

For those who are single and not dating, the move of Venus in Gemini on June 22, to stay until July 18, will be a boon to your love life. With sexy Mars in Libra at the same time, you have all the power of attraction that you need to draw an interesting someone to you. (By next month, July 18, Venus and Mars will be in a perfect angle, and kissing!) Go out, dear Libra, and find out what the world has to offer you.

The month will end with a beautiful new moon, July 26, that will allow you to make stunning progress in your career. This new moon will light the most important professional house in your chart - your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame, and so this new moon will have the power to lift your status in your industry impressively. Neptune will be beautifully angled to the new moon, so any top position you try for should offer you plenty of room to add your special brand of creativity. Don't be afraid to voice your most progressive ideas, for it seems it's what your prospective employers will want to hear.

Pluto will be at hard angles to this new moon, however, so again, your partner in love or business may become a concern. Your spouse may be threatened by your rising status, or pout that you won't have as much time to devote to the relationship. I want you to not listen, for this new moon is rare, so work to uncover any opportunity that comes up, for as said, this new moon is the most important one of 2014 for you to land a very responsible position of power and influence.

When it comes to your partner, you will feel the need to defend yourself, but Libra, the sign of the lawyer, can run rings around others who hope to debate and dominate you. Keep to your goal, and go after your dream while at the same time you assure your partner this all will work out. You can calm your partner in time. If the problem is your business partner, if you find you are agreeing less and less on your future career strategy, you may need to have a talk about that, or if the situation is clearly not working, change managers.


Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, has been shining in your tenth house of career success for almost a year, and next month will depart, not to return until 2025. If you have not yet found your ideal vocation, you will have a rare and wonderful chance to find the right one for you now. While you will always have opportunities to climb the ladder of success, you have ideal aspects now, and your ascent will be easier than usual, for you will have high-level people supporting you every step of the way.

What makes this month so different and special? To trigger the goodness of Jupiter, planet of gifts and luck, you would always need a powerful new moon in your career sector (tenth house) where Jupiter is currently based. A new moon helps to poke the pinata so that all the goodies from Jupiter can rain down to you. Remarkably, just as Jupiter is busy packing his bags to leave this part of your chart in mid-July, the ideal new moon will arrive June 27. Be sure to have your resume ready, and also recruit friends to direct you to new opportunities.

Mercury will be retrograde June 7 until July 1, so it may be that a former job opportunity will come up again, or someone from your past will come forward and offer you a new professional opportunity with great potential, one that allow you greater status and power. Circle June 18, when your ruler, Venus, will contact Jupiter. If you're negotiating commission, perks, health insurance, and other benefits, do it then, for financially, you will come out ahead.

The new moon that appeared close to the beginning of this month, May 28, will coax you to pack your bags early in June to go to a distant location as June starts. Travel now will spark your curiosity and stimulate you intellectually. You would be wise to take a vacation in early June. If you land a new position in July or August - very likely - you won't be able to easily get away in coming weeks and months.

If you have children or other responsibilities and you cannot travel early in June, you may instead take a short, quick trip in the days that approach the full moon, June 12. You would leave spontaneously, and the trip would be based close to home - and it would bring you bushels of fun. You may hear from your sister or cousin at this time too, and you may decide to travel to see your relative. Also at this time, you may be asked to sign a contract, as a deal appears to be reaching culmination, but doing so would not be wise. Put off putting your signature on papers until July.

Mars has been in Libra since December 7, a very long time for high-energy Mars to be in any one sign. Mars will now give you more control, and now that Mars is moving direct orbit (as of May 19 last month), you are seeing a much faster pace.

One day that may create high-level tensions will be June 24, a potentially very tough day for you, when Mars in Libra will tangle directly with Uranus in Aries. This is considered an inflammatory configuration. You may become upset with what a partner says or does at this time, and the incident will arise quite out of the blue. This partner, in love or business, may press all your most sensitive buttons. This person may alternatively not be a romantic partner, but rather be a direct competitor, so keep your eyes open. Don't be provoked - back off and observe so that you can think carefully about your response. If the person involved is a business partner, you may find you don't see eye to eye, and it may be revealed that your business partner has not been entirely transparent and supportive. Under these circumstances, you may see red, and leave. In any case, keep your schedule light near this date.

Dates to Note: Libra

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions: Libra: June 1, 2, 7-8, 15-16, 18 (best day of month), 29, and 30. Note: June 7-8 will be wild card days, so events could go either way in the extreme.

During the beginning of June, consider taking a joyous vacation - the new moon of May 28, still strong in early June, will help you make it happen.

Mercury will retrograde June 7-July 1 in Cancer / Gemini. After Mercury goes direct, he will reach top speed again (and be at his best) by July 15.

The full moon June 12 may bring news from your sister, brother, or cousin within four days of this date. This is also a great full moon to spontaneously take a short trip.

There's a strong chance you will be asked to sign a contract - don't. Wait until mid-July.

Your favorite day of the month will be June 18, all peaches and cream. Venus, your ruler, and positioned in your money house, in perfect angle to Jupiter, in your house of fame and honors - what a career day you have! If you are at the stage in a negotiation where you are discussing benefits, you can negotiate perks like health insurance, bonus, commission, royalties, licensing fees, and more. It's a good day to review your financial portfolio.

Costs to help a child, or a creative project, may be very high, and you may be stropped in your tracks. Blame Pluto in hard angle to Mars, June 13, not an easy day.

Another hard day for money news will arrive on or close to June 24, when Mars will oppose Uranus - brace for an explosive dispute over money. You may walk into an argument without ever planning to have one.

You will get an enormously important opportunity to further your career after the new moon appears on June 27. You must be part of this trend and work hard to uncover your opportunity - it is there, with your name on it. Competition will be strong, but only because the job is worth fighting for!

Mars is still in Libra, a place it has occupied since December 7, 2013 - a very long time!

Venus in Gemini is magnificently angled to your Sun from June 23 to July 18. Use this time to improve your appearance - a new haircut, fragrance, and clothes - the works. Make your most expensive purchases after Mercury goes direct July 1. Keep receipts in case you want to exchange something.

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