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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Your June Horoscope by Susan Miller

Scorpio Forecast for June 2014

By Susan Miller

You will be happy to reach June. April and May were high maintenance, tense months due to the appearance of the two monster eclipses, April 15 and April 28. The latter eclipse, April 28, was in Taurus, the sign that opposes yours, so if your birthday falls at the end of October, you may have felt unusual stress from a close romantic or business relationship, or suffered a health concern at month's end.

I cannot see all the natal planets in your unique chart from where I sit, so you may have also had problem with the April 15 eclipse, as many people did. That one was a bigger monster, especially in terms of a vital work assignment that was rapidly reaching an end point. You may have had a big deadline, with plenty to oversee, and then suddenly, just as you were reaching a high momentum, the project may have ended within days of this April 15 eclipse. Again, your health may have suffered, for you seem to have been expending enormous energy to get everything right on the job that was ending in mid-April. Not having enough interns or co-workers to lend you a hand seems to have doubled the load on your shoulders.

May, a month that is situated six months away from your birthday in November, seemed not to offer any relief. May is always the month that the transiting Sun has moved as FAR away from your birthday Sun as possible - six months away or 180 degrees, meaning May is your chilly winter. The Sun is not close enough to offer you its usual warmth, so the remedy is to work with others in collaboration and get the support you needed from them.

Many eclipses deliver their news exactly one month (to the day) later, plus or minus five days, so May 15 or May 28 (one month from the April eclipses), may have marked a chaotic and emotionally stressful time for you. The May 15 date also happened to be May's full moon, and it came conjunct somber, serious Saturn, so it was a time to face facts, deal with reality as painful as the situation may have been presented, for it was the only way to move forward.

Now in June, you will have a lovely chance to rest. Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini and Cancer all month from June 7 to July 1, and at the very dawn of June, you are already feeling the slowdown. It is too late to rush to sign a contract or make an important electronic / appliance / machine purchases (always a no-no when Mercury is retrograde). Sit tight and wait for July. I know you often groan whenever you hear about Mercury about to retrograde, especially this year, when a parade of planets - Venus, Mars, and Mercury - drove us all crazy with one retrograde after another. But this retrograde is one I feel everyone will enjoy and indeed need, for it will balance out the overload of activity that has been at play since late March. Also by the end of June, you will be free and clear of all the planetary retrogrades - none of the "personal" planets (Venus, Mars, Mercury) will be retrograde, so in many ways, the year 2014 begins next month. It is true Mercury will retrograde again in October, an eclipse month again, but that's far away, and those eclipses are not the monsters we saw in April.

For now, enjoy the quietness of June. You need a break in the action to think deeply about all that transpired over the past months. As a Scorpio, you are known to be a brilliant strategist, and you need time to mull over your options so you can chose among the best.

For you, June will have a very strong emphasis on money management. The new moon that occurred at the end of last month, on May 28, was in Gemini 7 degrees, and lit your eighth house of other people's money. Depending on what happened on April 28 in regard to a partner, you may be dividing the proceeds of your soon-to-end marriage in a divorce. This is only one of a zillion possible manifestations, of course, and this new moon should bring positive events too. That new moon will open a portal that will be strong for ten days, so the first week of June will allow you to manage credit, debt, mortgage, inheritance, scholarship and financial aid, taxes, venture capital, and other such funds.

That new moon of May 28 will carry forward all the aspects that were associated with it at the time it appeared, and happily, the new moon was very friendly to Mars, one of your two rulers. That is significant! This means you can generate more benefits than most other signs, because your ruler, Mars, was part of the aspect. Mars has been retrograde for what seems to be nearly forever (since March 1) but went direct on May 19. You have a stronger Mars behind you now, so gradually draw up blueprints for future financial goals.

If you need to refine certain monetary arrangements, such as to ask your credit card company or Internet provider for a better deal on recurring finance rates, the first week in June is the time for you to do it. You may want to also review your investment / retirement portfolio with your financial advisor to see if he or she has any recommendations for better results. Hold off on making all-new deals, however, as those will be best to do in mid-to-late July, due to Mercury in retrograde in June. Mercury retrograde may cause you to have to rethink present arrangements. The downside is that checks due you may be held up, so send reminders out to all who owe you, to try to minimize the stoppage.

Neptune will be in hard angle to that new moon, so in early June, demand full transparency on all financial affairs. Someone may forget to give you all the data, or may deliberately try to obscure it. Hire a financial advisor if necessary to go through all the documents. On your end, make sure you have no errors in the paperwork you hand in, as the chance of errors expand during the Mercury retrograde, but inaccuracies would lower your credibility.

Financial matters will again be a focus at the full moon, June 12, the full moon in Sagittarius, 22 degrees. This point in the month will shift the attention to your earned income - salary - and payments to others. You may send out checks to cover previously made obligations, but you may also may hear back about a request you made earlier about a raise. You may be writing a check for a big purchase, although with Mercury retrograde, unless you have already bought the item last month, I would prefer you buy things in mid-to-late July, not June.

This full moon has a delicious vibe from Uranus, planet of surprise, so you may get a nice check or valuable gift that is unexpected, or you may find a great bargain. Uranus brings news in weird ways, so you might find money on the street - be observant! Uranus is the natural ruler of your fourth house of home and family, so you may find a solution to a property situation or one for your mom if you have been trying to help her. Within four days of June 12, the answer may show up.

The following day, June 13, your two rulers, Mars and Pluto, will be at cross-purposes, standing at 90 degrees apart. Someone with whom you have been in negotiation may come on very heavy-handed, and you may have to stand up for yourself quite vehemently. The person who will give you a hard time may be your sister or brother, cousin, neighbor, or business associate. You will be forearmed by knowing this aspect is coming up, so you are not likely to feel broadsided by a sudden conflict, should one arise. Try to avoid controversial discussions.

The following week you will have one of your best days of the month, June 18, when Venus and Jupiter will combine energies in a lovely alignment. I feel you'll get very exciting financial news on this day, so plan to use this day for a big business speech or presentation, or a job interview, or other financially-oriented initiation. Although Mercury will be retrograde, you can still have meetings and make preparations; I just don't want you to sign papers. This day should stand out as a firecracker sparkler on your calendar. You may enjoy exceptional luxury then too.

June will bring a difficult day, June 24, when Mars will oppose Uranus. Mars is, of course, your ruler, so aspects that involve your ruler are more important than those that do not. Mars, when opposite Uranus, tends to bring separations, arguments, and anger. Because these planets will be 180 degrees apart, and cut across your sixth and twelfth houses, standing opposite on the horoscope wheel, you may have various types of experiences, but hopefully you won't feel any that I will list.

First, you must protect your health. Mars can bring fever, inflammation, pain, or cuts, so if you feel run down, immediately stop and make sure you take care of yourself until you feel better. Watch where you are going when you walk, and if you are subject to headaches, do all you can to avoid one on this day. If a tooth has been bothering you lately, have it looked at early in the month so that it doesn't work into a full-blown crisis.

Uranus will be transiting your workaday sector at the time (June 24), so you may have a problem with co-workers who seem very fragile on this day. Uranus can bring on nerve pain, so again, listen to your body to head off any problems. Uranus also rules your home sector, so something may come up regarding your home or someone attached to your home, such as with your landlord, co-op board, authority figure in your family, roommate, decorator, or contractor - someone may give you pause. Lie low on June 24. You had an almost identical aspect on December 23-24 last Christmas. Do you recall anything that happened then? If so, the theme may center on the same matter that came up then, especially if it was never fully resolved.

If you are aching for a vacation, it would be a sterling idea to take one now, not later. In late July and August your career will catch fire, and you will not be able to go away. You will get your superb chance on June 27 when the new moon in Cancer, 6 degrees, will appear in your ninth house of distant and foreign travel. If you can't go away, you may be hosting others who will come to see you from abroad. Still, I want you to try hard to go away.

This new moon is special because it will receive a shimmering beam from Neptune, the planet of romance and creativity. You can plan a holiday that you and your sweetheart / spouse long remember. Choose a place near water (the new moon is in Cancer, a water sign) and weave a tapestry of love, dear Scorpio. This same new moon will also boost your creativity as well, so if you are artistic, take some of your materials with you as you go, so that you can experiment - a camera, colored pencils, paints and/or a canvas, for example? A journal? You may be stunned with how strong the new creative work you turn out will be, and how warmly it will be received.

Other opportunities will arise as a result of this new moon, July 27, and in the ten days that follow. You may be called in on a dazzling publishing or broadcasting project, or begin to do research on an undergraduate or graduate program, for academic pursuits will be favored. If you need to work on an immigration or passport matter, this new moon will be your friend and help you make progress. You may also decide to take a legal action, for the house so lit up will help you accomplish that, but if you do, I would like you to wait until after July 1. All new moons open ten days of opportunity, strongest when it appears and then becoming progressively weaker as you get farther away from that new moon.

If your birthday falls October 31, plus or minus five days, you will get a double dip of fun from this new moon, June 27. The same is true if you have Scorpio rising 7 degrees (or within seven degrees) or a natal planet in Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces at 7 degrees, plus or minus five degrees. Everyone, however, will find something to cheer about. Take a trip, dear Scorpio - you need it!


Taskmaster Saturn is still in Scorpio, a place Saturn assumed October 5, 2012, for a three-year stint. This is the first time Saturn has visited Scorpio since November 1982 - November 1985 so it must feel like a completely new influence. You have been busy building a firm foundation for your future, and tackling goals that only a few years ago would have been beyond your ability to handle.

In early June, Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will be in ideal angle to Saturn, planet of stability, a wonderful time to put plans in place for a profitable, gratifying future. Think big, and take determined steps to go after your dreams, no matter how lofty and out of reach they may initially seem to be to you. If you've done your research, and are willing to work hard - Saturn would expect no less - you can get to where you want to be, for Jupiter will provide you with influential people to help you. If you need funding, it appears to be there for you too. Open your eyes and see - the money is likely there for you.

June will center you on managing your money. The recent new moon that appeared May 28 energized your eighth house of other people's money and will be strong for the first week of June. Take the first half of June to review your recurring expenses, and see if your cellphone or Internet provider will suggest a better, more cost-effective package rate. If you are seeking a mortgage, or venture capital, get busy - fast. You have a sterling opportunity to get approvals for the funds you need at attractive finance rates, but you will have to put in paperwork in advance of the turn of Mercury retrograde, June 7 to July 1. You are already quite close to the start date of the retrograde, which means you will be influenced by the forgetfulness and inaccuracies that Mercury out-of-phase creates.

The new moon of May 28 was in hard angle to Neptune, suggesting you may not have up-to-date figures for financial applications (or a business plan), or if you do, that someone may have withheld part of the information you need. Look over your paperwork and business plan closely - any inaccurate information you put down in error will reflect badly on you and may prevent you from getting the money you seek. Fortunately your ruler, Mars, was beautifully oriented, and Mars will energize you and finally bring you answers if you press for them. Mars is always Mr. Productivity, but this year, Mars was retrograde March 1 to May 19 and progress was hard - you must have felt like you were walking through glue. Now that Mars is finally moving direct, you will see how much you can accomplish in short order when you set your mind to it. By June 12, you may turn your attention away from loans, mortgages, and insurance (along with other sources of "other people's money") to center your mind on your own money and on salary.

The full moon, June 12, will bring you closure on your request for a raise, and if you are negotiating a new salary, you will be in a good position to get precisely the outcome you want. This full moon, June 12, will be in perfect angle to Uranus, the planet of surprise - it looks like you should aim high, for you may be speechless when you get the high salary you voiced as your "ask." If you are self-employed and putting in bids, the same rule applies - aim high, justify your fees, and you have a good chance of getting the nod of a VIP to win the bid.

At work, on June 24, due to a very hot Mars moving directly opposite jarring Uranus, you may find dealing with co-workers and subordinates to be difficult, for nearly everyone you interact with will be on edge. Tread carefully if you have to reprimand an employee, and keep your ears open for any intrigue that may be happening behind the scenes. Someone may attempt to take credit for your work, or an underling may talk back to you in a very daunting, disrespectful manner. Notice if an employee who never stays late is staying late frequently - she may be downloading files of your firm's best customers before she quits. In an atmosphere of smoke and mirrors, you will have to verify any suspicions you have, of course, but as I have said many times, "It's impossible to lie to a Scorpio."

Also on June 24, avoid daring sports. Watch your health, with special emphasis on protecting your teeth, head, and lower back. If a tooth has been acting up, with Uranus acting up in Aries, get it checked early on. Protect your lower back, as Libra, the sign Mars is touring, rules that part of your body. When picking up heavy objects, do it the correct way - squat, rather than bend from the waist to lift it.

After a month that has a strong financial-work emphasis, you can look forward to taking a break and getting out of town on a glorious vacation. The new moon, June 27, will encourage you to hop on an airplane and fly far and wide, possibly to a foreign country. If you want to book your trip on the ideal day for travel, do so on or in the days approaching June 18, one of your favorite days of June when Venus and Jupiter will be gloriously aligned. It is a great day to be on the road, but the new moon, June 27, will enlarge this theme to an even bigger trend.

This new moon of June 27 will be beautifully angled to Neptune, the planet that rules your house of love and creativity, so make this trip a romantic one, not for business purposes. This same new moon can help you make plans to go to college or graduate school in the next semester, a wonderful time to investigate which school would be right for you. This would also be the time to initiate a legal case or to file a patent or trademark (do so after July 1) and to address immigration / green card / visa and passport matters. You have plenty to be excited about, dear Scorpio!

Dates to Note: Scorpio

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions for Scorpio: June 4, 5, 13, 14, 18, 27, 28, and 29.

Mercury will retrograde June 7-July 1 in Cancer / Gemini. After Mercury goes direct, he will reach top speed again (and be at his best) by July 15.

The full moon will bring an answer and closure regarding a financial matter, within four days of June 12. Uranus will be friendly - it may be you will get to do a side job that will bring you good money.

When Venus will be in ideal angle to Jupiter, you will have a great day to defend your thesis in college, see about an immigration or passport matter, travel overseas, or ask a partner to help you in an appreciable way. It's due to be a great day.

Venus will move through your marriage sector (includes established, committed relationships) - Venus will improve your daily interactions from the beginning of the month to June 23.

Someone - possibly an enemy you did not know about - is about to give you a hard time on June 13. Your two rulers, Mars and Pluto, will be in hard angles to each other, so you may be hassled by a bully.

The work environment will be a bit wild on June 24, with co-workers' and subordinates' nerves frayed and outbursts likely. If you are a manager, insist on strict safety standards.

Do you need a vacation? The new moon, June 27 will be your moment to take off. This new moon is in beautiful angle to Neptune. This means travel would be deeply inspirational and romantic.

Just two days later, June 29, the Sun and Neptune will work together to build even more romance over the weekend of June 28-29, and to increase your creativity.

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