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Your May Horoscope by Susan Miller

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Taurus Horoscope for May 2016

By Susan Miller

A group of happy little heavenly bodies are gathering in your first house, and that house is "you" in every respect: your personality, emotions, appearance, vitality, desires, and determination. With Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and new moon all in Taurus, these loving little planets have a plan to make this month special for you. You will be in the driver's seat in more ways than one, so you should enjoy what transpires now. Let's start at the top.

One of the finest days of the month prior to the important new moon (and I will talk about the new moon in a moment) will be May 3, when the Sun is in ideal harmony with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. The Sun is in Taurus, and Jupiter is in your house of true love, so to say this day would be superb for love is an understatement. Be sure to be socializing on this day if you are single. If you are attached, you can still have fun, just like you did when the two of you first met. This day will also be special for an interview with a fertilization specialist if you have had problems with conception. You can use this day for in vitro procedure. This day sparkles brightly for your emotional life, and is one of the best days of the month.

There is another indication that this day, May 3, may be a standout for you. The Sun is the natural ruler of your fourth house of home, so if you have any real estate matter on your list of things to do, this could be the time you find the right solution. Going back to the past will be lucky for you - for example, if you bid on a house but lost the bid because you bid too low, you can try again, and this time you may win. I would rather you not sign anything until July 1, but big deals like buying or selling a house take time, and it may come down to July 1 after all.

The new moon will arrive on May 6, in Taurus at 17 degrees. This will be a powerful new moon, and very positive for you. Jupiter, in your true love sector, will support the moon, and so will imaginative, glamorous Neptune from your friendship sector. This new moon should have a rejuvenating effect on your entire life and shake up the energy around you in a way that will please you. This life sets you in a new direction at long last. If you want to take a vacation this month, do, and choose a lush mountainous area, with plenty of greenery, and possibly a profusion of roadside flowers. Nearby you may learn that there are farms or many wineries in the vicinity - that's the location that will speak to you now.

The main bonus of May is that you will have a dazzling social life that is about to start up, and that it will be fun. If you hope to meet someone new, it can now happen if you make the effort, for nothing is stronger than a powerfully positive new moon like the one you will have May 6. Where would you meet a special someone if you were single? It would likely be in a social setting, but not at work. A friend may be surprisingly helpful in making an introduction. The person who captures your attention might be a writer or involved in communications in some way, in research, or as an editor, proofer, or fact checker. Alternatively, it may be someone who works in IT or with hospital diagnostic equipment, or is someone from the travel industry. I could have missed an industry, but I listed as many areas I could think of just to get you thinking.

If your birthday falls on May 6, plus or minus four days, you will do especially well - this new moon will speak directly to you. The same is true if you have your natal chart and know that you have Taurus rising 17 degrees, or a natal planet at 17 degrees in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, and in all cases give the 17 degree a plus or minus four degrees on either side.

Venus, your ruler, will glide through Taurus from the start of the month until Venus moves into Gemini on May 24. Before that happens, find ways to improve your appearance in any way you think would be fun. Buying new clothes should top your list. Women and men Taurus might want to visit their hair stylist or barber to get an idea of how to refresh their look. Change and update your eyeglasses or sunglasses. Women, look at new makeup colors. The goodies you come home with in the first three weeks of May will look stunning on you - this is where to spend that birthday cash you might be receiving. Your best day to shop will be when Jupiter and Venus are colluding together - that will be May 10. You can't go wrong.

Mars is retrograde now in your eighth house of other people's money, such as the type of funds covered by commissions, royalties, cash advances, licensing fees, taxes, mortgage, student loans, insurance payouts, and so forth. You seem to be more concerned about getting your finances in order than usual. This will continue until May 27, at which time your focus will be the person you are married to, or your established live-in partner, or ex-partner, in love or business.

If you are trying to divorce and fairly divide property, this month you should be able to make progress, as the planets will be mainly in a mild, gentle mood. You can talk, but don't make any final decisions yet. To sum up the trends being brought to you by Mars, in May you will focus on money, and in June and July, your partner will get the main attention. By August and September, your mind will turn back to money matters, so as you see, your finances are getting quite a bit of attention.

Money will again take center stage at the mainly friendly full moon, May 21, in Sagittarius, 1 degree. Mars will be very nicely oriented to this full moon, so you'll be ready to make a decision. Don't voice an announcement or sign papers yet. Here is why.

Mars will continue to be retrograde; a trend that started April 17 and will go to June 29. When Mars is out of phase, our actions are often misguided or are ones we later regret. In business, if you want to win in a competitive situation, you should never launch an initiative with Mars, the warrior planet, retrograde. Athletic competitions and even military initiatives also are covered by Mars, and those don't go as well when Mars is retrograde either.

Mars' brother, Mercury, will also retrograde, a trend that started April 28 and will go to May 22. I might as well drop the other shoe: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will also be retrograde too, although you would feel the backward motion of Mercury and Mars to a greater extent. Jupiter, in your love sector, will go direct on May 9 - soon! Since Jupiter is in your love sector, you may see subtle clues in the days that tightly circle May 9 that things are looking up for you. Always watch the days that surround the turn of a planet from retrograde to direct (or vice versa), for the universe will send you a message, and if you are listening, that message will foretell what is to transpire in weeks to come.

The fact that the month opens with five out of eight planets retrograde has to be a bit of a record, but realize we are all in this together. People of all signs will be dealing with the same situation, so while you can make some progress, you won't make a lot of it. We are all being taught patience from a loving universe.

When planets look backward, it's time to go over projects you did previously, and go back to people you know and have not seen in some time. A project you thought was done may merit another look to see if there are areas you can polish up to a higher level of excellence. If you are in sales (and in truth, everyone is in sales on some level) or in public relations, or another field were you work with clients, realize that the people from your past will hold the golden keys to your biggest successes.

You will have another glorious day this month, in addition to the beautiful, outstanding, and rare day, Tuesday, May 3, that I spoke of at the start of your report. Here it is:

That other brilliant day will be Tuesday, May 10, when Venus, your guardian planet, will meet up with good fortune Jupiter, bringing opportunity for breathless romance. You may want to write that date down on your calendar, as this will be a blue-ribbon day. Indeed, May 10 will special, so you may want to make sure you schedule something sweet and romantic for that evening. If you don't have someone to love in your life, then be with friends, for this day is sure to be brighter, more luxurious and fun than you'd ever expect.

One note: when I say your ruling planet is involved, as will happen now with Venus on May 10, it means while everyone will enjoy this day on some level, you dear Taurus, will enjoy it more.

Venus will be very active this month, for on Friday, May 13, you will have another red-letter day for love, this time because social Venus will combine her energy with sexy Pluto in a warm and affectionate day. You might travel or find out that an international relationship will bring you an opportunity. Additionally, you may see a sum of money come to you - not earned, but given - as a result of this day.

As you see, although this month brings retrograde planets, you can still have plenty of fun, so make the most of it. You won't lose a competitive advantage, nor will you lose momentum if you take time off for a vacation. This is birthday month for you, so kick up your heels, chill the champagne, and do something for you and only you, dear Taurus. You are always thinking about caring for others - this is your time to think about yourself, and be stronger and more confident for doing so.


It's your month to shine, and the good times are coming just in time for you to celebrate your birthday. Venus, your ruling planet, is in Taurus, giving you powerful magnetism. Spend some of the birthday cash you may receive on new clothes. Venus will see to it that you garner many compliments about your looks, so go shopping anytime from May 1 to 24. Save receipts in case you need to need to exchange one for a different size or color (after all, Mercury will be retrograde.)

Lucky you, on May 6, you will have a rare and special golden triangle, formed by Jupiter (gifts and luck), Pluto (success), and the new moon in Taurus on the three points, showering you with good fortune not only this month but also for months to come.

Not only this, you are also superbly positioned to find love and romance for one other reason. You have a rare transit of good fortune Jupiter in your fifth house of true love until September, at which time Jupiter will pack his bags and leave. Until now, Jupiter has been retrograde all year (since January 8), so the turn of Jupiter to direct motion on May 9 should make a big difference.

Be determined to venture out to see what the world has to offer you. Others find love every day, why not you? If you are attached, a baby may form part of this month's happy picture. All Taurus, of any marital status, will have more fun, and if you can take time off from work, consider taking a holiday somewhere special. You are due to build a more rich and varied emotional life - let Jupiter help you focus on your personal life.

The one area of your chart that may be causing you concern may have to do with money. The funds you are thinking about would not be about salary, but rather money you hold with another person or entity, such as your spouse or with a bank, insurance company, government, or credit card company. The matter may be about a bank loan, venture capital, investor / sponsorship, student loan, court case or divorce division of property, an insurance company payout, tax situation, or money owed to you. The person you are dealing with might eventually turn difficult, creating a tug-of-war with you over an ongoing financial matter, but for now, while planets will be gentle and supportive, you can at least talk through the matter. Don't sign anything in May. With Mercury and Mars retrograde, you may be overlooking important facts. Saturn is in your shared financial resource center, indicating the resolution to any cash dispute or disagreement will be slow. Let nature take its course, and don't try to fight this - everyone will be feeling it.

Something concerning this financial situation will come to culmination on the full moon of May 21. If you sense a battle is brewing, it will culminate at this time. Otherwise, you may finally settle things, at least in one phase of a matter, and you may simply send out a hefty check to someone you owe (and possibly receive one too). Mars' position suggests this matter will continue through the end of September, if not longer, but this full moon may bring you to an important plateau.

If you are focused on a real estate matter too, you could not wish for a better day to look at your options or to take or give a bid on a house than May 3, when the Sun will be perfectly angled to Jupiter. Because Mercury is retrograde until May 22, and Mars will be retrograde until June 28, proceed slowly, and sign nothing until month's end. May 30 would be a fine day to close on a house or condo, or sign a lease.

Don't let the retrograde planets get you down - they will open up your schedule and give you more time to get to do things you want to do. The universe is on your side in May, dear Taurus. Drink it all in.

For Dates to Note: Please watch my May TV show broadcast. You can get your special dates, with explanation.

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P.S. for May 2016


Paul Duddridge is executive producer and director of my monthly TV show for Astrology Zone. Paul has just come out with a warm and funny movie called MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS with Sharon Stone, Selma Blair, Susan Sarandon, Christina Ricci, Courtney Cox, and Paul Wesley. Be sure to see it! -Susan

Here is the link to see the trailer:

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Here is the list of theaters so far.

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