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Your March Horoscope by Susan Miller

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Virgo Forecast for March 2014

By Susan Miller

You tend to work hard, Virgo, but this month may prove to you that you need not do everything yourself. March will underscore the value of teamwork, cooperation, and partnership. March may also show you that romance can take on grand proportions if you are in love by talking about and making plans for the future. You may not have been ready before this, but now the timing seems right. If you are already married, it's time to make more of your union by finding exciting new goals to draw up and as your life unfolds, you will see those goals met.

This good news is due to the sweet new moon, due to appear on February 28 or March 1 (depending on your time zone). This new moon will send you a steady stream of goodness during the first two weeks of March. The moves you make in involving a partner in love or business during that time will have the power to change your relationship for the better in the year to come, until the next new moon in Pisces will come by next March 2015 to refresh this one. It's an important moment. Let's look at everything in detail.

Last month, you had a lot of delays, for Mercury was retrograde, and Mercury is your guardian or ruling planet. Mercury's whereabouts and activities will always have a stronger, more noticeable effect on you than it will on most other signs. Mercury went direct on February 28, and is not due to retrograde again until June 7 to July 1.

The new moon in Pisces, 11 degrees, is in your partnership house and will show you that when love is real, it grows, and there is never any limit to how close the two of you can become. This month, you may be talking about getting engaged or, if you are already engaged, getting married. Neptune is conjunct the Sun, so you are likely to be very inspired by the person you love. Most people think of Venus as the planet of love, and it is, but Neptune, as the higher octave of Venus, has the power to make love deeper and so intense we are willing to forgo our ego and desires for ourselves so that our beloved can benefit. Neptune teaches us that this is the true meaning of love, the willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of those we hold dear.

At the same time, Neptune can bring a fog, so if your friends are screaming, "Don't do it!" you might want to at least consider what they are saying. Any astrologer will tell you to be careful before committing your heart while Neptune is present in your marriage / committed partnership house (ruling love and business alliances). The truth is, Neptune will be there for years, and so that's not very practical advice. It is always wise to be careful when making commitments, of course, and to know your partner through many seasons - watching how your partner reacts to the highs and lows of life. I feel Neptune in the seventh house can be quite positive, especially if your partner has devoted himself or herself to the arts or works in a creative field, as creator. The two of you can create fantastic work together! This is also true if one of you supports the creative effort, such as if your partner has an art gallery or is an agent to an actor or artistic, as examples of many possibilities.

The seventh house, where so much action is this month, also rules your business partnerships, so in this instance, you should have all the points of your agreement spelled out on paper, and even though you might think it unnecessary, you might as well go through the routine of doing background checks. If you were an actor choosing a new manager or agent, this would fit in very nicely. If you are a screenwriter, working with a director, again, bingo! This is exactly the kind of aspects you need to start your union and to make your collaboration work well.

One reason I am SO upbeat about your future with the person you are thinking about this month, whether in marriage or business, is that Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will be at 10 degrees Cancer in absolutely PERFECT angle to this new moon, and that makes this new moon a possible game changer. ALSO, Jupiter has been in weak retrograde orbit since November 7, 2013, and will turn direct motion on March 6. Watch the days that surround March 6 for clues that life is getting better by the minute. Jupiter is currently in your friendship sector, the area you will see the greatest personal growth and will get the most help. In other words, your friends are golden for you, so go to them for tips and referrals.

If you are single, you have a lovely date night March 2-3, when Pluto and the Sun will communicate on your behalf. Pluto will amp up your sex appeal, so you'll feel desirable and have lots of charisma.

Next, on March 12 and 13, you will have a lovely interplay involving Saturn, the ruler of your house of true love, and the Sun, a good time for an evening out to celebrate love. Plans and promises made will be kept, and generally, you will feel more confident about your feelings and your future.

A major culmination to one plan or situation dear to you will take place at the full moon in Virgo, 26 degrees, on March 16. You only get one full moon a year in Virgo, so this is an important one, and doubly so if you were born on September 18, plus or minus five days. Similarly, if you have your natal chart and know that you have Virgo rising at 26 degrees (or within five degrees of that degree), or a natal planet at 26 degrees Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer, you too will benefit from the stabilizing affects of this full moon.

Again this will be another positive point in the month, for Saturn will be in perfect angle to the Sun and full moon, adding gifts of stability and long-range thinking. Make no mistake - this is a powerful and very positive full moon. It is time to think about what you want, and how you can go about achieving it. This is a full moon, so something crystallizes, and although full moons heighten emotion, I feel this time - barring a glitch in your personal, unique chart that I cannot see - you will love the final results of this March 16 full moon.

Now let's turn to the topic of money, which has been sticky and possibly troublesome for a while. Mars has been tearing through your earned income sector since December 7, and it seems you've needed to spend it as fast as it has been coming in. Perhaps a family member has been out of work, or a relative has been ill and needs your financial support. Or, perhaps you've not spent for any new clothes last year, perhaps because you didn't like the styles, but now you do. There are many reasons you may be going through a temporary financial drain. Virgos make excellent money managers at home or at work, so this has to be temporary.

Mars goes retrograde March 1 to May 19, so it won't be as easy to collect money owed to you. If self-employed, no matter how busy you happen to be, keep sending out those bills on time. A retrograde planet asks us to look back and tie up loose ends, so you may be studying cash flow and deciding on a way to cut waste and build profits.

Mars retrograde is not a time to start a new business, so that's a no-no from March 1 to May 19. It's also not a time to marry either, if possible - Mars rules physical affection, and with Mars out of phase, affection during the life of the marriage may be lacking. Mars gives the high energy to ensure the venture or relationship a great start, but when Mars is groggy and hibernating, we have to do our best without his infusion of courage, strength, passion, and drive. As with any planet retrograde, we usually find adding what that planet would have given us hard to do - we have to be determined to fill in what we see lacking from Mars. The red planet rules your eighth house of taxes, commissions, royalties, licensing fees, inheritance, insurance payouts, taxes and so forth, and Mars is currently touring in your second house of salary and savings. My point is, both your financial houses are lit up, and both are under some stress.

Next month, we will have two very hard eclipses, April 15 and 29. The one that will affect you more will be the one April 15, and it will affect the source of your income. (By all means do not see your accountant on that day - go much earlier, or if you need an extension, even though they involve penalties, take it, but don't file in October either.) Late July and anytime in August are your best bets. The April 15 eclipse will fall in your house of earned income, so one source of income for you is likely to change. Keep your antenna up - this eclipse will bring a rollercoaster ride. This is why I don't want you to make any firm plans until you hear the message of the April 15 eclipse.

You will get a preview of April at the new moon THIS month, March 30, to fall in your eighth house of other people's money. A new moon always starts up a new trend in the two weeks that follow, and depending on what actions you take (or don't take) during that period, you may be affected for as much as a year to come. This new moon is not friendly.

The Sun and new moon will conjoin Uranus in your house of taxes, inheritances, legal court actions and settlements, commissions, and so forth. Uranus arriving arm-in-arm with the Sun and new moon is not troublesome in its own right, but it does denote surprise, and when it comes to money, most of us don't like surprises. More concerning is that Pluto will be in hard angle to Uranus, the new moon of March 30, and the Sun, and all these heavenly bodies will be within tight mathematical square of 90 degrees, denoting challenge, obstacle, or pressure.

Pluto is in your fifth house of love and fun, so you may have to beg off an expensive social event or outing with friends, or you may find that a creative project is costing you more than you ever imagined. This same fifth house rules your children, so perhaps you have a child that needs special tutoring or a grown child that needs you to help with the rent. Or, if you hope for in vitro fertilization, you may be taken back by the cost of the medical procedure, perhaps because your health insurance won't pay as much as you supposed.

Something may cause you to fret about money. Pluto also rules the government, so you may be feeling pressure about paying taxes, or involving another government agency and a payment. Always know you have an option of working out a payment plan with anyone who has presented you with troublesome news that you owe money - don't sit by yourself and suffer. At the very least, find out what options exist for you. As you start March, keep expenses low, until you know what the coming weeks will bring.

I am concerned because this new moon comes just before the financial eclipse of April 15, so take things seriously but don't go to pieces. We are able to handle whatever God sends us, dear Virgo.

One of your best days of the month comes just prior to this new moon. Your special day will be March 26, when your ruler, Mercury, will contact Jupiter. A friend is likely to go out of his/her way for you and give you a very warm feeling inside. It's a grand day to travel, go to a party, benefit, or professional event that will bring many friends and new faces in one room. Everything about March 26 is special - circle it in gold, and make plans for that day. Because Jupiter is in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes, something you dearly want to materialize may show signs of shaping up!


As March opens, you'll be focused intently on your partner. For most Virgo, this means a significant other in love, and so you may talk about getting engaged or married soon, as there'll be so much talk about whether this is the right time for a commitment. If you are already wed, you may think about the future and find ways to make more of your union. Or, you may soon be making a serious business partnership official. Alternatively, you may start to think about hiring an expert, such as an agent, manager, representative, headhunter, ghostwriter, broker, lawyer, accountant, or even a specialist doctor. Any type of serious collaboration comes under the seventh house, so very lit up for you in a friendly, generous way.

Any sort of one-on-one collaboration will glow in early March, and you should certainly open talks. Don't finalize things yet however, as Mars will retrograde from March 1 to May 19. Be patient while Mars sleeps. Wait until after May 19 to seal things, for you need Mars' energy to give your endeavors the powerful boost they need to sustain the initial energy. In the meantime, talk, get references, and check them - you will be glad you took your time.

By the full moon in Virgo, March 16, the pendulum will swing back to focusing on your needs. Earlier you will have been thinking "we" but now it's "me." Take time to understand what you need to become more successful in all phases of your life and what kind of partner would add to your situation. You've put your partner first in early March, but at the full moon, March 16 (plus or minus four days), it's time to center yourself and not seek others' council.

This full moon March 16 will receive a golden beam from Saturn, so some Virgo may think about reconciliation with a former love. (Saturn will go retrograde on March 2, and as the planet that rules your love life, you'll have a yen to look back.) If you feel strongly that you were meant to be together, by all means reopen talks and see where they go.

Mars has been tearing through your sector of money since December, so it appears your spending has been high. This month Mars will go retrograde, so you may be able to catch up, but you will also have to contend with a not-so-friendly new financial moon in your sector of other people's money, March 30.

This house covers taxes, inheritance, child support, commissions, insurance payouts, mortgage, and division of property in a divorce, and this is where you may hear of an unexpected development. Most people don't like any surprises involving money, so let's look at clues. Think back to the holidays in December when you also likely had a similar stressful event involving money - it may be over the same topic. Alternatively, you may be going through a lifestyle change, and if so, that would explain your high spending and expenses. Next month with a major full moon eclipse, April 15, you will see more emphasis on money, so for now, sit tight. Delay any big-ticket purchases you had planned to make, and by the end of April, you will know the lay of the land.

Dates to Note: VIRGO

Most romantic dates (and dates you can use for other important purposes too): March 5, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14-16, 23, 26, and 28.

Mars will retrograde March 1 to May 19 in Libra. You may find that payments to you are held up. You may have to send reminder statements.

Jupiter turns direct March 6, after being retrograde since November 7. It's a good time to join clubs, mix and mingle, and get more involved in social media.

March 3 may turn out to be sexy and powerful, with the Sun signaling Pluto, the ruler of your solar fifth house of true love.

Another day to watch: March 13, when the Sun and Saturn will team up to bring a comforting, long-lasting effect to romance.

The first half of March will allow you to focus on your partner.

By the full moon in Virgo, March 16, plus or minus five days, you will focus on you - all that you need to be happy.

A small piece of bright financial news may occur on March 18, when Venus and Uranus are in sync.

A social event, or dinner out with friends after work, would be memorable and luxurious on March 26, thanks to Mercury, your ruler, working with Jupiter. This is a great day for you to use for many purposes.

The new moon in Aries, March 30, is troublesome and may introduce difficulties with finances in weeks or months to come. Be conservative.

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