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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Your June Horoscope by Susan Miller

Virgo Forecast for June 2014

By Susan Miller

Choose your favorite outfits to wear to work, dear Virgo, for in early June, your career will light up the night sky. You will be on fire! The new moon in Gemini, 7 degrees, that appeared just a few days ago last month, on May 28, lit your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame, and still will be working hard for you. Think about your current projects and also watch the kind of offers you are given and people you meet during the first week in June. Chances are, those are the ones that will bring you enormous acclaim and likely grow into a tall beanstalk that practically touches the sky.

If you represent or manage talent or are a lawyer, you will find the ones that came to you late last month, and will in early June, have great potential. You may find that you go back to the past, to a situation that did not work out before, but will now. Furthermore, a friend, indicated by the new moon's position, may be influential in helping you find the prestigious new job opportunity that you may interview for now, or help you find a new and lucrative client if you are self-employed. This month, your friends are heaven-sent.

Truly, it appears you are due for a major step up in status in your company, industry, or the world at large, and your income will be commensurate with your ascent upward. You've had some dramatic shifts in regard to money in recent months, due to the presence of Uranus, planet of surprise, in your eighth house of financial obligations, which also rules shared financial accounts, credit, taxes, mortgage, debt, and so forth, but sometimes, like now, financial surprises should be welcome ones at long last. Whatever is going on with your career will directly influence your paycheck. Nothing comes without effort - uncover opportunity and go after it.

I should point out that the new moon I have been talking about that arrived May 28 was in hard angle to Neptune, so you may get some flak from your partner, who may be threatened by your rising career status and income, or worry that you won't have any time to devote to the relationship you share in the future. Under these types of circumstances, you may not even know about your partner's feelings, which might explain this month's strange or sullen behavior. Neptune may cloud your partner's feelings, where, like a kitten playing with yarn, your partner will get all tangled up and not even know how to voice his or her feelings. With no discussion, you may not even know you have any problem to address. That's why this month you will have to do some gentle probing to make sure all is copacetic.

Alternatively, your romantic partner may take things well, but you may have a conflict with your manager, agent or other business collaborator, or partner who represents you and wants to shift the strategy in a different direction. The conflict may happen when your intuition says no, we must not do that! Keep your antenna up, dear Virgo, and listen to your own inner voice, which will be sending you loud and clear messages all month.

Before I go on to another topic, I want to underscore that this will be the best time in 2014 for you to aim for an excellent new position. It appears your qualifications will be very intriguing to employers because of your extensive skills in communication - writing, speaking, editing, doing translations, or building apps and software. Also covered are publicity and public relations, social media, transportation, shipping, and all industries related to travel. These are the areas you will shine brightest, but there are others too.

As a Virgo, you are very talented with small motor skills, too, so many Virgos work as artists, fashion designers, pattern makers, and talented musicians. You may do hand smocking, crochet or knit work, or carpentry, or engage in other beautiful arts that you create with your hands. A new moon in Gemini will help you advance your innate talents in this area now, dear Virgo, so if you have a project you want to tackle, work on it!

I do not want you to travel in early June - you will have time enough in late June. You need to be at home base to scoop up all the career goodies that the universe will lay out for you as the month opens. You must do your part by casting a wide net and being eager to uncover (or to propose) as many opportunities and projects as you can, and then choosing among the best. This is your critical career new moon of 2014 for you so go out and make a name for yourself!

Mercury, your guardian planet, will be retrograde from June 7 to July 1, so prepare for a delightful slowdown. When have I ever said that to you, dear Virgo? Can anyone actually enjoy a Mercury retrograde period? Yes! My feeling is that April's monster eclipses, April 15 and April 28, and the fallout that occurred (and that you needed to address) likely took a lot out of you. Rather than be frustrated by your inability to get meetings and final approvals from key people in your life this month, go with the flow. The universe is about to give you a license to sit back and relax. Don't fight Mercury retrograde delays - that's useless.

I will ask you to hold off shopping for any electronic or appliance, whether it's a new computer, smart phone, tablet, Dr. Dre headphones, new refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, car, or flat screen TV. You get the idea. Do not buy any machine with moving parts or anything that is electronic. Do not close on your house in June; wait until mid-July. As you read this in early June, prior to the Mercury retrograde (June 7), you are already too late to buy anything expensive, for you are already feeling the undertow of a debilitated Mercury. Be patient. You may get a better deal, or a newer model, and if you jump the gun now, you may regret your purchase.

Your home will be a major hub of attention at the full moon in Sagittarius, 22 degrees, on June 12, plus or minus five days. You may be seeing the end of a move or renovation, or you may be poised to receive furniture. With Mercury retrograde, if you do get a delivery, make sure you are there to inspect the item before the delivery men leave, and don't hand off this duty to a relative, friend, or assistant. Once the deliverymen leave, if any part of your furniture was indeed damaged, and you didn't say anything, your claim for restitution will be weak. Let's hope nothing goes wrong!

This full moon June 12, plus or minus four days, is a happy one, however, as Uranus will be beautifully oriented to this full moon, so if you've been searching for an answer to home or family-related situation (most likely regarding one of your parents), you may hit on a solution out of the blue, much to your surprise. Be sure to be at home base and not on vacation or a business trip at this time. You can get rare closure now, as this is an important full moon.

The following week, on June 18, you will have a sensational day, when Venus will align with Jupiter. There are many possible happy surprises that will happen on this day. First, you may be invited to a beautiful party or luxury event at this time. If the event is for work, it looks very likely that you will receive a hefty fee for your contribution. Travel is possible too, so you may have to travel quite a distance to attend, and you would be most likely to go by air. June 18 will be your favorite day of the month, so schedule something important to look forward to doing!

In this up and down month, money may become a temporary but pressing concern near June 24, when a surprise bill may show up, or when you get news that an anticipated check will be delayed or not arrive at all - it might be the venture capital or loan you expected. This day brings Mars opposite Uranus, a very hot aspect that tends to cause a nerve jangling response.

However, there is another way this aspect can work out on June 24 (plus or minus one day), and that is if you are ready to walk away from a money pit situation that has been draining you financially for some time. This is a less likely manifestation than the first one I mentioned above, but the unexpected, nontraditional, and somewhat sudden solution is possible. Mars opposed to Uranus can produce impulsive actions, but when it comes to money, it might be wise to stop, look, and think before you do anything rash. After you cut the cord, you won't be able to reverse things to the original state later, but then again, that may be the whole point of leaving!

Although you will have lots to get done early in June, things will change once you get the new moon in Cancer at 6 degrees on June 27. This new moon will be strong and influential for two weeks and heat up your social life. Friends will start to play a much more dominant role in your life, and even for your career - you will be able to form brand new contacts that will help you down the road. It behooves you to buzz around at events as much as possible. You may be attending a birthday party, a graduation dinner, anniversary party, or charity benefit, and for work, an elegant trade show, launch party, or other important professional event that has been beautifully and artistically assembled. You have the option of taking a vacation, or you may stay in town and enjoy all the invitations to A-list events that your friends will send you.

Romantically, Venus will be in Taurus, an earth sign like yours, from the start of the month through June 22. Venus will bring out your charisma and magnetism, so you will find you will more easily draw others to you. With Mercury retrograde part of the time in Cancer in your friendship sector, you are likely to run into friends you've not seen in ages. If you hope to reconcile with a former love, you will have a window to do so this month, so see how you feel.

There will be a light, fun, breezy feeling to June that you haven't felt in March, April, or May - all those were serious heavy months, with many decisions to make, with an emphasis on financial ones. June's not like those pressured months, and while you'll need to refrain from major actions and decisions for a few weeks until July, like signing papers or closing on a house this month, you will get a chance to unwind.

You can resume activities July 16, but not before - a number of cosmic storms will roll in during the first week of July, so wait until mid-month to take hold of big initiations. Problems that you assumed were so stubbornly stuck in a holding pattern all year will suddenly start to show signs of thawing, and a new, brighter, more fluid situation will replace that old environment. The parade of retrograde planets that we continually were subject to in 2014 will officially end July 1. A new day is dawning!


You have just entered a highly exciting month, ideal for furthering your career - the best of 2014. The new moon that occurred just days prior to June, on May 28, started setting events in motion. It behooves you to send out word that you are willing to entertain offers - the one that will surface now will deserve your attention. Rather than hope the call will come, you have to be part of this energy - when you make a career contact, reinforce your qualifications and seriousness about finding a new position. Be mindful of the wardrobe you choose to wear each day - you need to look like you already have that top job and are not applying for it! Venus will be in your house of fame and reputation from June 25 to July 18, ensuring that you will make a charming, engaging impression as you move forward, and being likable is always a plus when coming in to interview.

Mars will be sweetly angled to the new moon, strong in June's first ten days, suggesting that you can raise your salary substantially. Neptune will be active too, and that's good news if you are aiming for a creative job - this position would have the power to inspire you. If you are not in a creative field, if you are working with a headhunter or job broker, your specialist may be on the wrong track about what type of job you want, and may voice opinions you do not share about what is best for you. Clarify communication - you have the right idea, so share it, and when you do, be persuasive and firm.

Mercury, your ruling planet, will retrograde from June 7 to July 1. This may slow down your interview process, but it won't halt it. Don't try to push things forward, but rather, be flexible, and allow the delays to help you. Your schedule will open up, and you will have time to address any flaws in a project that may begin to show up now. If you are interacting with people from your past, either because you are interviewing with those you know, or because you are calling for written references, those people will be especially lucky for you. Fear not, if you start your job search the minute the month begins, you will have planted your seeds at the right time.

Your home will unexpectedly take your attention at the full moon, June 12. If you are hoping to sell a house or condo, or buy one, or lease an apartment or vacation cottage, be ready to turn on a dime when your cell phone rings, and the offer you will get is likely to be surprisingly perfect. The funds you will need should appear too, as Uranus, planet of surprise, in your house of other people's money, ruling mortgage and home improvement, will be in ideal angle to the Sun and full moon. All sorts of home and family-related plans will click into place, so be ready. If you get the right deal, you may have to take it, but with Mercury retrograde, details are likely to go wrong in the eleventh hour, so go over every detail in the paperwork with a fine toothcomb to be sure there will be no errors, omissions, or oversights. Last minute problems that you'll need to fix could rattle your nerves. Of course, it would be best to sign papers in July - you decide.

In terms of money, on June 13, Mars will be at odds with Pluto, presenting a financial obstacle. Your shortfall of cash may be related to money you need for a pregnancy or a child you have now that you'd like to help. Or this aspect may trigger a disagreement with a pushy person over a creative project that will require more time and money.

On an even tougher day for money (and since April, you've had a number of hard financial days - so sorry to have to deliver this news) you may be shocked by another expense, June 24. This event, bringing you a shortfall of cash, will give you added impetus to work on your career, to find ways to take on a new job with greater responsibility, with the aim to earn more money. As you see, a tough aspect can spur you forward and actually help you succeed.

In your personal life, you have been making new friends lately, and most of them highly successful, warm people who want to help you in any way they can. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, is in your friendship / acquaintances sector, and will be working on your behalf by having you meet many interesting types. One dazzling day to circle in gold will be June 18 when Venus will reach out to Jupiter. This day surely deserves a big gold star on your calendar for attending an industry or social event that will help you expand your circle.

Your social life will ratchet up another notch - in a big way - at the new moon, June 27, and in the days that follow. This will offer you a still bigger chance to become acquainted with more influential people, so never leave home without business cards. This is also the time to investigate social media too, and to participate more often. Your biggest personal growth will stem from your new associations, so line up your favorite outfits and get ready to step out. If you have been toying with the idea of joining a club, whether it is a social, professional, or charitable organization, do so in early July, after Mercury has turned direct.

Considering how hard you've been working, the social interlude you will enjoy now will do you a world of good. Thanks to Mercury retrograde in Cancer, you now enjoy reconnecting with old friends, and you may find ways to integrate those friends more frequently into your life. One gathering you may be invited to shortly after June 27 is likely to have a bewitching, dream-like quality, and be quite memorable (June 28-27, due to Neptune conjunct the Sun). This party seems to be situated at the seashore or other soothing body of water. Throw your head back, swing your hips to the sound of the music, dear Virgo. The end of June will be just made for you.

Dates to Note: Virgo

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions Virgo: June 1, 4, 5, 14, 17, 18, 21, 22, 27, and 28.

Mercury will retrograde June 7-July 1 in Cancer / Gemini. Mercury is your ruler, and you will feel the delays that Mercury brings. After Mercury goes direct, he will reach top speed again (and be at his best) by July 15.

Neptune will go retrograde on June 9 until November 16, and this may delay wedding and other plans for your closest relationship.

You may be seeing a culmination to a home-related project, such as a residential move, purchase / sale / rental of property, redecorating scheme, or a party you give at home near the full moon June 12. Uranus will be beautifully oriented - expect a surprisingly happy outcome. If you are concerned over a parent, something is ending now - you may see your parent recover.

Social news should be fantastic when Venus interacts with Jupiter on June 18. This is a four-star day, perfect for having dinner with friends or attending a club or charity event. Travel will go well too, and accommodations should be luxurious.

Venus will move through your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame from June 23 to July 18. You will be extra-popular with VIPs.

Mars will taunt Uranus on June 24, a very difficult day for finances. If you need to purchase or invest, or negotiate a deal, wait a few days to get away from this aspect, which is very hot and inflammatory.

The new moon, June 27, will be sensational for opening up to new friendships and fun. This new moon is in ideal angle to inspirational Neptune. Pluto, however, is in hard angle to the new moon, so a lover or child may be very hard to deal with at the time. Don't lock horns - use finesse.

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