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Your March Horoscope by Susan Miller

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Virgo Horoscope for March 2016

By Susan Miller

The eclipses are back, and the new series, started last year on March 20 and continued on September 12, 2014, were both in the family of Virgo-Pisces. There will be three more eclipses this year that will name you directly and likely push you forward in a very noticeable way. Your priorities may change, timetables may move up, and truths will be illuminated. Best of all, opportunity will proliferate. Remarkably, most of the eclipses in this series are new moon eclipses, indicating you are about to go through not one new door, but a series of them. (The only full moon lunar eclipse will occur in Pisces on September 16 this year.) Your life is changing before your eyes, and it all will seem to be quite amazing as you begin to see events unfold. Eclipses always bring surprises.

The first eclipse will occur this month, as a solar new moon eclipse in Pisces on March 8. The other two eclipses in the Virgo-Pisces series won't arrive until September 1 and September 16. The series in your sign and Pisces will be finished with the last one, in Pisces, February 26, in 2017. An eclipse in Pisces is important for you, because Pisces is found 180 degrees away from your Virgo sun, and therefore affects you directly.

All eclipses come in pairs, two weeks apart, and always arrive either on a new moon (always a solar eclipse) or a full moon (always a lunar eclipse). Accordingly we will have another eclipse this month, a full moon solar eclipse on March 23, in Libra, putting a punctuation mark on a long series of eclipses in the Aries-Libra family that began way back in October 2013. I will tell you more about that series of eclipses, too, but let's start at the beginning of the month, for you will feel the effects of the March 8 eclipse almost instantly.

Just one note before I begin. Sometimes we feel eclipses one month to the day earlier (15 percent), so that would have brought you to February 8, plus or minus four days. Or, sometimes we feel things a month to the day later (15 percent), namely February 23, plus or minus four days. I would say most people (70 percent) notice the news of an eclipse on or very close to the day it occurs, in this case March 8. Astrologers deal with bell curves, which is why we see this happen mathematically.

Okay, back to the eclipses! On March 8, a solar eclipse will occur in Pisces and join a bevy of planets lining up in your committed partnership (seventh) house. This almost guarantees that something will be up with a partner. Because eclipses move up timetables, here is how that might happen. Let's say you and your sweetheart decided you would wed in two years. Yet eclipses have a way of bringing outside events, over which you have no control, to your doorstep and change even the most carefully made plans. Let's say you get an offer to head up a team for your employer in London. Now everything has changed. To take up this dream opportunity, you would have to move to London almost immediately. You and your partner may decide to get married now, with no waiting, so that you both can go to that distant city to begin your lives together. Eclipses make us think on our feet and turn on a dime. They tend to bring life altering events that we long remember. Sometimes they make us find strength within us that we had no idea we possessed, and also show that we are more flexible and adaptable than we suspected.

A new moon eclipse is almost always joyful. It opens a door that had been previously shut and brings us into new territory that we are excited about entering. They mature us and help us evolve into better versions of ourselves. We learn to embrace the future with a sense of joy, anticipation, and adventure. This will be you, dear Virgo. I love the fact that this March 8 eclipse will be supported by Pluto, currently positioned in your fifth sector of true love, hence linking the sector of love to the sector of commitment. A child, more than one child, or a pregnancy may form part of the picture.

If you work with a partner in a creative field, alternatively, this eclipse may affect you and help you advance a project dear to your heart. The partner may be your agent, writing partner, editor - you get the idea. Someone whom you trust and whose work you admire may play a big part in getting the opportunity. In fact, you may present your ideas as a package from the two of you. Neptune will conjoin the Sun, suggesting that your partner will come up with wildly imaginative ideas that will easily be woven into the present project.

Neptune's presence in your seventh house of marriage may be a plus or minus. On the plus side, you may fall in love with an artistic person and begin a lifetime of happiness. Or, you may marry before you know this person well enough, and later wish you had known about some of the qualities that were not apparent in that person at the start. In this case, your partner may work in any realm in life. Look for a possibility for a need to escape reality through drinking, drugs, or gambling. Only a tiny percent of Virgos will face this problem in terms of a partner, so don't become overly concerned. I feel duty-bound to mention these areas as red flags if you see any evidence of one or two now before you commit your heart.

It is true that you may encounter an obstacle from Saturn, now going through the part of your chart ruling home and family. This obstacle can be overcome if you give yourself enough time to uncover all your options. You may, for example, have problems finding housing. Or you may have an obligation to a parent that you want to uphold, and find yourself torn between moving ahead with your life or staying back and caring for your beloved relative. Others have faced this dilemma, so approach it with a spirit of innovation. Think outside the box. You can have a fulfilling relationship and be caring to your relative, too - ask friends and relatives for ideas. It may take time to find the right answer. Your chart suggests that your partner is hugely important to you, so make your partner a priority too.

If your birthday falls on September 11, plus or minus four days, you will feel this eclipse of March 8 quite directly. The same is true if you have Virgo rising 19 degrees (plus or minus four degrees) or have a natal planet in Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.

The other eclipse will fall in Libra on March 23 and light your second house of earned income. This is a full moon, so one source of income may vanish while another one may come in eventually to replace it. Full moons are about endings, so you may polish off a large bill or finally hear back about a major raise. Mars will be friendly to both the Sun and lunar full moon eclipse, and so Mars will light you to action. If you lose a source of income, you will be energized to find another.

Keep your antenna up for unexpected financial news, March 31, when Mercury, your ruler, combines forces with Uranus in your house of credit cards, student loans, and other funds that would come under the category of "other people's money." Do not visit your accountant on this day, for this house also rules taxes - you don't want a surprise in that area!

You have been dealing with financial eclipses since October 18, 2013; then the monster, April 14, 2014; October 8, 2014; another difficult one on April 4, 2015; and September 27, 2015. The one this month, March 23, brings us to the end of this difficult set of eclipses. Almost all were lunar eclipses, so you had one ending right after another. Virgo is generally great with money management, so the turbulence you ran into was likely unexpected and perhaps beyond your direct control. You are almost done. After the one this month, you will see no more in this family of eclipses for many years.

On a happy note, here is a day that I want you to pay close attention to, for it is a fabulous day that should bring some sort of amazingly good news: March 16. On this day, Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will be in perfect angle to Pluto, planet of power and transformation. Jupiter is currently in Virgo in your first house of determination and will, and transiting Pluto is making a long, slow journey through your fifth house of true love, children, and creativity. If you are single, make this a first-date day. If you hope to have a baby but have been frustrated by not being able to conceive, then see a fertility doctor for the first time on this day, or schedule a procedure if the timing is right. (Readers ask about solving difficulties with conception more than any other question at events.) Matters involving love, creativity, children, pregnancy, and creativity will thrive. It's a great day to sign a contract, because both planets are also profit-oriented.

This month, on March 5, Mars will enter into a vital area of your chart when it moves into Sagittarius and your house of home and family. I talked briefly about this house at the beginning of your report, for the March 8 eclipse might bring up a difficult question - to keep your promise to a family member to help bring care and support, or move on with your life in terms of a partner in love or business. Temporarily, your needs seem to be in conflict. Not only do you have the eclipse bringing a push-pull question to you, but you are about to have an unusually long tour of Mars, the action planet, doing the same thing, and that meditation within you may go as long as September 27, the date Mars will leave your home sector.

With SO much emphasis on home, it appears you will fulfill your promise to your family. If this is not your question, it may be that you will need to find suitable housing somewhere other than where you live now. Or, you may be renovating or doing repair work in coming months. Be careful about family disagreements, and do all you can to keep the peace. Mars is known to sometimes cause strife. I have personally never seen this to be the case for me, but others have reported this to spout up from time to time. If you are in a tizzy about trying to find solutions to the care of a family member, other relatives may not agree with your opinion of what to do. Invite everyone to voice an opinion at the start, in the spirit of being inclusive. Mars might not cause strife at all, but rather bring noise, as funny as that may sound. This means you may be moving furniture around, giving parties in the coming months, or hosting more than usual guests in your home.

(Typically, Mars remains in a part of the chart about seven weeks, not nearly seven months.) Clearly, a home-related or family-related situation will have you thinking quite a bit about this private area of your life.)

Try to get decisions made and done this month, before Mars goes retrograde April 17 to June 29. Mars is the action planet, but with Mars sleepy, you won't be able to make swift progress in home-and-property matters for months. Even after Mars awakens, Mars will be out of sorts and groggy, not returning to his former strength until September 22. Without Mars' help, each of us will have to make a greater effort than would normally be necessary. You will still have Mars in that area of your chart, but he won't be as effective as you are used to seeing him be.

Romantically, this month, Virgos who are attached will have a slight edge over single Virgos. Venus will glide through your partnership / marriage house from March 12 to April 5, a wonderful time to devote your attention to your one-and-only. The eclipse will bring news from your partner, and it will come suddenly, out of the blue.

Still, all Virgos have Jupiter in Virgo, considered the very finest planet to have in your sign if you hope to find love, or to make the love you have already experienced to flourish. Jupiter only comes by every twelve years, so enjoy this privilege until Jupiter leaves, September 9.


Every year, by March, the Sun has journeys to as far away from your own Sun sign as is possible, for in March the Sun is six months away from yours. Accordingly, you seem to sense rightly that this month - and for many coming months - the idea of teaming up with another person in love or business would be the right idea. This is not a month to try to get your own way, but to work with others, in all phases of your life. People around you have good ideas now, so revel in that possibility. You seem to have many qualified people near you who care about you and want to help you get ahead.

March will be remarkable because a crown of stars will collect in Pisces - four heavenly bodies in all - and squeeze into your partnership sector. You seem to only have eyes for your significant other, and thanks to a powerful solar eclipse, March 8, you may be ready to get engaged or wed, bringing you into a completely new phase of life. It's a good time to do so. The timing of this major step may surprise you and catch you off guard, as eclipses move up timetables dramatically and create progress quickly. If you are already wed, your partner is about to bring you exciting news, and you will be all ears. If you have no significant other, you may be forming an important business alliance now. Again, your timing would be on target. From March 12 to April 5, Venus will move into your partnership sector too, adding to the silky smooth interactions with partners.

By the time the month is out, there is a good chance that your life will have become transformed. Saturn will be at hard angle to the eclipse, so there is some indication that if you have to relocate, or if you are getting married, that you may have problems finding new living quarters. Or, in a completely different manifestation, you may need to consider the needs and care of an older relative, most likely one of your parents, in any decision you make. As a Virgo you have a loving, compassionate nature, so the right answer will surely appear to you.

One day when love and marriage will go together like cup and saucer will be March 6, thanks to the Sun and Pluto in ideal sync. Pluto is now in your love sector, proving to you many times over that love has the power to transform you to an entirely new place of the heart and mind.

This same message will be even more powerfully brought to you on March 16, a five-star day, when Pluto in Capricorn - now in your fifth house of love, creativity, pregnancy, and children - will be in ideal alignment with Jupiter in Virgo. Make it a point to make an important initiation on this day in love or business - it is sure to grow beautifully. If you have had problems with conception, see a fertility doctor or schedule a procedure on this day.

This will be a very busy, and at times a demanding month, so take good care of your health so that you don't run down your resistance.

Eclipses always come in pairs, and this one will fall in Libra, in your house of salary on March 23, suggesting you will make your income from a different source in weeks ahead. This will be a full moon eclipse, so something is ending and soon you will see money come from a new client or company. Some eclipses are difficult, but both this month will be mostly friendly. Mars is making a big play this month to help this lunar eclipse, helping you not only find new ways to earn money, but also with the considerations you had earlier with home, property, or family needs.

All About Eclipses: A Guide for Coping With Them

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