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The Astrological Chart of Little Prince George

Prince George, born July 22, 2013
4:24 PM London, England

Natal chart done using the Placidus Tropical astrologic algorithm
By Susan Miller, Founder of
Story written July 25, 2013 New York:

Everyone, the world over, is excited about the birth of the royal baby, Prince George, born July 22, 2013 at 4:24 PM in London, England. This child will have two loving parents who are very right for each other, forming a very loving marriage. This is important for a child, for it gives the child a strong sense of security. I will address the family in a moment, but let's first look at the child's natal chart.

The royal baby is a Cancer, but is Cancer by being only a hair's breadth away from Leo. There is no "rounding up" in astrology - you are either a Cancer or Leo, and the distinction is very important. The sun holds a special place in a chart, for the sun is at the center of our solar system, and all the planets march around it. (As you know, no planet marches around Venus or Mars, for example - only the Sun has that distinction, and therefore has a central role of authority in a chart.) Consequently, the sign of the Sun is vital to note.

In astrology, the Sun represents the place you shine in life. It also describes the child's father and other VIP figures that the child will interact with over time. The house the Sun is found in the chart - dependent on the sign and degree it falls in - is also critical. In this case Prince George's natal sun is found in his eighth house of other people's money. Money and financial management will be a key focus to this child when he grows up, but I will tell you more about that later, as we are getting a little ahead of ourselves.

First: A Definition of Astrology

First, let's look at a definition of astrology. A misconception about astrology is that is foretells the future and those we each have a predestined future. That is not the case at all. We have free will, a point always to keep in mind. Astrology can show personality proclivities and talents, and can also show a person's best, most favorable days to stage an initiation. (This is determined in accordance with the new and full moon aspects, and other planetary aspects exerting an influence at the time.). If you take no action, however, that aspect will pass, and nothing special is likely to happen. In that sense, astrology is best used for planning your most vital actions. If you work in sync the universe, you will have better results than if you don't.

Astrologers look at the rotation of the various planets and the mathematical angles they make to one another to make forecasts and suggestions. Astrologers glean meaning from those planetary angles by what ancient astrologers observed 2,500 years ago. (Some planets have since been discovered, but a very stringent process of discussion takes place when a new planet, like Uranus or Neptune appears. Astrologers look to world events at the time to discern what those new planets would rule in a chart, after much discussion.) Every day brings completely new patterns presented by our solar system, never to be repeated again in time, space or geography.

It will always be up to you to develop talents and opportunities that are indicated in your natal chart. An astrologer can never tell you to marry that person, quit your job or move cross- country, for example - those decisions will always be yours. Astrology is best used for planning important actions, and should never be thought of as a tool of divination.

An Explanation of the Rising Sign, a Key Element in a Chart

The rising sign is the sign that was "rising" or coming up over the eastern horizon at birth, and is every bit as important as the Sun sign. The rising sign can only be determined by knowing the day, month, year, time of birth to the precise minute, and the city of birth (which, of course, we know for the royal baby was July 22, 2013, 4:24 PM GMD (daylight), London England). Astrologers convert all natal charts to Greenwich Mean Time England as a common denominator, to acknowledge differences in geographical time zones. This way, it is as though everyone was born in the same spot on earth - in Greenwich Mean Time England.

Every tiny mathematical degree of each natal and transiting planet is important in astrology. Astrologers look at the eight natal planets plus the natal Sun and moon, and that, the rising sign is considered just as significant as the Sun sign. For baby Prince George, he has Scorpio rising and is a Cancer.

And Finally, What it Means to be a Cusp Baby, like Prince George

Cusp babies (born between two signs as this child is, between Cancer and Leo) are often fortunate, for those individuals partake the finest qualities of both signs. This means that the fact that Prince George was born so close to Leo that he will make a fine ruler, as Leo is the sign of royalty and leadership. Not withstanding what I just said, only one heavenly body can rule the chart, and for Prince George, the moon will take center stage, for the moon rules Cancer. This means Kate will have a bigger parental influence on the child than her husband. If the child had been a Leo, ruled by the Sun, (which always points to males, and always to the father) then Prince William would have the dominant role. We are splitting hairs here, but mathematics tells all.

Now, let's look at Prince George's Chart

In the royal baby's chart, Venus is the Prince's most highly elevated planet indicating Prince George will be deeply loved by people all over the world. Remarkably, Venus is found precisely right on the famous fixed star, Regulus, the brightest star in the heavens, far brighter than our Sun. This denotes magnificent royalty and wise leadership - this important fixed star Regulus is nicknamed, "The heart of the Lion." This also means this child, as the child's Venus falls in his lofty ninth house of international people and places. It is very likely this child will interact often with many diplomats, ambassadors, prime ministers, presidents, scientists, judges, lawyers, professors and other learned men and women. I say this because the house containing his natal Venus is one that would indicate interaction with many dignified, professional people. He will enjoy his college education and may go for an advanced degree.

Cancer is a modest sign, while Leo is more comfortable in more gregarious roles that place him in front and center of many other people. (It is interesting to note that each sign on the horoscope wheel is opposite in personality to the sign standing next to it - in that way. the subsequent sign "makes up for" what the sign that came before it lacked. Cancer and Leo, are, therefore, opposite in personality.)

Prince William is a Cancer, and Princess Diana was a Cancer, so Prince George will have the same kind of modesty and need for privacy that both his father and grandmother displayed. The child's Scorpio rising also underscores his future deep need for privacy, too, and an expectation for loyalty and discretion from those he will befriend or interact with in life.

The royal family is heavily represented in water which is why I am relieved this child has a water-sign Sun - Cancer. As said, Princess Diana was water-sign Cancer. Grandfather Charles is water-sign Scorpio. Father Prince William is water-sign Cancer, and mother Kate is earth-sign Capricorn. (Earth and water are highly compatible elements that are fertile and creative. Earth and water produce flowers!) Both William and Kate were born with the moon in Cancer, considered the finest, most loving place for the moon to be, adding to the Cancer emphasis in the family. (The natal moon is considered an important indicator of the fine-tuning of character in a chart. Prince George has his own natal moon in Capricorn, the sign of his mother, Kate, a Capricorn, allowing the baby to have a very special closeness with her.)

Kate's own father, the baby's other grandfather, is a Cancer, with a birthday that falls two days after Prince William on the calendar, June 23. Grandfather Charles' wife, step-grandmother Camilla is a Cancer. Kate's sister Pippa, is a Virgo, with a birthday that falls in the same week of September as Prince Harry. Kate's mother, the other grandmother to the baby is an Aquarius, with her natal Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer and her natal moon in earth-sign Taurus. Great grandmother Queen Elizabeth is earth-sign Taurus. Prince George's water planets (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio) blend beautifully with his Uncle Harry's Virgo-earth Sun, Grandmother Queen Elizabeth's Taurus Sun, Pippa's Virgo Sun, and his mother's Capricorn Sun.

Grandfather Charles, will also blend beautifully with Prince George, as grandfather is a water-sign Scorpio. Being that Scorpio is the rising sign of the baby and also the Sun sign of Prince Charles, this baby may have a special bond with his grandfather Charles and his grandfather Michael Middleton, and of course with his father, Prince William, a fellow Cancer, with whom he will love dearly.

What difference would it have made if the child were Leo? By 5:00 PM in London (just 36 minutes later), his rising sign would have been fire-sign Sagittarius, and the Sun would have entered fire-sign Leo, so he would have had a heavy emphasis in fire. However, with the predominance of water and earth in the royal family, he would have been in danger of being drowned out by the water signs and smothered by the earth signs. Earth and water are not compatible with fire. Baby royal is a Cancer, so there are no such problems here. That this child fits so perfectly into this family it is simply remarkable.

Note: Signs do not start and end at the stroke of midnight as you saw here - a Sun sign begins when the Sun moves beyond 29 degrees 59 minutes, and this happens at different moments each month, for the Sun, moon, and all the planets.

Cancer values the family life, almost above all else in life. It is a nurturing, compassionate sign, and also highly intuitive and a high degree of emotional intelligence. Cancer is shy and modest, not at all boisterous or egotistical, and quite frugal and prudent in the way they spend and allocate money.

Prince William, also a Cancer, will take his role of father seriously. These days, Prince William has been working almost non-stop in his job in the military as a rescue helicopter pilot so that he was able to take two weeks of paternity leave when his son arrived. Once he goes back to work, Prince William will not be back for two months to see his new baby, so he will find it painfully hard to leave the baby and Kate behind. He will be a tender father - if any disciplining is necessary, that duty will fall to Kate. Most Cancers cannot bring themselves to say as much as a harsh word to their children.

The Royal Baby's mother, Kate, is, as said, a Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn, so she undoubtedly enjoys history, tradition, ritual, and structure. She will be the ideal mother to the future monarch of the British Crown as Kate will cheerfully go about her royal duties, and at the same time set up a strong, secure family life for the child.

Her Capricorn Sun suggests she cares deeply about reputation, so she will teach her child always to behave with decorum and not to have lapses in judgment that may be picked up by the paparazzi and splashed over newspapers around the world. Capricorn is a sign that does not want the family embarrassed in any way. This child is not a rebel nor would ever be wild - as a Cancer, he will want to protect, not challenge the family name.

Now let's look at the child's family life, and the relationship between his mother and father. Prince William is a Cancer (born June 21, 1982) and Princess Kate (born January 9, 1982) is a Capricorn, signs precisely opposite on the horoscope wheel (180 degrees apart) and that means the two signs compliment one another's personalities perfectly. The moon represents the inner, fine-tuning of one's character in a chart, and both William and Kate were born with the natal moon in Cancer, considered the finest sign for the moon to found in a natal chart. This couple is in such perfect sync it is like the angels created Kate just for William.

The natal moon rules memories, dreams, and will reflect how a person viewed his or her mother growing up, and will also reflect the overall tone of family life. Although William and Kate had different experiences of life growing up, they share a similar view of how family life should be - all very auspicious for the royal baby.

This place of the natal moon of Kate AND William in Cancer in a natal chart portends for a very loving parental care. The moon is linked to conception and birth too, so the fact that they both have the moon in Cancer suggests there is a high level of fertility. If Kate and William want more children, the moon in Cancer is the best natal placement to allow that to happen.

Did you know that in about seventy percent of the time, a bride would likely marry the sign of one of her parents? This is true for Kate. Remarkably, Kate's father is Cancer too, with his birthday falling two days after William's birthday, June 23. Astrologers feel that we unconsciously look to the sign of our mother or father in choosing our mates because we feel comfort and familiarity with that sign. (Did you marry the sign of one of your parents? Did your mother?)

Going back to the little Prince, Cancers are so attached to their families that they choose to go into the family business. In general, most Cancers like to be self-employed, so the lure of going into a business that would allow the child to run his own shop when he grows up - is usually strong. In this case, the royal child's profession has been decided for him. Still I do not see any evidence he would want to abdicate the role of King in the distant future.

As said earlier, this child will be interested in managing money, and will find ways to make the royal family's fortune multiply. I say that because he has four planets in his natal eighth house of other people's money (ruling inheritance, bank loans, venture capital and so forth) and two natal planets in the house of earned income - that's six out of ten heavenly bodies in the only two financial houses of the chart.

Prince George's Scorpio rising will make him very talented at forensic financial work - digging through statements to find information. No sign can beat Scorpio for that kind of research. (Virgo is great with detail, but Scorpio is specifically tied to shrewdness with money matters.) He is born with Mercury opposed to Pluto, another indication that he would have the patience to investigate complex financial questions - and dig deeply if necessary - to fully understand his advisor's suggestions.

In terms of his personality, Scorpio rising will make him very private in all his actions, and with his Cancer planets, he may not speak up when something is troubling him. This personality proclivity is not always good, for often he may become tangled within his own yarn as he tries to find answers on his own. The crab, emblematic of Cancer, hides and protects his soft underbelly that the Cancer perceives to be vulnerability. This explains why Cancer is often not inclined to open up to others - they do not want to expose any type of weakness. Kate and William need to watch for times when (or if) the child seems to brood or be withdrawn. It may be wise to teach him to open up to a trusted family member or professional to get another's advice and new perspective.

Cancer puts the needs of family first. Some Cancers who have afflictions of the Sun, moon or other planets (and let me be clear: this baby certainly does not) grow up to have complicated relationships with their parents, and may want to move away from their mother and/or father and create as much distance as possible. This is not the case with Prince George. For a child with well-placed harmonious planets such as Prince George has natally, his family is so important to him that if a parent should need assistance or support, the child will be first to rush to that parent's side, even if making a considerable sacrifice is necessary.

An extraordinary, exceedingly rare planetary configuration of great harmony and beauty - a golden triangle - was shaping up during the week of the royal child's birth. It reached mathematical perfection on Friday, July 19, but was still mathematically "within orb" at the time of his birth. This means Prince George would benefit from this rare configuration and that in a mystical way, this fine golden triangle produced this child to the world at this time and place.

Here is a description of the great harmony is seen by the planets involved.

Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, was at 6 degrees Cancer, and conjunct Mars also at 6 degrees Cancer. These two planets were positioned almost precisely 120 degrees away from Saturn, at 5 degrees Scorpio. Both Jupiter and Saturn, from different corners of the sky, were each 120 degrees away from Neptune, now at 5 degrees Pisces, forming a near-perfect mathematical perfect golden triangle.

When you consider it takes Neptune 165 years to circle the Sun, it takes Saturn 29 years to do the same, and Jupiter 12 years to make the same journey, you see how hard it is to get these planets in perfect position, each representing one of the three water signs, to lock into a mathematically perfect triangle. (I find that it is nearly impossible for me to meet two other people for lunch, let alone see three planets to cooperate like this!)

All the planets are found in water signs, so the baby will be extraordinarily intuitive, compassionate, creative, nurturing, kind, and unpretentious. Prince George will also have a philanthropic leaning too, not only because he or she will be taught by the family that growing up royal is a privilege but also an obligation. This child will sincerely want to help others who are less fortune. In this sense the child will continue the good work done by Princess Diana. (Through the efforts of Princes William and Harry, and by the efforts of this child, I feel history to be kind to Diana.) A golden triangle allows actions to happen easily and fortunately - almost effortlessly - so this child will have an enormous opportunity to do powerful, important good works.

Neptune is at "home" in Pisces, for Pisces is the sign Neptune rules, so with Neptune in Pisces in Prince George's natal chart, he will be very intuitive, so much so that at times he or she will exhibit the gift of prophesy, or have highly instinctual feelings that prove to be exceptionally on target. Cancer and Scorpio, the other two water signs, are known to be very intuitive too, but Pisces takes the gift of intuition to a much higher level. This well placed Neptune is one of many indications in his chart that he will be on a mission to do chartable works.

Neptune in Pisces will lend a strong imaginative flair to his or her personality, and so this child, having a strong right (visual) right brain, and can come up with excellent solutions that often evade others. This baby should be given a wide variety of materials to express himself as the child grows up - such as clay, crayons and paints, fabric, a camera, video camera, computer, and be taught music too.

This child has Saturn in his eleventh house of friendship, and this house also rules hopes and wishes. He may find that people he meets will want to befriend him as he grows up, just to say they are on a best-friends basis with a Royal. Some, but not all, may not be true friends to him, and this may be a hard lesson to learn, as Cancer likes to take people on face value until proven otherwise. Saturn shows the place in the chart that we are cautious, and indeed, he will need to become selective about whom he allows into his inner circle.

The golden triangle not withstanding, the child has natal Saturn in his eleventh house, ruling friendships, and this house also rules his dearest hopes and wishes. Alas, he will have to give up some pleasures of life to be a Royal. For example, he cannot pick up and fly to New York, Tokyo, or Los Angeles, any time he likes like the rest of us can do. He will need permission from the country and city he desires to visit, with much advance notice, and excessive and expensive police protection. Many cities cannot afford to host a royal celebrity for more than two or three days, and of course, no country would ever want to see anything untoward happen to such an important visitor. Alas, there will always be limits to what he can and cannot do, but this child will accept those limits willingly, but sometimes - not often, but at times - this child, growing up, will feel the restrictions.

We often see one sign strongly represented through family lines as we see in the case of the Royal Family with Cancer. You can check to see which signs come up most often in your family too. The day you are born is a big day for all members of the family - not just your parents - so the natal planets of all family members will be "lit up" by transiting planets on the day you were born too. In that way, we are linked in sign to others in a family, especially in the case of tight-knit families for we "inherit" their signs and planetary configurations too.

Prince George was born on the day of the full moon, but the moon had not quite yet reached fullness. He was born at 4:24 PM GMD but the moon reached fullness later in London, at 7:15 PM GMD. That full moon on that day, July 22 was to fall in Aquarius, in the very earliest degree of Aquarius, and Aquarius is the sign of brotherhood of man and of humanitarian efforts. This full moon will affect his personality, in a very positive way. Stay with me here, and I will explain why.

This baby has his natal moon at 28 degrees Capricorn, the same sign of his mother and the sign that gives interest in history, antiques. With a moon in Capricorn, a so-called "big money sign" he will be very talented and trustworthy when working with large sums of money, whether that money is his or that of others. Being that the full moon was 0 degrees 06 minutes Aquarius (almost the very earliest degree possible of Aquarius-all signs range from 0 degrees 00 minutes to 29 degrees 59 minutes - there are no signs that are 30 degrees), the Aquarius shading of that full moon will have the royal baby eager to be involved with charitable work.

I feel the individual he will grow into will want to multiply the family fortune because he will be philanthropic and caring of those who suffer - having more funds will allow him to do more good work. (I don't want to leave the impression that this child would grow up to be greedy. This is not the case at all.)

He will be sensitive to the needs of those downtrodden or who have been overlooked by society - a concern that will stem from his heart. The royal baby will also grow up to carry on the work of Princess Diana who also did this type of charity work (she showed us, for example, that land mines were dangerous for people who lived in certain regions after the war was over, for those explosives still littered the land years later and continued to harm innocent people who lived or visited those regions. This is Aquarius sensitivity at this sign's best - showing up a danger society was blind to at the time.) In this respect, this baby will carry on Princess Diana's spirit of helping others less fortunate, and his father's role in charities too.

One last meditation I have had on this chart.

Prince George has Mars conjunct Jupiter in Cancer, a rare and favorable aspect, so this child might be gifted with a certain artistic talent. I am not sure what talent that might be.

Whatever inclination he might show should be developed, for it would be an artistic talent would allow him to produce works of art that others would likely be willing to pay a handsome sum to own, whether that be a recording of a musical performance, a painting, or piece of sculpture - the possibilities are endless. Maybe this would be one way Prince George would raise more money for his charities.

This line of thinking made me wonder, what if he will show exceptional talent, like that of a Picasso, for example? Would his role as King in waiting (as they say, it will take sixty or more years for him to ascend to the throne) make him think twice about developing that talent? Or, if he does, what if his talent is so great, would it overshadow his role as King? It is a hypothetical question, but one I have been thinking about over the past two days. (I am not saying Prince George will have the capability to become a genius artist; he does seem have artistic talent, but I don't know if he would ever become world renowned for it or not. Even if he does have genius talent, I don't even know if he would choose to develop it.)

Here is my last observation that is also linked to my question that I just posed.

In astrology we know that the most magical truth is that each of us has a completely unique chart, unlike any other chart ever created. The planets have orbits that are so diverse that the pattern of their positions of one day will not be repeated on another day.

Let me show you. Pluto takes 248 years to circle the Sun, and Neptune takes 165 years. For Uranus, it is 84 years, and Saturn takes 29 years. Jupiter takes 12 years to go Ă«round the Sun, Mars, two years, Venus about every four weeks, and Mercury about three weeks, if these planets are not retrograde. The moon moves very quickly, staying in a sign two-and-a-half days, and making a complete rotation every 28 days. The Sun moves into a new sign each month. Even if a baby were to be born on the same day and time as the Prince, the geographic location has to be accounted for, and will change the chart.

These very different rotations explain why no one will ever have your natal chart, not in time or geography. No one back in Cleopatra's time has ever had your natal chart, and no one will ever have your chart in the future, decades and centuries from now. This means that every person is unique, including Prince George. It is up to each of us to develop our talents, and to contribute our observations and ideas to the world. We each have an individual perspective that was formed partly based on generation, family circumstances, and the influence of political and geographical circumstances.

No one, not your parents, professor, mate or anyone else, can tell you how to find meaning in life. You must find it for yourself, by looking within and you must sing the song that you find in your heart. Develop your talents, and confidently contribute your ideas and thoughts to the world. Never let anyone dictate to you about how you should use your time on earth. In the end, you will be glad that you followed your heart. This applies to Prince George, too. The world must watch and wait patiently as this child grows into the exceptional person, and future King he is meant to be. The golden triangle of major outer planets (Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter) that was at play the week he was born produced this child now for a reason. Now we must watch and wait to see his grand potential of this individual unfold.

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