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The Reading Room

Books That Changed My Life  and
Astrology Books I Can't Live Without

A New Monthly Feature in a new special section:
The Reading Room

A few months ago, we invited you to submit the name of your all-time favorite book that had a profound effect on your life. You could mention any type of book -- a novel, self-help book, biography (you name it) and it could be an old or new title. We asked that the book still be in print. Your favorite book may have stretched your mind, made you view life from a new angle, or the author's words may have helped you during a particularly tough time in your life.

Passionate letters from Astrology Zone® readers quickly began arriving from all over the world. In fact we got so many letters, we had to limit each monthly Reader's Favorite List of Novels and Other Books to 25 titles or the list would have been a little too hard for you to peruse. We will post a new list of your nominations each month. As each new list is posted, we will archive the previous month's lists on the site. No book list of favorites will be discarded.

If several readers listed the same title, we listed all the reader quotes to show you the book's popularity. For a more personal touch, we included the reader's first name and city, and we quoted directly from that reader's letter. Reading your letters was a wonderful experience. I had asked for "snail mail" letters by post, so I could see your handwriting, feel your paper, and generally feel closer to you. It was great to read all you had to say. You love to read, and it shows!

We also asked you for a list of your favorite astrology books for the new Reader's Choice of Favorite Astrology Books. Again you responded enthusiastically. There are fewer astrology books 'out there' so we will list five titles submitted each month, and we will refresh it monthly. Again, we will archive all the previous' month's lists of astrology books. Thank you for mentioning my book, 'Planets & Possibilities.' Bless your hearts. I have removed my astrology book from the list in order to make room for others.

To make it easier for you to learn more about any book you might become intrigued with, we have hyperlinked each title to Barnes & Noble's web site. As you may know, most books listed on Barnes & Noble have a helpful publisher's statement and some also have readers' reviews.

If you would like to submit a title, please do! For those who have participated, thank you!

Susan Miller

Send submissions to:

Susan Miller
Susan Miller Omni Media Inc.
Yorkville Finance Station
PO Box 286053
New York NY 10128

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