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Brief History
Discover the rich history of this ancient study.

The Planets
Learn more about each of the heavenly bodies.

The Elements
Understand the four elements and the zodiac signs they rule.

The Three Qualities
Each sign of the zodiac is assigned to one of three qualities.

The Twelve Sectors
Different areas of your life and personality are influenced by the planets.

Is Your Sign Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable?

As you delve into astrology, you will discover that human attributes follow the natural rhythms of nature. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the way characteristics of the three Qualities are derived. Each sign of the Zodiac is assigned to one of three Qualities--categories professional astrologers call the "quadruplicies." There are four signs to each category: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Each Quality has a special role to play in relationship to their placement within the four seasons. If this is difficult to understand (and if you find yourself rereading what you just read)-- relax--you will "get it" when you check out your sign and compare your profile to other signs within your Quality group. If you know your rising sign (also called the ascendent) check that description out too, for it will complete your profile accurately.


What Quality Are You?

To understand your Quality, you must first know what Element you are. If you don't know if you are an Earth, Air, Fire or Water sign, check out The Elements, which is also part of The Astrology Zone. Once you've read about your Element, come back here to check out more information about your personality and that of people you know. Find out if you are a real Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable sign.

Cardinal Signs: If you are a Cardinal sign your job is to initiate the season. You are the leader which brings forth that season. Cardinal signs are pioneering and enterprising. Aries (spring), Cancer (summer), Libra (autumn), and Capricorn (winter), are the Cardinal signs.

Fixed Signs: If you are a Fixed sign, you are the second month in that season and it is your job to maintain that season. Fixed signs concentrate energy and solidify ideas. Taurus (spring), Leo (summer), Scorpio (autumn), and Aquarius (winter), are the Fixed signs.

Mutable Signs: If you are a Mutable sign, your sign is the third (and final) month within each season. The role for these signs is to prepare for the transition to the next season and their traits are communication, flexibility, and destruction. Mutable signs are Gemini (late spring), Virgo (late summer), Sagittarius (late autumn) and Pisces (late winter).

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