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Brief History
Discover the rich history of this ancient study.

The Planets
Learn more about each of the heavenly bodies.

The Elements
Understand the four elements and the zodiac signs they rule.

The Three Qualities
Each sign of the zodiac is assigned to one of three qualities.

The Twelve Sectors
Different areas of your life and personality are influenced by the planets.

The Houses: The Building Blocks of Your Life

As each planet works its way through the twelve constellations (which make up the twelve signs of the zodiac), it passes through one of the twelve houses of each of those signs. Each house governs a different area of life, from relationships, marriage, and children, to your career, co-workers, study, travel, and the home -- one of them even rules your identity and appearance. At the moment of your birth, the planets were spread out in a specific formation, each one located in a specific house. This pattern made by the planets and their locations, called the "natal horoscope", is nearly as individual to you as your fingerprint.

On your natal horoscope, some houses may have been full, and others empty. (There are eight planets plus the Sun and moon and, as I said, twelve houses, so there are not enough planets to go around.) It makes no difference if you have a few empty ones. Everyone does -- at least an empty house doesn't have any difficult planetary energy in it!

Keep in mind that the planets continually move through these houses as they orbit the Sun. A house that is empty in your natal horoscope could be very full today!

1st House 4th House 7th House 10th House
2nd House 5th House 8th House 11th House
3rd House 6th House 9th House 12th House

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