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Letters to the Editor

Dear reader, I have added this section to share letters I have received that represent good questions and interesting comments. I hope you enjoy this new section of Astrology Zone! Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the reader.

Susan Miller


As a new person in the study of astrology, do forced births change natal charts or have an effect on them? I am thinking of a situation where the mother of the new child delivers a child at a specific day and time by C-Section. Thank you.


Dear Robert: Many people write with this question, and it is a very valid question. The answer is that you are born when you are destined be born, so astrologers always use the actual time of birth, not the due date, nor the conception date. It is of no consequence if the birth was a C-section by appointment or a natural birth.

Dear Susan,

Since you have such a wide following, perhaps it would be a good idea if you established one special day per month for all your readers to pray for world peace and healing. These continual prayers offered by large numbers of people should have remarkable results. Just an idea. But with all the corruption and fighting that has been publicized lately, this one simple act performed by many individuals could ultimately have a major positive impact on our world. Thanks for all that you do.


That was a lovely letter, Mandy. When I called a day of prayer on July 19 I was not sure how my readers would respond. We were blown away by the wonderful messages, and the touching posts on the message board, some from readers living in the middle east who experience the terror of war on both sides of the boarder. I feel we should always choose specific days to come together—I never want them to be routine. Still, I love the sentiments of your letter.

Hi Susan,

I really love your site and find your monthly horoscopes engaging, and in many cases, eerily accurate with events in my life.

I have two questions. First, I read your monthly forecasts for my Sun sign (Scorpio) and rising sun (Leo). Which do you feel is more important? Or do you feel they are both of equal importance?

My second question is this. My sun sign (Scorpio) falls in the 4th house in my natal chart. Now lets say another person’s Scorpio Sun falls in the 6th house in their natal chart. Would this alter in any way the monthly horoscope interpretations? Or is a Scorpio monthly forecast good for all Scorpio's?

Again, I love your site and have referred it to several friends because of how good I think it is. Keep up the good work,



Dear Joseph,

Those are good questions. First, you should always read for BOTH your Sun sign, Scorpio and your rising sign Leo. The rising sign is the sign that was very dominant on the eastern horizon as you were being born. The only way you can know your rising sign is to cast a horoscope chart to the exact day, month, year, city and time of birth, to the minute. Once you know your rising sign, it never changes—it is yours for life. Your rising sign has much to do with the personality you were supposed to have—in this case, for you, that was Leo.

We all have two charts, our natal chart that is done very precisely (as described above) and one that relates to our Sun sign. If you read one without the other, you will only have half the picture—extremely good, thorough astrologers look at both solar charts and natal charts. I do!

Now if a Scorpio has the Sun in the sixth house, they have Gemini rising. If you have Scorpio in your fourth house, you have Aquarius rising. Your Scorpio friend with the Sun in the sixth house would read for Gemini and Scorpio. You would read for Leo and Scorpio.

Readers who don’t know their horoscopes can check their natal horoscope by looking on the Internet for free charts. The problem is they don’t explain the chart, and some are hard even for me to read. One popular site is

You can also order my book, My Personal Horoscope, a 72-page, illustrated book, printed on demand, all about you. In the book you will see a big section addressing your rising sign (also called ascendant). The book comes from Holland, so it takes five weeks—well worth the wait! Our books are very accurate.

As I said, however, there are free sites out there, so you can check those on the ‘net too.

Dear Susan,

I just had to tell you my story. You had mentioned a day for romance, and so I made sure I went to a party that night. It turned out to be quite disappointing, so I came home early and planned to go to bed early.

However, my phone rang at about 11:00 PM—it was one of my best friends, asking me to come out again to another party. Normally I would not have gone, but technically it was still that “wonder day” you had written about. I got dressed again and met my friend, who had brought someone along. That other person turned out to be the love of my life, my soul mate. We are going to wed soon, and I just wanted you to know how your forecast changed my life!



When the above letter came in by email several weeks ago, this beautiful letter was read to me aloud by a member of my staff. We were all so touched. I never forgot it, either. However, when we tried to retrieve it for this column, it had somehow disappeared, perhaps due to a mis-filing. I have recreated the letter as best I could from memory, because it touched me so deeply, and thought it might touch you, too, dear reader.

If you happen to be the author of this letter, please write to me again. I am so upset that we lost your actual words, and if it should come in, I will print it as you wrote it!
Thank you for sharing that amazing story with us.

Dear Susan,

I am a Pisces with a wonderful story to share. Two months ago, in June, I was interviewed for a promotion. I was surprised I didn't hear back and later heard the position was filled. I guess I was blown away by the fact it was the first interview I have ever had in my life without being hired or promoted.

Two weeks ago, I interviewed for another promotion and things seemed very positive. One of the positions had been filled, however they created a new position just for me. Company policy requires that the job had to be posted on the company site before any job can be awarded. I was waiting for the people I was dealing with to have this done today or tomorrow. The VP of the division said it's the only thing we are waiting on. I expect Thursday or Friday things will be done.
Get this! Just as I was writing this note to you today. I received a phone call from the first interview that happened in June. Seems he has the perfect position for me (just created) and wants me to make a choice tomorrow before the position is posted.

How do you like that? Just as you had forecast. You said that two options would come up around September 6th. You are just the best! I am so excited!

Thank you for your forecasts, and keep them coming!



Wow, that was an encouraging story, Charles! Let us know if you get the job—and if so, which one you took!

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