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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Your June Horoscope by Susan Miller

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Astrology Zone with Susan Miller for July 2015 from Television Four on Vimeo.

Last month I showed you the surprise I had for you, special animated videos called Glamourscopes that I had done with Conde Nast Entertainment (CNE). Each sign's video runs a little under three minutes. The animators illustrated my words with visuals in a very original and imaginative way, so most people think the videos are especially cute. You told us you loved the videos, but said in a loud and clear way, "We want them longer!"

We listened! Here is the short version of Glamourscopes:

and the NEW Extended Cut version of Glamourscopes (not duplicating the short forecasts of Glamourscopes above):

Each sign's video has new material, there is no duplication of information that you will get. Don't miss these! Listen for your Sun sign and your rising sign as both are equal in importance.

Pisces Forecast for June 2015

By Susan Miller

Saturn has newly set up shop in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement on December 23, 2014, and ever since, has asked you to focus intently on your career at the exclusion of just about anything else. Now, you get a bit of rest from the pressure, for Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio, a water sign that blends well with yours, from June 14 to September 17. In the house where Saturn is heading, the pressure will be less than what you have felt lately.

If you work in publishing or broadcasting, Saturn's return to your ninth house will give you just thirteen weeks of tutoring, and in the process you will learn to polish your work to a new level of sophistication. You may find that your projects take a little longer than you estimate, and might cost more than you estimate, so keep that in mind at the onset, when you agree to deadlines. Things will normalize in mid-September. Your ninth house will be involved, so if traveling abroad, have precise addresses and phone numbers of accommodations ahead of time, and call to confirm all. Clearly mark your luggage too, as Mercury will still be retrograde, a continuance from last month when it turned on May 21.

You have had two years of taskmaster Saturn's tutoring in your ninth house, covering not only the media and foreign travel and relationships, but also might influence matters related to your efforts to get an advanced degree or to deal with the courts. It is unlikely more than one of these areas gave you concern. You have already become very familiar with that topic since Saturn first went into your ninth house on October 5, 2012, and when Saturn moved out on December 23, 2014. Once Saturn is done with his very last set of lessons, June 14 to September 17, you will not host Saturn in this house again until 2041, almost three decades from now.

In the meantime, a big full moon will occur on June 2, to light your prestigious tenth house of career achievement. This will be a glorious full moon, for Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will send dazzling rays to the full moon from your house of work assignments, and Uranus, now in your earned income sector, will also support this full moon. It is likely that an assignment will come up that will allow you to receive an unexpected check for work well done.

The full moon is about to shine at the very top of your chart, so you may get some valuable publicity, with your image "out there" in the media, and many will learn your name and your work. This full moon is in Sagittarius, the sign of foreign people and places, so if you do get publicity, it may come from media overseas. So much of what you created in your career over the past five months will culminate in that full moon. Watch what happens within four days of June 2.

Neptune, however, will pose an obstacle by creating confusion over a matter being presented at the full moon or concerning a project that you will be involved with at that time. The danger of reading a person or situation incorrectly will be high, so sign no papers and make no final decisions. You need to move away from the full moon before things will become clearer, and besides, Mercury will still be retrograde, adding to the likelihood of your making a bad judgment call.

If you would like to learn more about Mercury retrograde, I have re-written an essay for you on the topic that will help you understand how it works. Go to my homepage on The page has a black background, and under my logo you will see white lettering that says "All You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde." Just click on that to get that free article that I wrote for you.

Now let's look at the gorgeous days that are coming up in early June, pell-mell, rolling toward you.

The first day to watch will be Friday, June 5, when you might decide to take work home from the office, a great idea, for you will get it done without distraction. Whenever Jupiter is involved, usually there is money to be made, so see what comes up. Venus will move into your workaday projects, so you will enjoy your work.

On June 8, the Sun and Jupiter will be beautifully oriented toward one another, an aspect that will help your health enormously (a perfect date for medical tests). This day will also help you with home and family matters, such as if you need to rent or buy a house, a co-worker may have a great tip to help you find the perfect space. The same is true if you hope to do a renovation or buy furniture. Don't hire a contractor, sign a lease, or order that beautiful desk or rug just yet, but by the end of the week, after June 11, Mercury will go direct, and you can sign.

Speaking of home-related actions, on June 9, thanks to a lovely interplay between Mars and Uranus, you will be able to find lovely things for your home at a bargain price.

On June 10, you will also have a good chance to make an attractive real estate deal whether buying, selling, or renting property. You may make money on an auction Internet site, or in other ways do well with any action you take concerning your living space. An authority figure, such as a landlord or broker, may be willing to do a favor for you.

I have another day I have been anxious to tell you about! Here is another ideal day to sign papers or give your final answer a new job offer, and in this case, the aspect involves two big planets, Jupiter and Uranus - and that is June 22.

June 22 is the jewel of the month, when Jupiter and Uranus will be in rare and lovely conversation. These two planets are in direct speed and will see to it that you get an opportunity to do exceedingly well financially. The project you get will be tied to the creativity you have shown in the past, and when it comes, it will come out of the blue.

Neptune is now about to retrograde, June 12 to November 18, so from now on, concentrate on the projects and relationships you have already started and hone them, to polish them to perfection. It is not wise to go into new territories when one's ruler is out of phase, but rather to concentrate on what you have already built. Sometimes a setback requires a re-examination of the situation to come up with a better strategy.

The important moment will be the new moon in your home sector on June 16. Any time we have elegant, positive aspects for a certain area of life, those matters often cannot progress to a greater level of happiness until a new moon arrives in that area. You will have that new moon on June 16.

Home and family is the area that will bring you news. Again, Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, will support that new moon as will Uranus, suggesting you will have the funds you need to make the improvements or changes at home that you dream about making.

You can find a new space to live, a new roommate, you can renovate, redecorate, undertake an important repair or cleaning project, or simply clear out clutter and feel reborn in the process. You can also focus on your parents if you like, and help one of them in a significant way under this new moon, for the house of home also rules your parents.

One week later, June 22, you will have a sensational five-star day, when Jupiter, the great healer, in your sixth house of health, will correspond with Uranus, in your second house of income. If you need a procedure or surgery, but are concerned about the cost, it appears your insurance company will pay for all or part of it. If you don't have insurance, it appears your family may step in to help you - don't discount the possibility. Also ask the doctor if there is anything he can do to advise you.

You may get outstanding news about the state of your health from tests, too, on this day - perhaps it is news you had long hoped to hear. At work, assignments will keep pouring in and allow you to pay for any of your needs, for Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments, will see to it.

The June 22 aspect is one of the best aspects of 2015, and one of the features of the year. It is meant to bring hope, optimism, and good news to you, dear Pisces. Both planets are in strong, direct speed, so they should be quite helpful to you. Put a circle on your calendar and see what comes up

Romantically, month's end is Pisces' time to have fun. If you are attached, things are heating up, and you may be wed within the coming twelve months. If you are single, the move of Mars into Cancer June 24 to August 8 will bring a much more enjoyable time for you to dress up, step out, and find the love of your life.

Next month Venus will go retrograde, July 25 to September 6, so make any changes to your appearance this month or in July, well in advance of July 25. (Don't even come close.) It will not be the time to have a radical new haircut or color, to have Botox or plastic surgery, or for my male readers, to shave off a beard or grow one. Keep things status quo, for you are not likely to enjoy the changes you make if you do them while Venus is retrograde. You have plenty of time now to get ready, and once Venus is in retrograde, you can continue to have trims and regular grooming, just make no dramatic changes.

Be happy that this month, Venus will be in fine form, and Mars in Cancer will have you dripping with sex appeal. A lovely weekend is due June 27-28, so if you can drive to a nearby charming town near water, so much the better. Venus will reach out to Uranus over that weekend, so again, you seem to have a way of attracting work projects AND good money, even when you are socializing!

On July 1, just one day after the end of June, you will have a full moon in your eleventh house social sector. Chances are that you will be invited to quite a beautiful event that will bring many of your friends together and that you will enjoy very much. Circle that date!

On the same day, July 1, Venus will conjoin Jupiter in a rare, annual event, and these two luminaries will always meet in a different sign. This time they will meet in luxury loving Leo. The event may be business-oriented, but it will still be fun - see what comes up.


The body of work you have been turning out, particularly over the past six months, has been impressive. You have taken on extra responsibility or started a completely new area of your expertise to explore, and you have garnered critical rave reviews.

Now, at the full moon, June 2, reward appears to be on the way. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck and also your ancient ruler, is in fine angle to that full moon. This indicates the consistent level of fine work on assignments have accorded you much deserved industry kudos and admiration.

Neptune, your ruling planet, will be in hard angle to the June 2 full moon, so if you take on a new career title, be sure you understand all the terms of the offer - you may not be on the same page as the person describing things to you in the human resources department.

Mercury will still be retrograde until June 11, a holdover from last month May 13, so see if you can delay a career decision (or any other important decision, say, involving your living quarters, until after Mercury regulates its speed on June 11.

Here is a fact you might not know about. Mercury will retrace its steps back to the place it was mathematically when Mercury went retrograde last month on May 18. That date will be June 27. If you want a project, purchase, or plan to have the very best prospects for success, if you can, wait until June 27 to sign papers or to take action on a key venture.

Astrologers know this is an important mathematical point, but often we cannot wait that long to act. Do the best you can. If you can wait, say, to buy a house or a car, or to take on a new job, wait until June 27. Otherwise, don't fret about it; you are still safe if you act a day or two after June 11.

Now, back to your happy days of the month where you will have a golden touch at work, and on matters of love. A second-best runner up day to the golden June 22 will be over the weekend of June 27-28, when your creativity and earning power will reach all-time highs, and you may get the tip or assignment while socializing. If not, watch June 29, a Monday.

Other days to watch because you will have outstanding luck will be June 8, June 9, and June 10, when money and family / real estate matters will be thrillingly fortunate for you.

You will be pulled to focus on your home most of the month, and you may be doing a renovation at the full moon. At times you won't know which part of your life to give your full attention to first. The answer is to concentrate on your career near June 2, when you can bask in the light of the career success. The new moon, June 16, will help you focus on your residential move, renovation, decor changes, or plans you want to put in place for your family or a parent.

Saturn, the planet that has been responsible for your rise in professional status since Saturn moved to Sagittarius at the end of December, will now temporarily move out of Sagittarius and slide back to Scorpio for thirteen weeks, June 14 to September 17.

This means you will feel less pressure in your career during those weeks, allowing you to catch your breath and to enjoy some of the successes you have already built. Once Saturn comes back to Sagittarius and your tenth house of fame and honors on September 17, Saturn will remain with you, tutoring you on your leadership and managerial skills until December 2017, two years from now. Keep working hard, for by December 2017 you will be a force to be reckoned with in your industry, or the world at large.

Will you have time for fun and love this month? Yes! Mars will move into your true love sector on June 24, to stay until August 8. You will enjoy carefree fun, and may even have a chance to take a vacation. The fact that Saturn will be out of your career house is another sign that you can let go and simply indulge in the enchantment of romance and not be concerned that an avalanche of work is building up on your desk.

Are you single? After June 24 you have a good chance of meeting someone new at long last.

If you work in the creative arena, you will find you will be at peak form, and should set aside time to work on your craft. In all, June is bursting out all over for Pisces - a bewitching month for sure.

Dates to Note for Pisces:

Mercury will continue to retrograde until June 11.

The full moon June 2 is to light your house of honors, awards, and achievement at the very top of your chart. All the work you've been doing in the past twelve months is adding up to your growing reputation for excellence, and people in your industry are showing you great respect.

Neptune will be in hard angle to this full moon, so if you get an offer, you may not completely understand it, as something may be obscured or confusing. Ask questions and don't respond until after Mercury goes direct after June 11.

A great deal of activity is going on at home too (more about that in a minute), but at the full moon June 2 you will need to focus all your energy on your career.

On June 5, Mars and Jupiter will work together to make you a solid fee. This would be a perfect day for an interview or presentation. The efforts you make toward improving your home will be satisfying too, possibly profitable. A similar outcome will occur on June 8.

You may find a bargain for your home on June 9 and 10.

Neptune will go retrograde June 12 to November 18. Neptune is your modern ruling planet, so from June 12 onward, begin to focus in on polishing all the ventures and relationships that you have already committed to, and do not tempt to venture into new territory until after November 18. Hone in on what is on your plate now.

Your home and family will be the center of your thinking most of the month (the full moon June 2 will be the exception). The new moon of June 16 will initiate a lot of fast, sudden activity, so if you have plans to improve or renovate your home, options will come up and you must be decisive when they do, so that you can have the plum opportunity for yourself.

Saturn moved into your professional sector at the end of December 2014, and ever since you have been starting a new direction in your career. No doubt you are learning the ropes in a new area. Now you will get a chance to catch your breath and rest, to start up again September 17. The heavy emphasis and tutoring Saturn will do on your evolving role in your industry as a leader run through two years, ending December 2019.

A sterling day will be June 22, one of the best of 2015, when Jupiter (good fortune) and Uranus (surprise) work in sync to give you a dream assignment that pays well. In another way this very rare aspect may work, you may also get exceptional, happy news about your health.

One week later, on June 29, Uranus will also contact Venus, in your workaday sector. It appears a project intended for women will appear suddenly and pay very well. Your cup runneth over, dear Pisces.

Romantically, Mars will enter Cancer June 24, to stay until August 8, initiating a boon time for your love life. Mars will give you confidence in love, always the greatest aphrodisiac. A big social event may be on your agenda July 1, a full moon, when you are likely to be surrounded by many friends and successful types you will want to get to know better.

Previous Month's Forecast >>>

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Mercury Retrograde and What It Means for You

Keeping track of Mercury retrograde periods can allow you to increase your productivity and avoid at least some of the frustration they can bring about. Let's look closely at Mercury retrograde and what it means to you.

Fashion Trends in 2015 to Consider By Sign

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The chapters are wide ranging, from Layering (considering especially tricky for most of us, say the editors), to Denim, and lots of other chapters, including one called Ugly Pretty. Your fashion sense will be challenged and brightened as you read. I was happy to see one chapter on mastering the Ladylike Look in a new way, as that's a favorite of mine - I never expected to see that topic here. You will not copy any of the looks you see, but after you close the covers of this book, having been exposed to so much interesting photography, the gears of your mind will still be moving at top speed.

I highly recommend you get this unusual book, and then watch to see which pieces you reach for in your closet in weeks to come. I've never seen a book like this one, nor a magazine article that approached chic street fashion in the same way - it may push your creative energy sky high, and for that alone, it's worth the price of this fun book.

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My new app has a completely new, sleeker design and many new features. You will still have a free daily horoscope, or if you prefer to subscribe, a much longer daily horoscope. The long version is the one most readers prefer. The new applications work with iOS 7.0+ and Android OS 4.0+. If you are already a subscriber to my app on your iPhone, the new design will just slide in to replace the old design when you updated your app. If you have a Samsung Galaxy smart phone, you use the Android operating system, so you will get the new design too. The bugs in the iPhone are all fixed, no more signing in each time you check your forecast, and the tools section for subscribers, the prettiest section, is working flawlessly now. Android/ Samsung Galaxy were bug-free from day one, so go get my app in either one of our retailers, Google Play or Apple App Store, depending on your smart phone type. Search: "Susan Miller."

A feature of my new apps is that each app will automatically expand or shrink to fit your other devices, whether iPad or tablet, or any size smart phone you choose, large screen or small. These newly designed applications have kept screen real estate in mind, allowing users with phones or tablets to get a fully optimized experience for their device screen size. The iPhone 6 is now out, and my app will beautifully translate to that new screen size as well. Keep in mind that you are purchasing a subscription to my app from Apple or Google as retailers, not from us at Astrology Zone. I get a commission on the purchase price of the subscription you buy.

Whether you choose the free version of my app or choose to subscribe to the premium version, either way you will still always have your monthly Astrology Zone report on your phone, and my previous month's report as well. You can check all twelve signs of the daily or monthly horoscopes too by simply going to the home screen and choosing a different sign. The new apps will list my appearances too, but so far, I have no appearances on my schedule, but that might change in time, and if it does, you will be able to see where I will be immediately. Until now, only readers who went to their computers online would know in what city I would have new events. You can also see my Twitter feed on your mobile device too. The designs for Android and iOS are consistent; you get the same visual design and features for either application.

I would appreciate you taking the time to review my app, for I will read all your comments. I am grateful that sales of the premium subscription are so strong, for this allows me to keep Astrology Zone free. Thank you for your support and understanding while I recover from my illness.

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