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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Your August Horoscope by Susan Miller

Sagittarius Forecast for August 2014

By Susan Miller

This month is made with you in mind! You love to travel, and this month you can choose whether you'd like to go far, to another country, or to stay a little closer to home. Or you may benefit in an outstanding way from foreign people you are dealing with now, or are about to deal with this month, without ever having to leave home. If you are foreign and living in the US for years, but are entering a deal with an American, you may think, "I am not dealing with anyone foreign." Yes, you are! You were born elsewhere, so that makes this a ninth house experience. Either of these situations - travel or foreign person ventures - will put a big smile on your face, and I will get into the details of this in a moment.

What is even more exciting about this trend concerning travel and foreign people is that it will become a persistent theme not only during this month but also for the twelve months to come, thanks to the arrival of Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, to Leo last month, July 16. Jupiter is just now setting up shop in your ninth house of mind-broadening experiences, to stay until August 15, 2015.

The ninth house is an interesting part of the chart, as it brings experiences that help us rise above the normal routine of life to lift our sprits into an entirely new realm, and often those experiences are quite awe-inspiring, even life changing. We become far more visionary, and later we even may reflect back and say we have been thinking too marginally in the past. We feel exhilarated when we broaden our view, for it feels like a breath of fresh air. Everyone can start new chapters and you are never too old to start.

Instead of travel, there are other ways you can direct this energy. This month you may be packing and getting ready to go to the university, either in your country or abroad, and either as a graduate student or undergraduate. If you are a professor or college teaching instructor, this is a great month for you - put in proposals. It is also possible that you will put in your application for a grant this month, and if so, your timing is perfect. If you have to defend your thesis in August, you could not have better aspects to ace your presentation. Work hard and cover all your bases ahead of time. Actually, you will have sensational aspects for these areas in the coming twelve months, with the exception of October when Mercury will be retrograde and two eclipses will come by - not an ideal time to launch important new ventures. August is special for a big reason.

To unlock Jupiter's gifts, you always need a new moon with friendly aspects to Jupiter. You had just that perfect new moon on July 26 in Leo 4 degrees late last month. That new moon will still be strong as you enter August. A new moon is influential for ten days, so you do have time to make it work for you. If your birthday falls on November 26, plus or minus four days, that new moon was especially strong for you, and you must already be seeing the benefits - be optimistic about your conversations and plans. The same is true if you have Sagittarius rising 4 degrees or a natal planet in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at the same degree, and all mathematics will take a tolerance of five degrees.

I get many letters from readers concerning immigration, passport, green card, and visas. The ninth house now holds Jupiter, the good fortune planet, so that should make getting your immigration matters done more easily now than in the past. Jupiter is not only the Santa Claus planet, he is also your ruling planet, and Jupiter is in the ninth house ruling all these things. This means you will have double the help. If you have been frustrated by long delays with paperwork, see if you can move things along in early-to-mid August. Sometimes it is worth hiring an expeditor, for they know how to get things in motion. With the Sun in this house and Mercury, you have plenty of planetary support this month to help you - much more than usual.

The ninth house is also the most philosophical part of the chart, the area where we meditate on the meaning of life, and our place in it. You may want to pick up books by famous philosophers this month to read up on your own religion or other religions, to compare theirs with yours, or to discuss a thought-provoking book with a friend. You might also feel like going into the countryside for a weekend retreat, where you can reflect more easily on your life, or to pray or meditate, and feel more centered and refreshed when you return.

A lovely day will be Friday, August 8, when Uranus will be in your house of true love and will reach out to the Sun in the ninth house, ruling all the things we have been speaking about. You may go with your sweetheart, or you may meet someone quite unexpectedly. This day brings spontaneity - possibly involving travel, but love, romance, and if you'd like to go away as a family to a peaceful inn in the country to celebrate the weather, enjoying your children seems part of the mix too.

Travel, this time, much shorter in distance, will again be on your agenda over the full moon August 10 in Aquarius, 18 degrees. This would be a short little weekend trip or weeklong vacation with the one(s) you love, again including your children. This same full moon might also crystalize a contract that you need to sign, and if so, the negotiation should go well. You seem to have competitors around you who are hidden from view, and I don't want to alarm you unnecessarily, but you do have to keep an eye on any person you might suspect as not quite playing squarely. Keep tabs on what this person is up to, especially near August 25 when Saturn conjunct the Sun.

If your birthday falls on December 9, plus or minus four days, this full moon will speak directly to you. The same is true if you have Sagittarius rising 18 degrees or a natal planet in Sagittarius, Leo, or Aries at 18 degrees plus or minus five degrees. Career will be important to you, for sure.

If you are hoping to get a new and better position than the one you had, you need to work with the new moon of August 25, in Virgo, 2 degrees, in your tenth house of honors awards and achievement. That new moon will be the most important one of the year for your professional growth, so you need to jump on any opportunity you find or have coming up. This is a popular week to be on vacation, but if you go away this week, you may miss all the exciting calls. Neptune will be conjunct this new moon, which has both positive and negatives effects. If you are in a creative field, Neptune will help you become outstandingly creative - more imaginative than you have ever been.

No matter what industry you are in, you will need to be careful not to accept a position or say yes to a financial deal without all the facts. First, see if you can get your job description in writing. Some managers may resist doing so, so then you say, "I realize you are busy, so I volunteer to write a description of what you imagine I will be expected to do, so that we are all on the same page. I would just appreciate if you will sign off on my understanding of the job, or by all means, correct me if I have misunderstood any detail. I feel this is the best way to be successful in my new role." Dear Sagittarius, no one would fault you for that.

The misunderstanding may center on salary or perks, or a financial deal point. If your instinct tells you something is off, or is written in such a way that you don't understand, ask lots of questions. This also applies to a lease you may sign on a rental or a house you are about to buy. Ask your appraiser to be extra thorough.

The changes of a misunderstanding or something being hidden in the situation, either deliberately or innocently, is strong. Just taking the extra step is all you will need to do to move forward. Ask questions, and see if you can meet with another employee for coffee.

Sometimes it is worth it to take a stretch and apply for a job you are passionate about but have no idea if you can get. There was a young man, William Joseph Hammer, that was obsessed with the idea of electricity and read about the many experiments that Thomas Edison was doing to get his idea right. One day in 1879 Hammer went to see Edison, without an appointment. He just rang his doorbell - Edison was not yet very famous yet - and Hammer said, "Sir, I want to work for you. I feel I have the background you need." He did have all the right education for Edison, but moreover he had the passion and wanted to work in tandem with a genius. Edison hired him on the spot, and as the story goes, and William Joseph Hammer was to later develop the incandescent light bulb. He became the Chief Engineer of the English Electric Light Company and his career was quite illustrious and illuminating, to say the least.

Let's say you feel that those were easier days to get in to see people. Yes, that's true, but sometimes a passionate action can get you results in the right circumstances. I will tell you a passionate action I once took that changed the course of my career. I was in love with photography and was taking a lot of pictures, gradually teaching myself about every phase of photography with every scrap of information that I could find. I bought many beautiful instructional books and pored over them every night. I finally felt I could no longer teach myself enough; I needed excellent teachers. The problem was I had two small children, 18 months and 4 years old, and a husband who was perpetually unemployed. Money was always scarce, so I had to be the main provider to the family.

One bright spring day, I put little Diana in the stroller, took my older daughter, Chrissie, by the hand, and all of us went over to photography museum in my city, New York. It was renowned for an excellent teaching program, and it was only seven blocks from my apartment. I packed extra bottles of milk in the bottom of the carriage in case Diana got hungry, and some toys for both, and, most importantly, I brought my portfolio. I went up to the desk and said to the receptionist, "I need to see the Director of Education." She asked if I had an appointment. I replied, no, but I needed a scholarship and he would be my last hope that I would get the courses desperately I needed. I said would not leave the museum until I had a scholarship in hand. I would stay until the museum closed - I had to see the Director. I had no idea what the Director was like; I was simply frustrated that I could not teach myself everything I needed to know and felt education was the answer.

The kind, young receptionist was not used to seeing passionate people like me show up out of thin air, so she called upstairs and softly reiterated with I had said about not leaving without a scholarship. The Director instantly agreed to see me. Before climbing the marble stairs to his office, I whispered to Chrissie to please take care of little Diana. I was going to a meeting that was very important to mommy but showed her the milk and the toys I had packed. She patted me gently on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry, Mommy, I will take good care of Diana." The receptionist said thought my two children were cute and well behaved, so she volunteered to entertain them too.

The Director asked what I wanted to learn. I replied I needed to learn 8x10 photography, which is the most difficult, complex kind of photography there is. His eyebrows went up. "You don't want to learn to photograph the adorable children you have downstairs that my receptionist is already charmed with?"

I explained I had children's 35mm photography covered, but 8x10 is hard to teach yourself. I loved the Dutch still lifes at the Metropolitan Museum and I wanted to create my own still lifes. I opened my portfolio with many matted examples of my still lifes done on 35mm, and again, the Director's eyebrows went up. He felt the work was impressive.

That day I walked out with a scholarship to learn large format photography and worked my way up to museum teaching assistant. I learned every phase of photography through being a volunteer at the museum and was even invited to be part of student exhibit. At home, my Little Mom helped me by cooking dinners for the children on days my classes went long, for she lived near us. I went on to learn color developing and much more. This was in the days before digital, but we classicists still insist working in a darkroom is where the real photography magic begins, where you can produce skin tones so rich you are near tears.

I made friends in my classes, and one lighting manufacturer, Horst, who had sponsored some of the classes I took, introduced me to a superb large format photographer, David P. Once every two weeks I took a train to where David's studio was located to have an all-day lesson. Later David became a very famous still life photographer. Horst refined his way of working with brilliant still life photographers and became famous for his skills. I became the commercial agent, and was as successful as my two friends.

I tell you this because I want you to rely on your strengths. I worked as a commercial photographer's agent because my technical and business negotiating skills were very strong, and my passion for photography was deep. I could read a layout easily and estimate it properly for the ad agency bid. (I add laughingly, I was always bid on the high side, because I always represented the best and could back up my reasoning.)

I wrote stories for the professional photographers magazines spotlighting my brilliant still life photographer. (I had never written an article before in my life.) Why didn't I become the full time photographer? I had to be practical. I had two darling little chicks home in the nest, and I had risked my life to have them, due to my birth defect that causes internal bleeding. I felt I had to be there for my children. I also realize carrying heavy equipment around was not in the cards for me because of my problem with my leg, but I could still be around the photography and love every minute of being on set.

I tell you this story because I want to encourage you to do what you love. All of us have strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons in our lives, but we all tend to focus on the difficulties, not the power in the advantages we have. Realize you do have advantages. If you have to do a transition, do it gradually. No one can quit one job and start a new business without assured steady income - a business takes three years to show a profit, so be practical too. The day I showed up at that museum started me on a path that allowed me to care for my daughters and pay my rent. (My husband never did find steady work.) I paid for New York City private schools from pre-K through high school for both children, and then for their four years of college, and gradually paid off their student loans in full, as my father had done for me.

I met many amazing people through my work, and I was encouraged to start Astrology Zone during the course of my days, during the last six years (1995) of those sixteen years working with so many highly creative people at my day job, and working as a web publisher at night. Both gave me joy. In 2001, both jobs had become too big and demanding, so I had to choose between them: Would it become Astrology Zone or photography? I chose Astrology Zone, of course, but the love of art will always persist - hence, my annual calendars where I can publish art.

You are a force, dear Sagittarius, and you can have fulfilling work if you are not happy. You get one new moon a year to take a big step in a new and exciting direction, and August 25 is yours. (You might want to also check for the next new moon in your tenth house if you already know your chart and rising sign too - we all have two charts, except those babies born at dawn, in which case you would be a double Sagittarius.) The key to a career transition is having the right education and proven skill, but passion is equally important. Energy attracts energy!

Before I leave, I want to remind you that August 8 should be a very romantic day, filled with all sorts of surprise - it's a must night for you to go out, and it matters not if you are married or single. Everyone wins, but if you were born on or within five days of November 26, you do have an edge. Go out!

On August 12 to September 4, Venus will tour into Leo, and you will shine in social settings! Perfect timing! Make sure you look your best - new clothes will be coming into the stores now, and you may want to choose some new things for the coming season. You would get things you love, as Venus will make sure you do.

Another outstanding and rather interesting weekend for you to watch will be over the weekend of August 16-17, and may spill over to Monday, August 18 too. This day brings the rendezvous of Jupiter and Venus, a very special annual event. This is cause for celebration, for these two sparklers will meet in your travel sector. You might take a long weekend away, just the two of you, a splendid idea!


Life is about to take on much more razzle-dazzle from now on. Last month, Jupiter, your ruling planet and giver of gifts and luck, moved into the mind expanding, intellectual ninth house of international travel, import export, academia, spirituality, and philosophy, and also covers the court system and all media. Jupiter will be able to help you much more effectively than Jupiter has in past years, for as of July 16 last month, this planet of good fortune is in a fire sign, just like yours. The areas covered by the ninth house are ones that speak to your soul.

You will likely get a chance to go to at least one foreign city to visit during the time Jupiter in Leo spends with you, until next year, August 2015, or you may be working with a person from a foreign country in an exceedingly profitable way. You will plant seeds this year and lay the foundation for a 12-year cycle. If getting a graduate school degree is important to you, you should apply for admission AND for financial aid. (Jupiter not only brings lucky opportunity but also often provides the means to take advantage of that opportunity.)

Sagittarius is known to be one of the writer-publisher signs, so if you have dreamed of having your own column, or to publish a novel, or have a broadcasting idea, this is the year - and the best month - to take your first steps. This is also the year to file a patent, trademark, or lawsuit, for the courts will likely favor you. If you are a lawyer, you will do exceptionally well and can win your cases this year, but especially in August. You received the green light to move forward on any of these topics at the new moon July 26, still strong in early August, but you will need to act fast.

When it comes to love and fun, make sure you are out on August 8, when Uranus, in your house of love, will reach out to the Sun. The electricity in the air will be irresistible.

August is a popular time to travel, and for you, rather than a long trip away, your best weekend to go will be when Venus links to Jupiter in Leo on August 16-17 and Monday, August 19. That weekend will shower with romantic possibility, so circle it in red! Venus will enter Leo, a perfect place for the love-me planet to be for you. Venus will shower you with love vibrations from August 12 to September 4, setting off a trend for love, and also for improving your appearance in a big way. During this lovely phase, see your stylist about a new way to wear your hair, or browse the shops that will be receiving lots of new merchandise for the coming season. (October brings Mercury retrograde, so act now, while Venus is so beautifully angled to your Sun. When we shop during Mercury retrograde, we make a lot of returns.)

Your career will take off like a rocket after the most important professional new moon of the year arrives, August 25. It's imperative you be back in town in late August, for this is when your most prestigious offers, deals, and actions of all of 2014 will arrive. You will need to keep things confidential, as indicated by the position of Mars, but that won't be a problem - it will give you the cover you need to explore emerging career opportunities that will tumble forth in the coming two weeks. If you are working on a creative idea, keep as much of your concept hidden due to the position of Neptune. You will have two weeks to begin after that new moon arrives, taking you into early September. The important point to consider is that you open talks and plant those seeds. Among the talks you are having, one has the potential to bring you enormous status.

Like most top positions, you will have competition, so your aim will have to be very precise and sure, for you cannot afford a misstep. Mars and Saturn will link in your behind-the-scenes sector on August 25, so it will be hard to identify what tricks your competitors will be up to. You may feel momentarily frozen until you develop a strategy, but that will come rather quickly. It's alternatively possible that one of your references is not as solidly supportive of you as you assume, so do some under the radar intel to make sure everyone you list as a reference belongs on your list. Don't focus unduly on this shadowy area, however, as your creative ideas and unusual style of thinking out of the box is what others will impress VIPs now and in the coming twelve months. Let your individuality rein, defiantly.

Dates to note: SAGITTARIUS

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions: August 5, 6, 8, 9-10, 13, 14, 16-18, 19, 22, 23-24, 27, and 28.

Travel is written all over your chart. If you long for a vacation, this month you may be jetting off to a foreign country. If you prefer to stay closer to home, consider leaving the full moon weekend of August 10.

There are other areas that will shine for you in the coming twelve months: luck in regard to academic pursuits, the courts, legal matters (including the filing of patents and trademarks), and all matters related to publishing and broadcasting.

You may give a glowing presentation or speech near August 10, or hand in an important report. This will culminate work you've been doing on this project for weeks.

Venus will move into Leo on August 12, until September 6, adding to the fun of a vacation. Leo rules the Sun, so avoid cold, snowy locations for now. One day in particular would be an excellent start date for a long weekend vacation, especially when Venus will conjoin Jupiter, August 18.

On the new moon in Virgo, on August 25, a portal will open for you to find opportunity for your career. This will be the very best time in 2014 to assertively plant seeds professionally. Start making calls, look at listings, and line up interviews. Ask your present boss how you might move up internally too. Act immediately after August 25, no earlier, with a sense of urgency in the last week of August and first week of September. Do not be on vacation.

Mars in Scorpio is lighting your behind the scenes sector, so you apparently have confidential career strategies and details to work out this month - keep things mum.

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