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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Your June Horoscope by Susan Miller

Sagittarius Forecast for June 2014

By Susan Miller

After a very busy March, April, and May, you will welcome a quiet June. You know you need peace from the high activity of recent months. Those months were quite demanding and emotionally draining, due to the eclipses that came by April 15 and April 28. Even if you were not the target of those eclipses and did not receive jarring news, change was all around you. The April 15 full moon lunar eclipse targeted your social life, and it seems very likely that a friend, most likely a female that you are close to, was in dire distress and in need of your emotional support.

Even before that April 15 monster eclipse arrived, you had a very difficult new moon on March 30, which may have caused ripples in a love relationship, or concerning a pregnancy, care for a child you have now, or a creative project that seems to have gone off the rails in the first half of April. The end of April brought another new moon a solar eclipse, April 28, and all eclipses carry the weight of three full or new moons in one. At that time, your attention had to switch to work. If all your clients seemed to have escaped their cages and began complaining loudly and aggressively, asking to be treated with more privilege, you were feeling that eclipse too. It may have seemed like clients were five years old and all jealous of the others in the playground.

In May you were still sorting out the pieces of the puzzle that were flying in every direction. You needed time to mull over your options. The full moon of May 15 was stressful too, as it arrived arm-in-arm with somber Saturn. The message was clear: face facts, be realistic, and devise a practical response, even if the news or the events that were transpiring were not what you had hoped would ever happen.

Alternatively, you may have seen a restructuring at work where personnel were being shifted, as some people were newly hired and others were leaving. At home, you may need to interview help too, say, in terms of a nanny, housekeeper or landscaper. All this change was exhausting, which is why you will like June, which brings the decibel noise level way down to near zero.

Mercury will be retrograde from June 7 to July 1, ensuring your schedule will open up as meetings get switched and cancelled. While nine times out of ten, you would be upset to hear that Mercury will cause your pace of life to slow down, this time you may be happy. The amount of attention that was being demanded of you over the past weeks was unusually heavy. With Mercury retrograde, you will have a free "get out of jail" card (from the Monopoly board game) and do what you wish. Nothing of great importance will happen if you slack off a little - everyone else in the world will be doing the same thing.

Mercury will retrograde in your relationship sector for part of the time, so if you are dating and not sure about the future of this particular alliance, you can put the brakes on to think about what you'd like to do. As I said earlier in this report, if you are sure about the person you are dating, then the new moon of late last month, May 28, in your partnership sign of Gemini (7 degrees), will still exert a powerful flow in early June and will accelerate your plans to wed. If you are choosing a date and need to send deposits, do your research, but send checks in July - preferably, in the middle to end of July.

The full moon this month on June 12 will be a very important one for you - it falls in Sagittarius, 22 degrees, and will be in delicious angle to Uranus, the planet of surprise. Mars will also be supportive, and because Mars is now stronger, having changed from retrograde for months to direct, May 19, Mars will likely stir up a fine social life for you. You may be honored by a party your friends may give you, be active in a charity, club, or community event, or be asked to give a speech. There are many possible outcomes, and it will be clear that something dearly important to you is coming to culmination - you seem to be thrilled about what is coming to closure within four days of June 12.

If you were born on December 14, plus or minus five days, this full moon will be doubly important for you. The will also be true if you have Sagittarius rising 22 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, or have a natal planet in Sagittarius, Leo, or Aries with the same 22 degrees and the same plus or minus mathematical tolerance of plus or minus five degrees.

June 18 is due to be a fantastic day for you, when Venus in Taurus will reach out to Jupiter in Cancer. This day deserves a gold star on your calendar, for I feel this aspect will allow you to pick up a hefty fee for a new assignment or make a very big sale that will yield a fine commission later. Or, you may sell something, say, on an auction site, and make quite a handsome profit. Certainly, with Venus in your house of workaday projects and linked directly to Jupiter in your house of money, you seem in prime position to make money. This is such a good day because your ruling planet, Jupiter, will be involved, and you will be given special favor. You may have luck on many fronts, including health and fitness too. This is no ordinary day, so hopefully you will find a way to use it to your full advantage.

In the following week, on June 24, we have a hard day - everyone will feel Mars opposed to Uranus, a tough day. Mars will be in your friendship sector (eleventh house), and Uranus in your romance / children / pregnancy / creativity sector (fifth house). No doubt about it, this day will be tense, as Mars is a planet of aggression and at times brings strife or mishaps, while Uranus is the planet of out-of-the-blue unexpected events. In your case, your social life will be the subject of the day. Your lover may say something out of character that gets you upset, or you may have to make a decision about what to do to help one of your children.

I could give you many other examples, but it would be futile, as with Uranus, you cannot ever predict what will come up - it always is something else that you are not looking at and would never think would come up. Here's a clue: we had an identical aspect on December 23-24 last Christmas. Do you recall any event that happened back then, perhaps regarding a relationship almost six months ago? If you did have an episode, but did not resolve the issue at hand, you may have to revisit that same topic now.

Money will again be your focus at month's end, June 27, this time joyfully, when the new moon in Cancer, 6 degrees, will light your eighth house of other people's money. You may be able to negotiate a mortgage or refinance plan, or be approved a loan or line of credit. If you are looking for investment capital, present your business plan after this new moon arrives and continue talks - you have a good chance of getting the money you need.

Neptune will be beautifully oriented to the new moon, so the more creative and original your business idea happens to be, the greater your chances for an approval. All new moons bring nearly two weeks of energy, so you should use this one to not only raise money but also to negotiate new arrangements or changes to your retirement or investment portfolio that you might deem necessary after a consultation with your trusted advisor. Inheritance comes under this domain, as do scholarships, student financial aid, and prize winnings, so you may be thinking of these areas too. See how you can use this new moon to your advantage.

I should mention that Pluto, now transiting your second house of personal savings, salary, and money you earn in other ways, will oppose this new moon. The degrees are not tight, but within six degrees, so still significant. This tells me that someone may want you to accept certain terms or take a certain strategy that you seem to be resisting. Knowing that this tug-of-war may arise, you will be prepared.

The month ends with the Sun and Neptune in sync, June 28-29, a weekend made for travel, poetry, romance, flowers, beautiful food, and music. Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus, taking the fun-loving, beauty-seeking qualities of Venus to a whole new level of love and beauty. Neptune teaches us to refine our vision of love, and to love so deeply that we are willing to sacrifice for the one we love. See if you can take a weekend at the seashore, or rent a cottage at another sumptuous spot near a body of water, for Neptune, which rules the seas and all water, will inspire you.

Also at month's end, Venus will move into your marriage and commitment sector from June 24 to July 18. Venus will sweeten your relationship with your partner - you have lots to look forward to, and you can now plan some super romantic evenings together. Venus will favor those who are attached, not those single, but soon you will get your turn, so don't be blue, dear single Sagittarius.


As you begin June, you may be thinking deeply about your partner and may want to decide if you want to create a life together. If you know you are in love, and you are already engaged, this may be a joyous time, for you will draw closer. If you've been dating seriously, but not too long, the new moon of late last month, May 28, must have started you thinking about what you really want in a partner, and whether the person you've been dating is marriage material. It may be time to decide. If you are already wed, that new moon may bring developments from your partner - surprising, positive news- and life will remain lively together.

If you are not dating, you may use this "couple up" energy in a business sense, and may be ready to hire a business partner, agent, manager, publicist, lawyer, or accountant if you are convinced you can collaborate effectively. If you want to move ahead, begin talks but agree to sign papers in July, because Mercury will retrograde June 7 to July 1.

Whenever Mercury is out of phase, it is never a time to sign important papers or launch new plans, and as you read this, you are already too close to the retrograde to try to quickly sign and go. Mercury rules judgment, perception, analysis, translation, communication, contracts, and negotiation, but when retrograde, makes us forgetful, or makes us rush, adding to the proclivity for error. Later, you may wonder, "What was I thinking??" Mercury also rules your tenth house of fame, slowing your career progress this month, so be patient. Things will normalize in July and August, your best months to make excellent career progress.

The good work you do is likely to bring praise on June 18 when Venus contacts Jupiter. A generous bonus or commission is likely to follow too. Jupiter is your ruling planet, so on this day money is likely to find a way to your door.

The full moon this month, June 12, will appear in Sagittarius, so an endeavor or relationship that is dearly important to you will come to culmination within four days of this date. That full moon might accent a close relationship, your health and fitness, or something else that's a big priority to you. On this day, plus or minus one day, things should go surprisingly well! That full moon will be in ideal angle to Uranus, planet of surprise. Because Uranus is in your romantic sector (fifth house), you may meet someone new or go to the next level of closeness with someone you are dating. If you are married or have a child, the good news may center on a pregnancy or bring a happy development in a child you have now.

Still, your personal life seems to be unstable at times. On Tuesday, June 24, be on alert for a touchy confrontation with a lover, older child, or close friend, due to the angry opposition of Mars to Uranus. This will be a hard day for just about everyone, so know that you must treat any relationship as if it were made of nitroglycerine. Don't rock the boat. This aspect is nearly identical in sign and degree that occurred last December 23-24. Do you remember anything that may have come up? If so, the theme expressed may need further discussion to get to closure.

You will see financial opportunity and possible gain from the new moon, June 27, plus ten days. While you will have emphasis on salary in July, this new moon will allow you to focus on commissions, royalties, licensing fees, inheritance, insurance payouts, settlements, division of property in a divorce, child support, and other such matters. This new moon will be well angled to Neptune, so matters involving the buying, selling, or leasing real estate should go well. If you need a new mortgage or want to refinance the one you have, use this new moon to make application, but because Mercury will be retrograde, wait until early July to send in your paperwork or to meet with your banker.

Romantically, with Mars, the ruler of your house of new love, circulating in your house of friendship, if you are single, most of your friends will be angels, willing to make introductions for you. If you are attached, Venus, planet of love, will enter your house of your close, committed relationship from June 23 to July 17, a wonderful time to bond closer to your partner and to plan to get more of what you both need most - a little fun.

Dates to Note: Sagittarius

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions: June 1, 2, 7, 8, 12, 15, 16, 20, 25, 29, and 30.

Mercury will retrograde June 7-July 1 in Cancer / Gemini. After Mercury goes direct, he will reach top speed again (and be at his best) by July 15.

June 12 plus or minus five days may bring a big moment for you, for the full moon will be in Sagittarius. You may see an important development involving a close relationship, or have an epiphany about what you need to do to be happy in the future. Things should go well, as Uranus is in your house of true love and is very friendly to this full moon.

Excellent news about money is due on the month's most joyous day, June 18, when Venus in Taurus will reach out to your ruler, Jupiter, in your eighth house of other people's money. You may get a commission or other fee you had not expected.

June 24 will be a highly volatile day, when Mars will oppose Uranus, making your love and friendship life highly unstable. If you have an ex, you may disagree fervently about the care of a child.

More good news about money will come up at the new moon, June 27. This is your green light to begin negotiations about perks and benefits you'd like to be given. All kinds of financial topics may come up - inheritance, signing bonus, prize winnings - you get the idea. Pluto will oppose the moon, so have strong arguments in your favor. This new moon will give you a longer opportunity to get your due - a full week or a little more.

Venus will tour your relationship sector from June 23 until July 18, easing your interactions with the person who means the most to you, in love or business.

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